Heidi Montag was so adamant about undergoing rhinoplasty and breast augmentation surgery, The Hills star apparently didn't care what the consequences were.

"I was a nervous wreck, but I was just so excited at the same time," said Montag in the October 8 issue of Us Weekly.  "Right before I went in I was like, 'What if I don't wake up?  Oh, this is scary.'  Then I thought, 'I don't care.'  If I don't wake up, it's worth it.  I just wanted it so badly."

While Montag underwent both procedures in April, the 21-year-old only recently confirmed it.

"I was healing and I didn't feel the need to share it with people," she told Us as to why she kept the surgery under wraps.  "Then, so much negative press came out about it, and people who have either gotten surgery themselves or contemplated it were ragging on me.  This was the right decision, and who's to judge or tell me otherwise?  God's the only one who can judge me."

Montag explained she was "tormented" by others when she was younger for her "less than an A-cup" breast size and "huge" nose, and also felt "insecure" as she got older and wanted to be "intimate" with a guy.

"I've always been very insecure about my body," she told Us.  "I was so frustrated.  I was just like, I don't want to be on camera anymore."

However it was landing on camera that finally allowed her to pay for her physical overhaul, as she told Us appearing on MTV's The Hills docu-reality series as Lauren "L.C." Conrad's BFF "definitely" made it financially possible.

"I decided on this a couple years ago.  I wanted it way before the show, but I couldn't afford it," Montag told Us. "Let's just say it was very expensive.  I went to the best doctor [Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan].  This isn't something you cut corners on.  I decided last November that, during [hiatus], I was going to get surgery.  MTV said, 'Yeah, whatever you want to do.  It's your body.'  I'm just glad I didn't have to do it on the show."

While Conrad and her The Hills co-star Audrina Patridge -- who are embroiled in an ongoing feud with Montag -- claim her fiance Spencer Pratt "put a lot of pressure" on Montag to have the surgeries, she said that wasn't the case.

"He had nothing to do with it.  If anything, he said, 'Maybe you should think about it a lot longer,'" she told Us.  Conrad and Patridge have also previously stated it's Pratt's infatuation with Playboy models that led Montag into surgery -- and while she denied that -- the famous men's magazine did play a supportive role in her decision. 

"I got Playboy and I was looking at those," Montag told Us about inspiration for her surgery.  "I was like, 'Spencer, what do you think about these?'  He said, 'It's your thing!  Don't ask me.'  It was too funny."

In addition to aesthetic reasons, Montag said her rhinoplasty also allows her to "breathe so much better" and added her "voice has cleared up too" after her extra nose cartilage was shaved.  Following the surgery, Montag said she spent three days at Santa Monica's Serenity Care Center and looked "so swollen" for a week before recovering for "almost two months" at home.
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While she was apprehensive about letting Pratt see her like that, Montag said he was a great source of support.

"He was a rock... You couldn't pay a nurse to be better," she told Us.

Once it was time to remove the bandages, Montag said she felt like a participant in another reality show.

"I almost cried.  It was like Extreme Makeover," she told Us.  "There was a lot of bruising, but you could see they looked perfect."

Trying to establish herself as a singer, Montag said she's unsure whether she'll return for a fourth season of The Hills if it's ordered by MTV.

"I don't know.  I'm not sure about that.  Probably not," she told Us.  "I really just want to get on the road with my singing.  I'm working with this new producer, Nephew, and he just did Nelly's single.  He's worked with Snoop Dogg and Missy Elliott and Michael Jackson.  I really want to start touring.  Who knows?"

Regardless of whether she returns to The Hills or not, she's apparently sure of one thing.

"Now I'm happy and I'm good," Montag told Us about her feelings on her body.  "No more surgery for me"