With 2007 drawing to a close, it's time to take a look back at the year that was.  The following is Reality TV World's 2007 Reality TV Year In Review, a chronological listing of some of the past year's reality TV headlines, highlights, lowlights, and milestones.

January 1-10: Bravo renews Top Chef for a third season. VH1's Tom Sizemore Shooting Sizemore docu-reality series premieres. Fox announces Gordon Ramsay will star in an American Kitchen Nightmares adaptation of his British series. Beauty and the Geek's third season premieres on The CW. Former American Idol fifth-season finalist Bucky Covington inks a record deal. Donald Trump denies his ongoing feud with Rosie O'Donnell is a publicity stunt. American Idol's producers start talking about a sixth-season songwriting contest. NBC's Grease: You're the One That I Want premieres to slick ratings. Twice-spurned Flavor of Love suitor Tiffany Pollard begins her search for love via I Love New York, which delivers VH1's best series debut ratings ever. NBC's The Apprentice: Los Angeles premieres to lackluster ratings. The Donald' with s spills onto The View set. American Idol and Carrie Underwood are victorious at People's Choice Awards. CBS' new Armed & Famous celebrity cop reality show premieres.

January 11-20: Trump continues his verbal assault against Rose and Barbara Walters. Four months after denying it, Bravo confirms Queer Eye is coming to an end. Bravo announces it's giving American Idol judge Paula Abdul and Project Runway fashion guru Tim Gunn their own separate reality shows. American Idol's producers start teasing a Beatle-themed week could be on the season's agenda. Jennifer Hudson wins the best supporting actress Golden Globe for Dreamgirls. Idol premieres and sets some more ratings records. The Donald buys gets a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. The Bachelor: Rome star Lorenzo Borghese reportedly dumps winner Jennifer Wilson for runner-up Sadie Murray. A British Celebrity Big Brother sponsor pulls out after some of the show's houseguests make racist remarks about fellow houseguest Shilpa Shetty, an Indian Bollywood star. The houseguests apologize for their remarks. Kellie Pickler's debut album is certified gold. Rosie and rest of The View gabbers blast Idol's judges and producers for poor treatment of the season's audition hopefuls, one of which is revealed to be a Special Olympics participant.

January 21-31: Special Olympics defends American Idol and responds to the cruelty allegations. Paris Hilton pleads no contest to reckless driving. Top Chef 2 finalist Marcel Vigneron is assaulted by a disgruntled show viewer. Former The Bachelorette star Jen Schefft pens a relationship guide. Hudson's Dreamgirls role lands her an Oscar nod. The Bachelor's producers confirm Lorenzo Borghese and Jennifer Wilson have split. Original Idol runner-up Justin Guarini resurfaces as TV Guide's Idol Tonight co-host. Work Out trainer Doug Blasdell unexpectedly dies at age 44. Ex-Idol 5 finalist Chris Daughtry and his Daughtry band finally see their debut album "Daughtry" reach No. 1 after nine weeks on the charts. Idol claims Armed & Famous as its first ratings victim. Shetty wins Britain's Celebrity Big Brother. Idol 5 runner-up Katharine McPhee releases her debut album. Lance Bass announces he and The Amazing Race 4 co-winner Reichen Lehmkuhl have split for good. Food & Wine magazine prematurely reveals Ilan Hall as Top Chef 2's winner and then tries to cover it up. Survivor medical director Adrian Cohen admits to cocaine use.

February 1-10: Although Courtney Love's own comments had helped spark it, American Idol denies a report that it plans to replace Paula Abdul with Love. Top Chef 2's finale airs and viewers watch Ilan Hall best Marcel Vigneron and claim the season's crown. Tim Gunn announces he's leaving Parsons for a dream job with Liz Claiborne. Jennifer Hudson disses Idol and claims she was "abused" on the show. Viva la Bam's Vincent "Don Vito" Margera is ordered to stand trial for sexual assault. The Real Housewives star Lauri Waring receives a verbal beat down from her son. The Rebel Billionaire runner-up Sarah Blakely pays it forward. Former Jackass star Johnny Knoxville separates from his wife. Original Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll rips Gunn. Bam's Unholy Union stars Bam Margera and Missy Rothstein hold their unholy union. Paula Abdul is sued by a company that claims she stole her Hey Paula! idea. Katharine McPhee's first album debuts at No. 2. Melissa McNulty explains how she became Survivor: Fiji's "lost" castaway. Anna Nicole Smith and TrimSpa are sued for false, misleading advertising. Bucky Covington thanks Simon Cowell for being mean. Anna Nicole dies at the age of 39. Nashville Star 5 throws out its Top 5 voting results after "technical difficulties." Anna Nicole's mom and sister say they are afraid drugs may have led to her death. Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe teases that he's trying to plan an all-stars special. Survivor: Fiji premieres and averages nearly 17 million viewers. Anna Nicole's autopsy is deemed to be inconclusive and more tests are ordered. Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband surprises Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead and the rest of the world by claiming he's the real father of Anna Nicole's baby.

February 11-20: Carrie Underwood claims three honors at the Grammy awards. Clay Aiken unveils a "Build-Your-Own-Scandal" contest on his blog. Bucky Covington and his wife of seven years separate. VH1 announces former Poison frontman Bret Michaels will star in a Flavor of Love-like VH1 series. The Donald makes a Wrestlemania bet to shave his head. Scooter and Megan are crowned Beauty and the Geek's third-season champs. Two-time reigning Dancing with the Stars champion Cheryl Burke reveals she's dating Matthew Lawrence, the brother of third-season Dancing participant Joey Lawrence . Idol ends its audition broadcasts and announces she's joining the cast of Broadway's The Color Purple. Provocative photos of Idol 6 semifinalist Antonella Barba surface online. Idol's producers announce plans to launch Idol Camp, a children's summer camp. Daughtry's "Home" ballad is revealed to be Idol's sixth-season exit music. Original Apprentice Bill Rancic and Giuliana DePandi set a September wedding date. Barba survives Idol's first sixth-season semifinals round, makes the Top 20. Former The Surreal Life housemate Jordan Knight welcomes a second son. More racy photos of Barba surface, Fox remains mum about them. Jennifer Hudson wins the best supporting actress Oscar. Reports that NBC is giving Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham her own reality show emerge. Barba's best friend claims the more explicit photos aren't of her. American Idol's producers announce Barba won't be disqualified over the photos. Ryan Seacrest, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson all voice support for Barba. Former Dancing star Sara Evans claims her husband is stalling their divorce. Paris Hilton learns her traffic stop could result in jail time. Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore lives up to his The Sopranos character's nickname and quits Dancing with the Stars 4 before the competition even begins. Mark Burnett's Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? game show premieres on Fox.

