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Sixteen contestants, one gets kicked off every few days, the rest of group votes to decide who gets kicked off, the winner gets a big pile of cash... stop me if this sounds familiar. Nope, it's not that other show on CBS, it's the new show from FOX -- 'Boot Camp'

'Boot Camp' invites 16 contestants to surrender every aspect of their civilian lives in order to participate in a game of elimination set against the backdrop of a military-style training program. Real Drill Instructors set the pace 24 hours a day, putting the recruits through the ringer of obstacle courses and other specialized training activities meant to build confidence and force them to face their fears.

During each of the 8 episodes, the contestants will take part in a mission that tests their training and ultimately reveals the weak links in the Squad. As each episode closes, the contestants face an important evaluation by their peers. The results of this evaluation determine who goes and who stays. In a dramatic twist, the dismissed squad member then chooses another recruit to leave the game with him or her...any recruit, for any reason; no one is safe! In the final episode, the two remaining contestants compete for a $500,000 cash prize.


'The Bachelor' couple Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell reunite seven years after splitting 09-21-2021

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'90 Day Fiance' spoilers: Are Jenny and Sumit still together and in India? Has the '90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' couple married or split up? (SPOILERS) 09-19-2021

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'90 Day Fiance' Spoilers: Are Evelin and Corey still married and together or did the '90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' couple break up? (SPOILERS) 09-19-2021

'90 Day Fiance' spoilers: Are Steven and Alina still together now or has the '90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' couple split up? (SPOILERS) 09-19-2021

Natasha Parker reveals the most "awful thing" about Brendan Morais' betrayal: He made a mockery of what we had! 09-18-2021

'Married at First Sight' star Myrla explains what wanting Gil to be her "brunch husband" really means 09-18-2021

'The Bachelor' Season 26 star Clayton Echard reveals he's "excited" about but "very nervous" 09-17-2021

Brendan Morais denies being fame-hungry and plotting with Pieper James for followers on 'Bachelor in Paradise' 09-17-2021

'90 Day Fiance' star Nicole Nafziger announces "a big decision" 09-17-2021

'Big Brother' recap: Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha evicted in surprise double eviction 09-17-2021

'The Bachelor' alum Arie Luyendyk Jr. doesn't want any more kids and is ready for a vasectomy 09-16-2021

'90 Day Fiance' star Julia Trubkina slams claim she "didn't care" about Ron Gibbs' health issue 09-16-2021

'Married at First Sight' recap: Rachel and Jose say "I love you," Ryan's missing a spark, Johnny and Bao consummate marriage, Michaela and Zack reconcile, and Gil doesn't feel wanted! 09-16-2021

'90 Day Fiance' couple Ed Brown and Liz Woods are reportedly engaged 09-16-2021

'Big Brother' recap: HoH Kyland Young wins Power of Veto and keeps Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha on the block 09-16-2021

'The Bachelor' Season 26 star will reportedly be Clayton Echard 09-16-2021

Pieper James clarifies her relationship with Brendan Morais prior to 'Bachelor in Paradise' 09-15-2021

'90 Day Fiance' star Andrei Castravet claims Charlie's wife Megan is a porn star and says he can prove it 09-15-2021

'Married at First Sight' star Michaela: Zack and I haven't developed any kind of a friendship 09-15-2021

Pieper James shares update on Brendan Morais relationship after leaving 'Bachelor in Paradise' together 09-15-2021

'Big Brother' Showmance Couples Now: Where are they now? Who's still together? Which couples have split up? (PHOTOS) 09-15-2021

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'Bachelor in Paradise' recap: Brendan and Pieper leave Paradise, Thomas dumps Tammy, Joe and Serena share their love, Kendall breaks down, and a new "Boom Boom Room" couple emerges! 09-15-2021

'Married at First Sight' star Michaela: It seems Zack is going out of his way to not resolve our fight 09-15-2021

'Bachelor in Paradise' couple Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour "eyeing" wedding date and "eager" to marry 09-14-2021

'90 Day Fiance' alum Anny Francisco reveals her son's name and first baby photo 09-14-2021

Pieper James: I don't have any regrets from my 'Bachelor in Paradise' stint with Brendan Morais 09-14-2021

'Bachelor in Paradise' spoilers: Are Brendan Morais and Pieper James still together and dating now? Have they gotten engaged? (SPOILERS) 09-14-2021

'Big Brother: Celebrity Edition' returning for a third season in early 2022 09-14-2021

