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Sixteen contestants, one gets kicked off every few days, the rest of group votes to decide who gets kicked off, the winner gets a big pile of cash... stop me if this sounds familiar. Nope, it's not that other show on CBS, it's the new show from FOX -- 'Boot Camp'

'Boot Camp' invites 16 contestants to surrender every aspect of their civilian lives in order to participate in a game of elimination set against the backdrop of a military-style training program. Real Drill Instructors set the pace 24 hours a day, putting the recruits through the ringer of obstacle courses and other specialized training activities meant to build confidence and force them to face their fears.

During each of the 8 episodes, the contestants will take part in a mission that tests their training and ultimately reveals the weak links in the Squad. As each episode closes, the contestants face an important evaluation by their peers. The results of this evaluation determine who goes and who stays. In a dramatic twist, the dismissed squad member then chooses another recruit to leave the game with him or her...any recruit, for any reason; no one is safe! In the final episode, the two remaining contestants compete for a $500,000 cash prize.


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Reality TV World announces 2003 Blowie Awards nominees, opens ballot for voting 09-17-2003

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Boot Camp To Premiere March 28 At 9:00PM EST on FOX 03-18-2001

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