March 1-10: NBC confirms Posh Spice is getting her own reality series. Angela Hacker beats her brother and claims Nashville Star 5's crown. Antonella Barba survives Idol's second sixth-season semifinals round, makes the Top 16. Despite airing against Idol, Top Model's eighth-season premieres and delivers the show's biggest debut ratings ever. Anna Nicole Smith is buried in the Bahamas. Although the rest of his celebrity competitors have already been in training for over a week, ABC announces former Cheers actor John Ratzenberger has agreed to replace Vincent Pastore in Dancing with the Stars' upccming season. Kellie Pickler returns to Idol and shows off an obviously more buxom bosom but declines to comment on whether she got breast implants. After bombing as a movie actor, Shaq decides to give reality TV a try. Disqualified second-season Idol semifinalist Frenchie Davis accuses the show of having a racial "double standard" due to its decision to not disqualify Barba. Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll premieres on The CW. NBC announces Jerry Springer will replace Regis Philbin as America's Got Talent host. Lorenzo Borghese and Sadie Murray end their brief romantic relationship. Former Laguna Beach star Jason Wahler receives a two-month jail sentence for battery. An allergic reaction causes Survivor: Fiji castaway Gary "Papa Smurf" Stritesky to leave the competition. A California judge rules Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's orphans have no legal right to the house the show built for them. Simon Cowell points his sharp tongue at Taylor Hicks and Jennifer Hudson, and also predicts Barba's Idol journey is coming to a close. The Academy of Country Music Awards' nominations are dominated by reality stars. Rosie O'Donnell chimes in on the Barba photo scandal. Girls Gone Wild and SugarDVD both offer Barba six-figure deals. The Florida coroner investigating Anna Nicole's death teases that he knows the cause of death but won't reveal it yet. Mark Burnett is sued over Rock Star's concept. A corporate sponsor permanently drops Britain's Big Brother. Idol announces plans for an Idol Gives Back charity benefit. Barba is given the boot by Idol's viewers as the sixth season's Top 12 finalists are revealed. Barba denies to discuss her photo scandal during post-show interviews.

March 11-20: Romber's The Amazing Race: All-Stars adventure comes to a close. Fourth-season American Idol quitter Mario Vazquez is sued over alleged sexual harassment during the show. Barba opens up and says she would "love to know" who released her provocative photos. Court TV reveals it plans to re-brand itself and to convert to a reality-focused network beginning in January 2008. Brandon Rogers becomes the first sixth-season finalist booted from Idol. Vazquez' attorney claims his client's departure from the show was "not voluntary." Inn Love co-stars Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott welcome their first child. Original Survivor winner Richard Hatch claims to be an "innocent man in jail." Cowell claims he sells more records than The Boss. Family Jewels co-stars Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed get facelifts. Meet the Barkers lovebirds Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker reconcile. Dancing with the Stars' fourth season debuts to big ratings.

March 21-31: ABC reveals American Inventor's second season will have a new host and three new judges. Stephanie Edwards becomes the second sixth-season finalist eliminated from American Idol. Janice Dickinson is banned from Fashion Week for misconduct. MTV announces plans to return to The Real World's roots for the show's twentieth season. Fox and American Idol concoct a scheduling change intended to burst Dancing's ratings bubble. Idol's producers say the songwriting contest on the "back burner." A morbid Top Model 8 photo shoot upsets women's rights advocates. Dancing with the Stars participant Heather Mills bets her prosthetic leg will stay on during the competition. Project Runway judge Nina Garcia gives birth to a baby boy. Anna Nicole Smith's death is ruled accidental and caused by drug toxicity. Idol's producers refute claims that the show is racist and reveal the songwriting contest isn't completely dead after all. The Real Housewives star Jo de la Rosa signs a recording contract and releases a single. Jeff Probst reveals he would change Fiji's twist if he could and teases that he feels Survivor is due for another all-stars installment. Chris Sligh becomes the third sixth-season Idol finalist sent packing. Dancing participant Laila Ali gets engaged to former NFL player Curtis Conway. The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman star Andy Baldwin reveals he pops the question to his final suitor.

April 1-10: The Donald's wrestler is victorious at Wrestlemania and gets to keep his coif. The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman premieres and Andy Baldwin begins to whittle down his suitors. Tiffany Pollard selects Patrick "Tango" Hunter as her I Love New York winner. Clay Aiken calls American Idol a "drug." Idol decides to move forward with its new songwriting contest. Idol producer Ken Warwick boasts that he's "pretty confident" finalist Sanjaya Malakar won't win the competition. MTV premieres its final season of Punk'd. Gina Glocksen becomes the fourth sixth-season Idol finalist booted by viewers. Project Runway formally confirms Tim Gunn will return for the show's fourth season. The Hills star Heidi Montag gets a boob job. MTV announces The Hills has been renewed for a third season. Jason Wahler is arrested again. A DNA test declares Larry Birkhead to be the father of Anna Nicole's baby. Bravo airs the Work Out episode featuring Doug Blasdell's death.