Pieper James claims Natasha Parker knew about her pre-show relationship with Brendan Morais before 'Bachelor in Paradise' 09-14-2021

Natasha Parker denies scheming with "malicious" Brendan Morais and Pieper James: I had no idea they dated before 'Bachelor in Paradise' 09-14-2021

'The Bachelorette' alum Becca Kufrin fires back at Thomas Jacobs "red flags" comment as Katie Thurston supports their romance 09-13-2021

'Bachelor in Paradise' spoilers: Who is still together? What couples got engaged? Who left Season 7 alone? (SPOILERS) 09-13-2021

'90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' recap: Evelin reveals she secretly wed Corey, Ariela feelings for Leandro resurface, Alina tests Steven's loyalty, and Ellie flies to Colombia 09-13-2021

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'90 Day Fiance' Couples Now: Who is still together? Where are they now? Which couples have split up and divorced? (PHOTOS) 09-12-2021

'Married at First Sight' star Michaela: Zack is lying! 09-12-2021

'90 Day Fiance' spoilers: Did Jenny and Sumit get married? Are they still together in India or has the '90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' couple split? (SPOILERS) 09-12-2021

'The Bachelor's Season 26 star will reportedly be from Michelle Young's 'The Bachelorette' season 09-10-2021

'Big Brother' evicts Claire Rehfuss and Alyssa Lopez in special live double eviction 09-10-2021

'Big Brother' Showmance Couples Now: Who's still together? Which couples split up? Where are they now? (PHOTOS) 09-09-2021

'Married at First Sight' recap: Johnny admits he's not ready for marriage and Zack doubts his future with Michaela as three other couples grow closer 09-09-2021

Chris Conran apologizes for "blatant disrespect" to Jessenia Cruz but slams his 'Bachelor in Paradise' exile over Alana Milne romance 09-09-2021

'Married at First Sight' star Clara Berghaus celebrates signing Ryan Oubre divorce papers 09-09-2021

'Bachelor in Paradise': Brendan Morais apologizes for his behavior with Natasha Parker and Pieper James 09-09-2021

'Big Brother' recap: Alyssa Lopez wins Power of Veto, HoH Tiffany Mitchell reluctantly puts Claire Rehfuss on the block 09-09-2021

'Married at First Sight' star Zack: Michaela and I are at a crossroads, I don't know how we'll get past it 09-08-2021

'The Bachelor' alum Ben Higgins shares update after undergoing major surgery 09-08-2021

'Married at First Sight' star Zack reveals his side of Michaela fight -- I never lied to her, and she knew where I was! 09-08-2021

'90 Day Fiance' couple Anny Francisco and Robert Springs welcome a baby boy! 09-08-2021

'Married at First Sight' star Johnny claims Bao acts differently on-camera and off-camera 09-08-2021

'Dancing with the Stars' Season 30 celebrity cast announced by ABC 09-08-2021

'Married at First Sight' Couples Now: Who is still together? Who's divorced and re-married? Where are they now? (PHOTOS) 09-08-2021

'Bachelor in Paradise' recap: Chris and Alana forced out of Paradise, Kenny dumps Demi, Becca sparks romance with Thomas, and Tammy regrets leaving Aaron! 09-08-2021

'The Bachelor' alum Cassie Randolph reportedly "very much in love" with boyfriend Brighton Reinhardt 09-07-2021

'The Bachelorette' star Katie Thurston: Greg Grippo and I have "spoken privately" 09-07-2021

'Bachelor in Paradise' spoilers: Are Brendan Morais and Pieper James still dating and still together now? Did they get engaged? (SPOILERS) 09-07-2021

Joe Amabile: Kendall Long and I were never engaged although 'Bachelor in Paradise' cast suggested otherwise 09-07-2021

'Bachelor in Paradise' couple Brendan Morais and Pieper James lose Instagram followers after Natasha Parker betrayal 09-07-2021

'Bachelor in Paradise' recap: Brendan and Pieper spark drama, Mari tries to win Kenny back, Noah and Abigail reconcile, and Joe struggles between Serena and ex Kendall! 09-07-2021

'The Bachelorette' alum Dean Unglert: Having Greg Grippo as 'The Bachelor' star will be "a complete destruction of the show" 09-06-2021

'Married at First Sight' star Johnny reveals an off-camera fight with Bao post-honeymoon pushed him over the edge 09-06-2021

'Survivor' host Jeff Probst hypes up new castaways: I love this group, they made the game more alive than ever! 09-06-2021

