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Reality TV World announces 2003 Blowie Awards nominees, opens ballot for voting - Reported by: Admin on 09-17-2003 today announced the nominees for the second annual Reality TV World "Blowie" Awards, which are presented yearly to outstanding productions, performances and situations in unscripted television programming. Consisting of 22 award categories with a total of 164 nominees, the Reality TV World "Blowie" Awards range from the serious to the frivolous, providing an overview of the reality TV programming in the year gone by.

Although the 2002-03 television season featured a creative mix of unscripted programming, five programs received the lion's share of nominations, and the top three were all broadcast by the CBS Television Network. Leading the way were the stunning 54 nominations recorded by the Emmy-nominated "Survivor," which had three editions included in the eligibilty period for the Blowies. CBS's summer success "Big Brother" received 20 nominations, while critics' favorite and Emmy-nominated "The Amazing Race" picked up 17. ABC's "The Mole," which aired both a celebrity edition and a regular edition during the 2002-03 season, followed just behind with 16 nominations, and Fox's Emmy-nominated sensation "American Idol" closed out the "Big 5" with 12 nominations.

In addition to the awards for outstanding accomplishments, the Reality TV World Blowie Awards also feature categories for worst mistakes and a heavy serving of humor in some of the lesser categories. For example, Flo Pesenti, co-winner of "The Amazing Race 3," achieved the dubious distinction of being nominated in both the Least Favorite Personality and Biggest Drama Queen categories.

The first annual Reality TV World Blowie Awards, which were announced in March 2002, covered reality programming broadcast during the 2001 calendar year. However, with the recent explosion in year-round reality programming, the Blowie Awards Committee (as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences once did with the Oscars) revised the end of the annual eligibility period to conform with the television broadcast season, which traditionally ends at the end of May sweeps each year. As a result, this year's award eligibility period began January 1, 2002 and extended through May 21, 2003 -- the end of the 2002-03 TV season. Thus, the second annual Blowie Awards covers an extended 17 month period instead of the usual year -- a period that began with predictions of doom for reality TV after the Sept. 11 tragedy ... and ended with America riveted to the final showdown between Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken.

In nominations by network, CBS managed to garner more than half of the total: 91 nominations out of a total of 164, aided strongly by the fact that "Survivor" alone received more nominations than any rival network did. Although ABC and Fox were noted for all of the reality shows they introduced during the 2002-03 season, they still only placed second and third, with 29 and 24 nominations respectively. Cable networks MTV, with 6 nominations, and USA Network, with 5, rounded out the top five. NBC recorded a scant 3 nominations, while E!, The WB, and The Learning Channel each received two nominations and ESPN earned one.

Voting for the Reality TV World Blowie Awards will take place on the website from now through Friday, October 3, 2002 and is open to any member of the public. Voting information is available on the home page or by visiting the 2003 Blowie Awards webpage. The software used to power the balloting site is designed to prevent multiple voting and will discard any duplicate submissions.

The award winners will be announced by on Friday, October 10, 2003.


1. CBS - 91
2. ABC - 29
3. FOX - 24
4. MTV - 6
5. USA - 5
6. NBC - 3
7. TLC - 2
8. WB - 2
9. E! - 2
10. ESPN - 1


1. Survivor (CBS) - 54
2. Big Brother (CBS) - 20
3. The Amazing Race (CBS) - 17
4. The Mole (ABC) - 16
5. American Idol (FOX) - 12
6. I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! (ABC) - 5.5
7. Joe Millionaire (FOX) - 5
8. The Bachelor (ABC) - 3
9. Bachelorettes In Alaska (FOX) - 3
10. Combat Missions (USA) - 3
11. The Anna Nicole Show (E!) - 2
12. Are You Hot? (ABC) - 2
13. Fear Factor (NBC) - 2
14. Mr. Personality (FOX) - 2
15. Nashville Star (USA) - 2
16. The Osbournes (MTV) - 2
17. The Real World (MTV) - 2
18. Trading Spaces (TLC) - 2
19. Boot Camp (FOX) - 1.5
20. Beg Borrow & Deal (ESPN) - 1
21. Dog Eat Dog (NBC) - 1
22. Making The Band (ABC) - 1
23. No Boundaries (WB) - 1
24. Real World/Road Rules Challenge (MTV) - 1
25. Sorority Life (MTV) - 1
26. The Surreal Life (WB) - 1

(Note: Half-nominations result from one individual being nominated for performances in two different series.)