April 11-20: Bravo announces Top Chef's third season will film in Miami. Matt Lorenz wins Bravo's Top Design. Haley Scarnato and her legs receive their American Idol walking papers. Shear Genius, Bravo's newest Project Runway clone, premieres. Ex-Idol 5 finalist Elliott Yamin's debut album drops at No. 3. Flavor of Love's Charm School spin-off premieres on VH1. Blow Out star Jonathan Antin announces he and his wife Sescie are expecting a second child. NBC announces it will debut a cryptic new Age of Love reality dating series in the summer. American Idol announces former finalists will teach classes at Idol Camp. Simon Cowell admits Idol's sixth-season finalists are "not a great cast." Sara Evans' estranged husband files a slander suit against her. A sex tape starring former second-season Idol semifinalist Olivia Mojica surfaces. Another Idol producer insists Sanjaya's won't win the show's sixth season. Former fifth-season Idol finalist Paris Bennett reveals she's voting for Sanjaya to try and prove the show is "losing its taste." Tango withdraws his proposal to New York during I Love New York's first-season reunion special. Breaking Bonaduce co-star Gretchen files for divorce from Danny. Carrie Underwood claims two more Country Television Music Awards trophies. An Australian tribunal fines Adrain Cohen for using cocaine and inappropriately obtaining prescription drugs . Reports that Survivor's fifteenth edition will film in mainland China emerge. Cowell explains how his raised eyebrow had nothing to do with the Virginia Tech slayings. Cohen loses his job as Survivor's medical director. Americans rejoice after Sanjaya becomes the sixth finalist sent packing from Idol's sixth-season competition. Parents express displeasure about The Bachelor bachelorette Amber Alchalabi's absence from school. Idol's producers explain why the sixth-season Beatles-themed week never happened. Burnett boasts he'll take The Apprentice elsewhere if NBC doesn't renew it. Sharon Osbourne is tapped to replace Brandy as America's Got Talent judge. Cowell jokes he's already "missing" Sanjaya.

April 21-30: Word that ousted The Apprentice: Los Angeles candidate Kristine Lefebvre will appear on Playboy's June cover emerges. Celebrity Fit Club: Men vs. Women debuts on VH1. NBC debuts Ashton Kutcher's The Real Wedding Crashers. The Donald hires Stefanie Schaeffer as his The Apprentice: Los Angeles winner. Gunn begins boasting about Project Runway 4's designers. Underwood and Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo reportedly get back together. Heather Mills leg stays on, but she receives the boot from Dancing with the Stars' fourth season. Birkhead reveals his plans to bring Anna Nicole's baby to the States. Asia Nitollano is crowned Pussycat Dolls Presents champ. American Idol gives back with Idol Gives Back and all six remaining finalists remain safe for another week. Bucky Covington's album debuts atop the country charts. The Donald takes credit for Rosie being fired from The View even though it was reportedly over a contract dispute. Cowell predicts a Jordin Sparks vs. Melinda Doolittle sixth-season Idol finale. The Real Housewives ex-husband Louis Knickerbocker dies at age 67. Former Monster Garage star Jesse James narrowly escapes being run over by a stalker. Sanjaya's family is revealed to have a marijuana farming past that includes the arrest of family members. Idol Gives Back raises over $60 million and counting. Anna Nicole's daughter officially becomes a Birkhead. Former fourth-season Idol finalist Jessica Sierra is arrested for assault and drug possession. Former Survivor castaway Elisabeth Hasselbeck announces she's expecting her second child. Mark Burnett weds actress Roma Downey.

May 1-10: Former The Bachelor star Andrew Firestone proposes to model Ivana Bozilovic. Sanjaya doesn't receive the warmest welcome when he returns home. Rosie O'Donnell and Barbara Walters criticize President Bush's Idol Gives Back appearance. VH1 confirms I Love New York will be back for a second season. A sex tape of spurned Flavor of Love 2 suitor Toastee is released. Amber Alchalabi's The Bachelor appearance results in her principal's resignation. Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson both get the boot from American Idol's sixth season. Word that Stacey could miss Idol's summer tour due to his Navy commitment emerges. The Amazing Race 6 fourth-place finishers Hayden Kristianson and Aaron Crumbaugh tie the knot. A video showing America's Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff drunk and eating food off the floor is released to the media. Paris Hilton is sentenced to 45 days behind bars. Former Idol 4 finalist Jessica Sierra is sued after she alleged assaulted a fellow bar patron. Hilton's attorney describes her jail sentence as "ludicrous." After not even competing together their first time on the show, Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner claim The Amazing Race: All-Stars' title. Hilton fires her publicist and calls her sentence "cruel and unwarranted." A report that Stacey could not only miss Idol's tour but also be deployed to Iraq emerges. Hilton appeals her jail sentence. A judge suspends Hasselhoff's child visitation rights. Idol producers Ken Warwick and Nigel Lythgoe step down from their Emmys gig due to Idol's busy schedule. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition host Ty Pennington is busted for DUI. Hilton re-hires her publicist and asks The Governator for a pardon. Tom Sizemore is arrested for drug possession again. Dancing with the Stars professional Julianne Hough calls off her August wedding. Lakisha Jones becomes the ninth sixth-season finalist eliminated from Idol. Hilton has a change of heart and says she' to s announces plans for an Idol spinoff: The Search for the Next Great American Band.

May 11-20: The principal in Alchalabi's The Bachelor fracas flip-flops and decides she doesn't want to resign after all. Jason Wahler goes to rehab instead of prison. The Donald becomes a grandfather. Kellie Pickler admits she has no problems with all the boob job banter. Earl Cole wins Survivor: Fiji after Andria "Dreamz" Herd reneges on his deal with Yau-Man Chan. NBC unveils a 2007-2008 schedule that doesn't include The Apprentice. Former Dancing with the Stars partners Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff move in together. MyNetworkTV and Fox Reality reveal plans to reopen Paradise Hotel in 2008. CBS confirms Survivor's next season will be set in China. Carrie Underwood claims three more Academy of Country Music Awards trophies. Reality TV titan Endemol is re-sold to an international consortium that includes former co-founder John de Mol. CBS renews The Amazing Race but decides to delay it until midseason. CBS reveals plans to air a new Kid Nation reality series in the fall. ABC spoils The Bachelor's ending during its upfront presentation. Kelly Clarkson says she was insulted by RCA's song referrals for her upcoming album. Jaslene Gonzalez wins America's Next Top Model's eighth season. Melinda Doolittle becomes the tenth finalist booted from American Idol's sixth season, setting up Jordin Sparks vs. Blake Lewis finale. Good behavior cuts Hilton's jail sentence to 23 days. Fox announces plans to air a Laguna Beach-like Nashville reality series in the fall. Trump refuses to be fired by NBC and announces he's quitting The Apprentice. A tabloid report that CBS is planning another Survivor: All-Stars edition for Spring 2008 emerges. Former Hell's Kitchen 2 contestant Rachel Brown is found dead in her home.