'Bachelor in Paradise' Spoilers: Which couples leave Paradise together or get engaged in the finale? Who leaves single? (SPOILERS) 09-06-2021

'90 Day Fiance' Couples Now: Where are they now? Who's still together? Who has split up and divorced? (PHOTOS) 09-05-2021

'90 Day Fiance' spoilers: Did Ariela and Biniyam get married and are they still together or has the '90 Day Fiance' couple split? (SPOILERS) 09-05-2021

'90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' spoilers: Are Jenny and Sumit still together and married, or have they split up? (SPOILERS) 09-05-2021

'The Bachelorette' alum Blake Horstmann: I'm "really hurt" Becca Kufrin claims we were just friends before 'Bachelor in Paradise,' she "knows the truth" 09-04-2021

'Dancing with the Stars' reportedly adds Brian Austin Green to Season 30 cast, he'll "likely" partner with girlfriend Sharna Burgess 09-04-2021

'Married at First Sight' star Jose expresses concern over Rachel's spending and hoarding: "What did I just get myself into?" 09-04-2021

'Bachelor in Paradise' couple Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert schedule intimacy: "Sometimes it only happens that way" 09-03-2021

'Survivor' host Jeff Probst explains new changes and twists: Season 41 is "unrelenting" and "fraught with risk" 09-03-2021

'The Family Chantel' Season 3 premiere announced by TLC -- '90 Day Fiance' couple Chantel and Pedro are back! 09-03-2021

'Dancing with the Stars' Season 30 pro partners announced by ABC 09-03-2021

'Big Brother' recap: Sarah Beth Steagall evicted over Kyland Young, and a new Head of Household is crowned! 09-03-2021

'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' alum NeNe Leakes' husband Gregg Leakes dies "peacefully" after cancer battle 09-03-2021

'The Bachelor' alum Colton Underwood appears to be dating political strategist Jordan C. Brown 09-02-2021

'Survivor' winner Parvati Shallow granted temporary restraining order against John Fincher days after filing for divorce 09-02-2021

'The Bachelorette' star Michelle Young says she's "ready" to find true love in first Season 18 promo 09-02-2021

'Married at First Sight' recap: Johnny has doubts and spends two nights away from Bao, Zack and Michaela have first big fight, and Gil begins to lose patience with Myrla's refusal to kiss him! 09-02-2021

'Big Brother' recap: Hannah Chaddha wins Power of Veto and removes Xavier Prather from the block 09-02-2021

'The Bachelor' star Matt James reportedly going 'Dancing with the Stars' for Season 30 09-02-2021

'Bachelor in Paradise' recap: Becca Kufrin, Tia Booth and Kendall Long all arrive to mix things up, Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb split up, and five cast members leave Paradise 09-01-2021

'90 Day Fiance' star Ronald Smith says he filed for divorce from Tiffany Franco, she calls him "a cancer" 08-31-2021

'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Kenya Moore reportedly going 'Dancing with the Stars' 08-31-2021

'The Bachelorette' alum Ashley Hebert dishes on her dating life and if she'd like to re-marry following J.P. Rosenbaum divorce 08-31-2021

'Married at First Sight' star Myrla Feria: I won't change my lifestyle or help with Gil Cuero's dog, I'll travel alone if I have to! 08-31-2021

Tammy Ly fires back at "slut-shamers" over steamy 'Bachelor in Paradise' scene of her straddling Thomas Jacobs 08-31-2021

Reality TV World announces 2003 Blowie Awards nominees, opens ballot for voting 09-17-2003

2003 Blowie Awards open for nominations 03-09-2003 launches website 11-26-2002 message boards back online 09-26-2002 message boards temporarily unavailable 09-25-2002 launches website 09-16-2002

'Spoiler Island' fantasy Survivor game now open for 'Survivor: Thailand' Episode 1 picks 09-08-2002

"Celebrity Boot Camp" special airs September 30 08-27-2002 launches website 06-10-2002

Boot Camp 2: The Celebrity Edition? 03-25-2002

2002 Blowie Award Winners Announced! 03-17-2002

'Survivor' files lawsuit versus 'Boot Camp', claims copyright law violations 04-11-2001

REMINDER: Boot Camp To Air On Tuesday The Week Of Episode 3 04-09-2001

Boot Camp Premiere Beats West Wing Repeat, wins Timeslot 03-30-2001

Boot Camp To Premiere March 28 At 9:00PM EST on FOX 03-18-2001

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