May 21-31: The Navy gives Phil Stacey the go ahead to participate in American Idol's summer tour. Cowell chimes in on Clarkson's RCA dispute with Clive Davis. Andy Baldwin proposes to Tessa Horst, she accepts, and The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman ends with a ratings bang. Burnett and Steven Spielberg's On the Lot filmmaking competition premieres on Fox. Despite Trump's comments, NBC claims The Apprentice's fate is still undecided. Paula Abdul breaks her nose trying to avoid stepping on her dog. Cowell says he's moving on from Idol once his current contract expires... in three years. "This is My Now" wins Idol's first ever songwriting contest. Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough claim Dancing with the Stars' fourth-season mirror ball trophy as two-night finale waltzes off to big ratings. Heidi Montag reportedly gets engaged to The Hills villain Spencer Pratt. Jordin Sparks beats Blake Lewis and becomes the youngest champ in Idol's history. Over 30 million viewers watch Fox's finale broadcast. So You Think You Can Dance's third season premieres on Fox. Kellie Pickler reveals she's dating NHL player Jordin Tootoo. Ohno denies he and Hough have a romantic relationship. Former The Bachelor star Jesse Palmer retires from football. Pennington gets probation and a fine for his DUI. Britain's Celebrity Big Brother issues spill over to Big Brother's regular U.K. edition. ABC's new Ex-Wives Club reality series premieres. The Simple Life's fifth season debuts on E! Jaslene Gonzalez reveals she was abused when she was younger. America's Got Talent's second season premieres to big ratings on NBC. Dutch TV's plan for a win-a-kidney reality competition sparks outrage. Reality TV producer Ben Silverman is named NBC Entertainment head and handed the network's programming reigns. Dancing judge Carrie Ann Inaba moves in with her much younger So You Think You Can Dance beau. Katharine McPhee says she was "hurt" she was left off Idol's sixth-season finale guest list. Anthony Morrison wins Bravo's Shear Genius. Tony Romo asks Carrie Underwood forr a timeout. MyNetworkTV reveals it plans to refocus on reality TV. The Next Best Thing debuts on ABC. Burnett's new Survivor-like Pirate Master series premieres on CBS.

June 1-10: Paula Abdul announces she "deeply hurt" a private phone call meltdown became public fodder. Kelly Clarkson and Clive Davis are accused of causing internal strife at RCA. Silverman asks for an extension on The Apprentice's renewal decision. Fox cuts On the Lot to one episode a week due to poor ratings. The Netherlands' win-a-kidney show is revealed to be a hoax intended to promote the need for organ donors. Paris Hilton begins her prison stint. Hell's Kitchen's third season premieres on Fox and delivers the show's best ever debut ratings. Reports that Victoria Beckham is putting her NBC reality show on hold for her family begin emerging. CMT Celebrity Bull Riding participant Stephen Baldwin gets injured when bucked from a bull. The Next Food Network Star's third season premieres on Food Network. Former Flip This House star Sam Leccima is accused of fraud. Abdul gushes that American Idol is her "purpose in life." Katharine McPhee lands a feature film role. Cowell says he's envious of Dancing with the Stars' success. Reports that Top Model may be relocating back to New York emerge. Antonella Barba says she's laying low and waiting for the "right" opportunity. Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List's third season debuts on Bravo. Tom Sizemore is arrested for violating his probation. American Inventor's second season premieres on ABC. A&E debuts Confessions of a Matchmaker. Fast Cars and Superstars premieres on ABC. Jane's Addiction's former frontman blames Rock Star for the band's breakup. Hells Kitchen 3's winner is spoiled by a gambling website. Hilton is released from prison early due to "medical reasons." Cowell convinces Sharon Osbourne not to quit America's Got Talent after a fight with Piers Morgan. Bindi Irwin's Bindi: The Jungle Girl premieres on Animal Planet. Elisabeth Hasselbeck calls Hilton's release "disgusting." Robin Antin reveals Pussycat Dolls Present's second season will form a new group. Hilton is ordered back behind bars and she announces she won't appeal the ruling.

June 11-20: Clarkson says she "could give a crap about being a star." Dave Navarro denies Rock Star caused Jane's Addiction's split. Fresh feuding erupts between former BFFs Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad. A report that Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo may be getting engaged emerges. Original Dancing with the Stars participant Joey McIntyre becomes a dad. Former The Real World: San Diego cast member Frankie Abernathy dies at age 25. Top Chef 3 Miami premieres on Bravo and delivers sizzling ratings. Last Comic Standing's fifth season premieres on NBC. Word that The Donald is planning a Lady or a Tramp reality show for Fox emerges. NBC announces Victoria Beckham's reality show has been scrapped and changed to a one-hour special. Second-season American Idol champ Ruben Studdard talks about preparing for his fourth album. Kelly Clarkson parts ways with her manager and postpones her summer tour. The Donald reveals he plans to personally hit the clubs to find Lady or a Tramp participants. David Hasselhoff is awarded primary custody of his children. Kristy Swanson is arrested for assaulting her Skating with Celebrities boyfriend's ex-wife. Former The Real World star Coral Smith comes out of the closet. Rob Mariano announces plans for a new Tontine reality series with a $10 million prize. Nicole Richie is granted a delay in her own drunk driving trial. Gordon Ramsay is sued by a eatery manager upset about how his Kitchen Nightmares visit went. The History Channel sets rating records with the premiere of its new Deadliest Catch-like Ice Road Truckers reality series. Arbitration is ordered in the Mario Vazquez sexual harassment lawsuit. Motley Crue sues drummer Tommy Lee and claims his Rock Star and Tommy Lee Goes to College reality roles cost them millions. VH1 announces it plans to add a third night of original programming. MTV reveals it's teaming with The Donald for a Pageant Place beauty queen reality series.

June 21-30: Top Chef judge and restaurateur Tom Colicchio reveals he isn't a fan of his Hell's Kitchen counterpart. Paris Hilton does a behind-bars interview with Ryan Seacrest. Cheryl Kosewicz becomes the fourth contestant cut from CBS' struggling Pirate Master. John Elway wins ABC's Fast Cars & Superstars. Extreme Makeover surgeon Garth Fisher weds former Playboy model Garth Fisher. Survivor: Fiji's Dreamz gets hit with a paternity suit. NBC announces former Dancing with the Stars participant Joey Fatone will host its new The Singing Bee game show. Hilton is released from prison. Shaq's Big Challenge premieres on ABC. Jessica Sierra gets in more trouble when she fails to return a rental car. Carrie Underwood is named PETA's sexiest female vegetarian for the second time. US Weekly declares "Paris fatigue" and blacks out Hilton coverage . Hilton does a CNN interview after her ABC and NBC talks fall apart, then jets off to Maui. MTV's Two-A-Days school is accused of fixing grades for its football players. CBS reveals Big Brother's eight-season cast and America's Player twist.

July 1-10: Mindfreak star Criss Angel's "secret" wife emerges and sues him for divorce. Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi files for divorce from author Salman Rushdie. The Biggest Loser 2 couple Matt Hoover and Suzy Preston welcome their first child. Kelly Clarkson hires Reba McIntyre's husband as her new manager. Jessica Sierra pleads not guilty to felony battery. Forrmer Jackass star Johnny Knoxville files for divorce from his wife. Big Brother's eighth-season premieres on CBS. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Hawaiian recipient sparks controversy. VH1's Charm School finale averages 4.1 million viewers. Clarkson's "My December" album debuts at No. 2. Paula Abdul claims she rose from the "bowels of hell." Clay Aiken takes credit for saving CBS' canceled Jericho drama. A military newspaper reveals The Next Food Network Star third-season finalist Josh "JAG" Garcia lied about his military history and culinary schooling. Aiken is detained after foot-wandering incident with a fellow in-flight airline passenger. Former Skating with Celebrities finalist Jillian Barberie has a baby girl. Angel calls his wife's claims "preposterous." Inn Love star Tori Spelling becomes an ordained minister.

July 11-20: NBC's The Singing Bee karaoke-style game show premieres and draws the best ratings of any summer show. Fox's The Singing Bee-like Don't Forget the Lyrics! karaoke-style game show debuts the next night. BET's Baldwin Hills docu-reality series debuts. Nicole Richie is granted a second delay in her DUI trial. Court TV reveals its new reality-focused truTV moniker. Former The Apprentice candidate Jennifer Murphy files for divorce from her Extreme Makeover dentist husband less than a year after marrying him. Fantasia Barrino extends her The Color Purple role. Lifetime orders a new Carson Kressley-hosted How to Look Good Naked reality series. Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker split-up again. Simon Cowell asks Kelly Clarkson and Clive Davis to "kiss and make up." Miranda Lambert says she prayed she wouldn't win Nashville Star's first season. Antonella Barba chimes in on the Miss New Jersey photo scandal. Bravo orders a fourth Chicago-set Top Chef edition. Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and Scott Baio is 45... and Single premiere back-to-back on VH1. Josh "JAG" Garcia withdraws from The Next Food Network Star 3. Bravo announces Queer Eye will end its broadcast run in the fall. NBC airs its Victoria Beckham: Coming to America one-hour special. NBC formally announces it's ordered a celebrity version of The Apprentice. NBC announces it's ordered a new Phenomenon reality competition series starring Uri Geller and Criss Angel . A judge dismisses the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition orphans' home claim. Kid Nation's producer defends the show's concept to TV critics. ABC orders a new Dance X competition series starring Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba. Dancing with the Stars leads the reality TV Emmy awards field with eight nominations. CMT's Pimp My Ride-like Trick My Truck series premieres. The CW reveals Asia Nitollano has decided against joining the Pussycat Dolls. Burnett reveals Survivor: China won't include an Exile Island. Former The Surreal Life housemate Tammy Fay Messner dies from cancer.

July 21-31: Former American Idol fifth-season semifinalist Becky O'Donohue resurfaces the host of MTV's new Trick It Out reality series. HGTV Design Star's second season debuts. Amy Finley wins The Next Food Network Star 3. Former Dancing with the Stars participant Laila Ali marries Curtis Conway. Kelly Clarkson announces she "regrets" her feud with Clive Davis. CBS pulls Pirate Master from the airwaves and moves its remaining episodes online. Shanna Moakler reveals she's "devastated" by most recent split from her Meet the Barkers husband. Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe admits the show's sixth-season made "mistakes." Who Wants to be a Superhero's second season premieres on Sci Fi Channel. Former Skating with Celebrities judge Mark Lund calls Kristy Swanson "nothing but a homewrecker and a liar." An investigation reveals Discovery Channel's Man vs. Wild show faked scenes. Elvis impersonator Trent Carlini wins ABC's The Next Best Thing. Nicole Richie is sentenced to four days in jail for her DUI. Trista and Ryan Sutter welcome their first child. Pirate Master contestant Cheryl Kosewicz is found dead in her home following an apparent suicide. American Idol begins its seventh-season auditions in San Diego. E! announces it's canceling The Simple Life. Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff pleads not guilty to DUI. Troubled former Idol 2 finalist Corey Clark is arrested and charged with drug possession. American Chopper star Paul Teutel Sr. gets married.

August 1-10: A tabloid reports that The Bachelor couple Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst are planning to wed. Tim Gunn continues to gush about Project Runway's fourth-season designers. Nicole Richie finally confirms she's pregnant. Greg Chavez is crowned the winner of American Inventor's second season. Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Ashly DelGrosso gives birth to her first child. A Mexican court dismisses the charges against Duane "Dog" Chapman. VH1 begins casting for Flavor of Love's third season. Big Brother threatens a pilot that was going to fly banner that would have revealed the America's Player twist to the houseguests. ABC's new Fat March reality series premieres. NASCAR in Primetime debuts on ABC. Age of Love star Mark Philippoussis picks "kitten" Amanada Salinas. ESPN announces it's renewed The Contender for a third season. Lauren Conrad breaks her silence on her feud with Heidi Montag. Former sixth-season American Idol finalist Gina Glocksen gets engaged at a summer tour concert. ABC reveals Brad Womack will serve as The Bachelor's eleventh star. HBO's Hard Knocks revival premieres on HBO. The Real World: Sydney debuts on MTV. The Hills feud results in a cast gag order. An American Idol 7 auditioneer goes into labor and names the baby Idol. E! orders a new reality series starring Hilton gal pal Kim Kardashian. Rosie O'Donnell finds a new verbal sparring partner in Paula Abdul. Original Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll denies a report that he's homeless. Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge debuts on CMT.

August 11-20: Rock Harper wins Hell's Kitchen 3. An off-Broadway American Idol-inspired musical closes after just one night. Tori & Dean: Inn Love's second season debuts on Oxygen. Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst announce they've ended their engagement but are still dating. CBS reveals the identities of its 40 pint-sized Kid Nation pioneers. MTV's Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County relaunch of Laguna Beach premieres. Sabra Johnson becomes the first woman to win Fox's So You Think You Can Dance. So You Think You Can Dance judge Nigel Lythgoe says he doesn't think the best dancer won. Jordin Sparks finally signs her American Idol record deal. You're the One That I Want's Grease revival opens on Broadway. Idol host Ryan Seacrest is tapped to host the Emmys. The Donald boasts about the A-list stars lining up for The Celebrity Apprentice.

August 21-31: Joey Fatone joins fellow former Dancing with the Stars participant Lisa Rinna on TV Guide's red carpet team. A traffic cop sues Jason Wahler over his racial remarks. Will Bigham wins Fox's On the Lot. Ventriloquist Terry Fator is crowned America's Got Talent's second season champion. The controversy surrounding Kid Nation continues to grow. NBC announces plans to revive American Gladiators as a primetime series. NBC and Mark Burnett announce plans for a new Amne$ia game show. Fox cancels its new Anchorwoman series after only one broadcast. Nicole Richie is released from prison without ever making it to her cell. Blake Lewis finally signs his American Idol record deal. Britain's Channel 4 cancels the 2008 edition of Celebrity Big Brother. Hogan Knows Best co-star Nick Hogan is seriously injured in a car crash. Hogan is released from hospital and witnesses claim he was street racing. Ryan Sheckler's Life of Ryan reality series premieres on MTV. Heidi Klum spills the beans about Project Runway 4's yet-to-be-announced premiere date but Bravo denies it. News that Hogan's front-seat passenger suffered brain damage emerges. Vincent "Don Vito" Margera's sexual assault trial is postponed until October. Gordon Ramsay calls the Kitchen Nightmares lawsuit filed against him a "f**king joke." ESPN begins production on a new Two-A-Days-like Varsity Inc. series. Jason Wahler gets engaged, much to Lauren Conrad's chagrin. News that Hogan's license was restricted at the time of crash emerges. ABC reveals Dancing with the Stars' fifth season participants. Jessica Sierra's trial is postponed due to a stint in rehab. MTV's Dancing with the Stars-like Celebrity Rap Superstar premieres. ABC renames Dance X to Dance Wars: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann and taps Drew Lachey as its host. New allegations that Hogan was street racing and drinking alcohol prior to the crash emerge. CBS cancels all Big Brother 8 evicted houseguest media interviews due to the offensive comments of several jury members.

September 1-10: CBS continues to support Kid Nation. Dancing with the Stars professional dancers Alec Mazo and Edyta Sliwinska get married. Sanjaya Malakar moves to Hollywood with his family. Carrie Underwood denies the Tony Romo romance reports. Bill Rancic and Giuliana DePandi get married. Kelly Clarkson announces a new smaller venue concert tour. The Contender's third season premieres on ESPN. A tabloid report that The Hills couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are planning a fake split to make some extra dough emerges. Hulk Hogan denies his son was racing prior to the crash. Former The Biggest Loser 3 finalists Marty Wolff and Amy Hildreth get engaged. News that American Idol 2007 concert tour wasn't as popular as previous years emerges. Tim Gunn's Guide to Style premieres on Bravo. Jarret "The Defuser" Crippin wins Who Wants to be a Superhero's second season. Sara Evans' estranged husband asks her to admit to affairs. American Idol breaks its Emmy losing streak and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List also wins its first honor. Nick Hogan crash passenger is taken off coma drugs but still "very critical." Jon "Johnny Fairplay" Dalton and ex-Top Model Michelle Deighton announce they are expecting their first child. Bravo announces plans for a new Step It Up reality dancing series. The Biggest Loser's fourth season premieres on NBC. ABC's Fat March concludes with six marchers winning $40,000 each.

September 11-20: Jennifer Hudson lands a Sex in the City movie role. Andy Baldwin is spotted hanging out with Miss Iran 2005. Kathy Griffin's "suck it Jesus" Emmy acceptance speech rubs Catholics the wrong way. Former So You Think You Can Dance 3 contestants Lacey Schwimmer and Hok Konishia confirm they're dating. Former Top Chef 2 finalist Josie Smith-Malave is beaten in an alleged anti-gay attack. Jeff Probst teases that another Survivor: All-Stars "wouldn't be a bad idea." A homeless man is charged in the attack on Smith-Malave. Fox's Nashville debuts poorly in its Friday night time period. CMT debuts Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team's second season. Kim Myles wins HGTV Design Star's second season title. The Amazing Race continues its Emmy streak with its fifth consecutive win. Beauty and the Geek's fourth season premieres on The CW. "Evel" Dick Donato wins Big Brother 8. Kid Nation premieres on CBS. America's Next Top Model's ninth cycle debuts on The CW. A Christian theater group scolds Kathy Griffin. Survivor: China premieres on CBS. Lauren Conrad claims she came "dangerously close" to quitting The Hills. Jon Reep is crowned Last Comic Standing's fifth-season champ.

September 21-30: Dancing with the Stars co-host Samantha Harris gives birth to a baby girl. Dancing with the Stars fifth season premieres to big ratings on ABC. The Bachelor's eleventh season debuts on ABC. Andy Baldwin says he's "just friends" with Miss Iran 2005. Discovery Channel re-edits Man vs. Wild's fake scenes and adds a disclaimer. Fox puts Nashville on hiatus earlier than expected but claims the show will return at a "later date." Nick Hogan pleads no contest to a speeding offense that occurred prior to his August crash. NBC orders a new My Dad is Smarter Than Your Dad game show from Mark Burnett. Sarah Brice reveals she's split with The Bachelor 7 star Charlie O'Connell. Dancing with the Stars participant Josie Maran makes a bad joke about Heather Mills after her ouster. Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne offer advice that saves the life a The X Factor contestant. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's new season premieres. Sara Evans finally finalizes her divorce. Reports that Katharine McPhee has secretly gotten engaged to 42-year-old boyfriend Nick Cokas emerge.

October 1-10: Animal Planet announces the death of Meerkat Manor matriarch Flower. Paula Abdul says no more to more Hey Paula! CBS orders a new Jingles reality show from Mark Burnett. Heidi Montag gushes that her plastic surgery was worth dying for. Bravo begins to air Queer Eye's final 10 episodes. Dancing with the Stars participant Jane Seymour's mother dies, causing Seymour to miss a results show. Danny Bonaduce knocks Jonny Fairplay's teeth out at Fox Reality Channel's Really Awards ceremony. NBC announces Hulk Hogan will host its American Gladiators revival. Discovery Channel debuts its new Last One Standing reality series. Fairplay files a police complaint against Bonaduce. Hung Huyn is crowned Top Chef 3 Miami's culinary king. Word that Rock of Love winner Jes Rickleff has already dumped Bret Michaels emerges. LA authorities announce Bonaduce won't face criminal charges over his altercation with Fairplay. Paula Abdul moves in with her boyfriend and starts talking marriage. America's Most Smartest Model debuts on VH1. Tom Sizemore claims he's quit drugs for good. Former Monster Garage star Jesse James signs a new TV deal with Spike TV. VH1 debuts I Love New York's second season. Tiffany Pollard says she once again found love during I Love New York. Reports that Nick Hogan's crash passenger will likely require lifelong care emerges. Fairplay sues Bonaduce and Fox Reality Channel. MTV debuts A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, the network's first serialized reality dating series. Bobby Brown's representative tells the media that that former Being Bobby Brown star has suffered a heart attack. Former The Surreal Life houseguest MC Hammer denies reports that he's died. Columbia's Nothing But the Truth lie detector game show is canceled after a contestant admits she hired someone to murder her husband. VH1 announces that Bret Michaels will return for a second season of Rock of Love. Bobby Brown denies he suffered a heart attack.

October 11-20: A report that Andy Baldwin is being deployed to Iraq emerges. Indications that Mark Philippoussis' relationship with Age of Love winner Amanda Salinas is over emerge. Corey Clark pleads guilty to a felony harassment charge. Kelly Clarkson kicks off her "My December" tour. Rob & Big star Rob "Big Black" Boykin reveals he's going to be a dad. Samantha Harris returns to her Dancing with the Stars co-host duties. American Idol's seventh-season auditions come to a close. Janice Dickinson gets more plastic surgery. Clay Aiken announces he'll be joining the cast of Broadway's Spamalot musical. Heidi Montag claims her website was hacked and she didn't post a blog entry and which she admitted spreading rumors about a Lauren "L.C." Conrad and Jason Wahler sex tape. Fox orders a second helping of Kitchen Nightmares and more Hell's Kitchen. Carrie Underwood is spotted getting cozy with Gossip Girls star Chace Crawford. Despite Nashville's poor ratings performance, Fox still premieres The Next Great American Band in its Friday night time period. Like Nashville, it flops.

October 21-31: The identities of The Celebrity Apprentice's cast members begin to emerge and they pale in comparison to Trump's earlier boasting. Marie Osmond faints during a Dancing with the Stars performance episode broadcast. Carrie Underwood's "Carnival Ride" sophomore album hits stores. Former The Bachelor star Bob Guiney is tapped to host CMT's new Trick My Truck series. Fox denies reports that Nashville has been formally canceled but it never returns. Vincent Margera blames his Don Vito alter ego for an incident in which he fondled three young girls. Former The Bachelor 7 bachelorette Sarah Welch resurfaces on the Internet. CBS confirms Eric Stein was unable to use Big Brother 8 Power of Veto when he needed it the most. A report that Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas are planning to get married in February emerges. New allegations that The Hills is faking and staging scenes emerge. Even after exiting rehab, Jason Wahler goes to jail as part of another arrest. America's Most Smartest Model contestant Andre Birleanu is arrested for sexual misconduct and aggravated harassment. Animal Planet's Meerkat Manor suffers another meerkat death. Dancing with the Stars participant Helio Castroneves tells the media he's "postponing" his wedding to Cuban fashion designer Aliette Vazquez due to a heavy workload. Dancing professional Tony Dovolani blasts judge Carrie Ann Inaba over a lift tiff. Dancing with the Stars endures a shocking elimination when frontrunner Sabrina Bryan is sent packing. Carrie Underwood's "Carnival Ride" album debuts at No. 1. Jane Seymour suffers food poison scare and misses another Dancing with the Stars results show.

November 1-10: The Hills star Audrina Patridge insists that "everything is real... totally real." Former Viva La Bam star Vincent Margera breaks down after being convicted of sexual assault. Scott Baio Is 45 ... And Single star Scott Baio becomes a dad. The assault charges are dropped against former Skating with Celebrities star Kristy Swanson. A&E halts the production of Dog the Bounty Hunter after a tabloid releases an audio tape of Duane "Dog" Chapman making racial slurs. Dancing with the Stars pair Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas play coy about whether they are romantically involved. Big Brother 7: All-Stars champion Mike 'Boogie' Malin is arrested for assault in Denver. Dog's lawyer reveals the A&E reality show star's son sold the audio tape to the talboid. A&E pulls Dog the Bounty Hunter repeats from schedule indefinitely. Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis reveals she's pregnant with her first child. Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas admit they're dating. The Writers Guild of America strike begins, setting the stage for heavy slate of unscripted shows. Marie Osmond's father dies, causing her to miss a Dancing with the Stars results show. A U.S. judge brings a final end to Dog Chapman's Mexican extradition saga. The Amazing Race's twelfth-season premieres and delivers the show's best-ever debut ratings. Reports that CBS is preparing an early 2008 Big Brother edition as strike replacement programming emerge. Dog Chapman vows to "try never to use that word again." Hogan Knows Best star Nick Hogan is finally arrested and charged for his August crash. Sakio Bika claims The Contender's third-season title. Carrie Underwood wins two more Country Music Association Award honors and Kellie Pickler breaks down while performing. Kellie Pickler's estranged mom speaks out. NBC announces former Dancing with the Stars star Laila Ali will co-host American Gladiators

November 11-20: The target of Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane Chapman's racial rant reveals she's planning to sue him. Former Survivor castaway Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a baby boy. Dancing with the Stars professional Karina Smirnoff gets a nose job. Big Brother announces a casting tour and the show's casting director confirms it will return early. Reports that Paige Davis is returning to her former Trading Spaces hosting job emerge. Andy Baldwin reveals he's being deployed to Bahrain but still with Tessa Horst. Dancing with the Stars participant Marie Osmond reveals her son is in rehab. CBS formally announces it has ordered a ninth edition of Big Brother. TLC confirms Paige Davis will return to Trading Spaces as part of a show revamp. Jason Walher gets released from prison early. Chris Daughtry and Carrie Underwood dominate the American Music Awards. Two more suspects are charged in the attack on former Top Chef 2 chef Josie Smith-Malave. Heid Montag and Lauren Conrad disagree over whether The Hills is real. Tila Tequila reveals she "found love" on A Shot at Love and isn't eyeing a second season. The Bachelor's eleventh season ends with Brad Womack rejecting both Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas. Former fourth-season American Idol finalist Jessica Sierra pleads guilty and is sentenced to probation. The Bachelor's After The Final Rose special airs and Womack rejects Pappas for a second time.

November 21-30: Nick Hogan is deemed "dangerous" driver and has his license suspended. Jenni Croft reveals that she got back with her former live-in boyfriend immediately after The Bachelor's filming ended. Former The Bachelorette star Jen Schefft says she doesn't see any fault in Brad Womack's double rejections. Womack whines that the scrutiny is "getting old" and he wouldn't do The Bachelor again. Mary Delgado is arrested for assaulting her The Bachelor fiance Byron Velvick. Lauren Conrad denies The Hills is scripted and her relationships are fake. Mike Super wins NBC's Phenomenon. Hogan Knows Best co-star Linda Hogan files for divorce from Hulk Hogan. Dancing with the Stars professional partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy bashes Marie Osmond. Osmond blows her Dancing with the Stars victory chances with a freestyle that promotes her doll line. Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough win Dancing with the Stars. Mark Ballas gets injured during Dancing's season finale. Castroneves confirms his relationship with his fiancee is over. Jordin Sparks' debut album sells only 119,000 copies in its first week of release. Castroneves' fiancee says their relationship ended months ago and they kept it secret in order to not impact his Dancing chances. The police release a report that alleges Nick Hogan had been drinking beer and was driving 100 MPH when he crashed. Castroneves claims his engagement only ended "probably one or two weeks" ago. Hough signs a country record deal. Chmerkovskiy suggests he's "moving on" from Dancing with the Stars. Despite holding two immunity idols, James Clement plays neither one and is voted out of Survivor: China. Womack goes on Ellen and contradicts his earlier comments.

December 1-10: Former American Idol finalist Jessica Sierra is arrested and jailed again. Jennie Garth says Helio Castroneves and his fiancee split "a long time ago." NBC announces another Kim Lyons-less The Biggest Loser edition will premiere in January. American Idol wraps its seventh-season Hollywood Round. News that Sierra tried to offer sex in exchange for escaping her latest arrest emerges. David Olsen and Jasmine Moore win The CW's Beauty and the Geek. Maksim Chmerkovskiy says he's not really quitting Dancing with the Stars after all. Sierra pleads not guilty but is denied bail until a December 20 hearing. Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Mandisa Hundley, and Chris Daughtry all land Grammy award nominations. Dancing with the Stars professional Mark Ballas undergoes surgery but still plans to participate in the show's winter tour. Scott Baio marries his longtime girlfriend Renee Sloan. The Hills' third-season finale ends with Lauren Conrad heading to Paris and Heidi Montag moving out of her apartment with fiance Spencer Pratt. MTV reveals The Hills will air eight more third-season episodes in Spring 2008.

December 11-20: Lauren Conrad acknowledges The Hills re-shoots conversations and set-up one of her encounters with Heidi Montag. American Idol sixth-season runner-up Blake Lewis' debut album sells 98,000 units in its first week of release. Saleisha Stowers wins America's Next Top Model's ninth season. Chris Daughtry's "Daughtry" is crowned the top-selling album of 2007. Top Model winner Saleisha Stowers defends her prior relationship with Tyra Banks. Survivor uber-fan Todd Herzog wins Survivor: China. CBS announces Survivor's sixteenth edition will be called Survivor: Micronesia and to pit a tribe of former castaways against a tribe of "superfans." I Love New York 2 ends with Tiffany Pollard selecting George 'Tailor Made' Weisgerber. Survivor: China castaway Denise Martin apologizes for telling a "misleading" job tale during the show's live reunion show. MTV's Shot at Love ends with Tila Tequila picking Bobby Banhart. Martin announces she'll donate the $50,000 Mark Burnett gave her after hearing her false tale to charity. The Bachelor star Brad Womack is spotted in Las Vegas with his ex-girlfriend. Bill Germanakos wins The Biggest Loser's fourth edition by losing 164 pounds. Cheryl Burke misses Dancing with the Stars' initial tour stops due to pain. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt reveal that their engagement is over but they're still dating. Former The Bachelor star Andrew Firestone takes a new job after his family's winery is sold. News that still-jailed former American Idol 4 finalist Jessica Sierra is pregnant emerges. American Idol 2 winner Ruben Studdard is dropped by his record label. Nick Lachey's hometown choir wins NBC's Clash of the Choirs.

December 21-31: Cheryl Burke is cleared to return to Dancing with the Stars' tour. Former Viva La Bam star Vincent Vincent Margera is sentenced to probation. MTV orders a Domenico Nesci-led That's Amore spin-off of A Shot at Love. The Real Housewives husband Matt Keough is arrested for violating his probation. The Clark Brothers win Fox's The Next Great American Band. Word that I Love New York star Tiffany Pollard is engaged to "Tailor Made" emerges. About The Author: Steven Rogers

Steven Rogers is a senior entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and been covering the reality TV genre for two decades.