2003 Blowie Awards open for nominations - Reported by: Admin on 03-09-2003 today announced the opening of the nomination period for the 2003 Blowie Awards. Now in their second year, the Blowie Awards are annually awarded to outstanding performances and situations in reality television programming. The twenty two Blowie Award categories range from serious to frivolous; in addition to awards for outstanding accomplishments, there are also awards for worst mistakes and a heavy serving of humor in some of the lesser categories.

The open nomination period will continue until March 24, 2003 at midnight ET. Any registered RealityTVWorld message board user may make a nomination. Following the open nomination period, the Blowie Awards Committee will determine which nominees will appear on each award's public ballot. Between 3-5 nominees will be selected for each category. Once the ballot is finalized, the 2003 RealityTVWorld Blowie Awards will be opened for voting by all website visitors. Voting will remain open for a pre-determined time period, then the ballots will be closed, the results tabulated, and the winners announced. Each user will only be allowed one vote. To nominate for an award, please visit our 2003 RealityTVWorld Blowie Awards Nomination Forum

During last year's 2002 Blowie Awards, CBS led all networks with 69 nominations out of a total of 115. Fox placed a distant second with 29, followed by USA with 6. NBC and ABC managed only 4 nominations each, and three of the five nominees for the "Worst Overall Show" aired aired on those networks. UPN, VH1 and MTV each managed to record one nomination.

The twenty two Blowie Award categories are:

- Best Overall Show
- Worst Overall Show
- Favorite Contestant
- Least Favorite Contestant
- Best Villain
- Best Supporting Crony
- Most Memorable Moment
- Best Quote
- Best Game Strategy
- Worst Game Strategy
- Best Heartthrob (male)
- Best Sweetheart (female)
- Best Couple:
- Biggest Waste of Space Contestant
- Best Hair
- Worst Contestant Blunder
- Worst Producer or Network Blunder
- Funniest Contestant
- Best Host
- Worst Host
- Worst Cosmetic Surgery
- Biggest Drama Queen launches website - Reported by: Admin on 11-26-2002 has announced that MTV's "The Osbournes" reality TV program now has its own website -- In the tradition of previous websites, will features program news, information, and episode summaries for the MTV reality series. message boards back online - Reported by: Admin on 09-26-2002

We pleased to announce the message boards are now back online.

Once again we apologize for any inconvenience this unexpected outage caused and thank you for your patience. message boards temporarily unavailable - Reported by: Admin on 09-25-2002

As most regular message board visitors no doubt already know, the message boards are currently unavailable.

At approximiately 3PM ET Tuesday afternoon, the server that we utilize to host the message boards began experiencing severe technical problems and crashed. We're currently working with our hosting partner to restore the server to normal operation as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience this unexpected outage has caused. We'll post additional information as it becomes available.

In the meantime we'd like to confirm for everyone that other areas of the network remain functional, including our LIVE CHAT rooms, our SPOILER ISLAND Survivor fantasy game, and our reality TV show news service. Thank you for your patience.

LATE THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE: We are still working to restore the server to full operational order. At this time we hope to have the system functional sometime late this afternoon. Once again we apologize for any inconvenience this unexpected outage has caused and thank you for your patience. launches website - Reported by: Admin on 09-16-2002 has announced that ABC's "Push, Nevada" - the self-described "next-generation twist on reality television" now has its own website -- In the long tradition of previous websites, will features program news, information, episode summaries, and (perhaps most importantly) attempt to solve the Push mystery.

"Push, Nevada" will premiere Tuesday, September 17, 2002.

'Spoiler Island' fantasy Survivor game now open for 'Survivor: Thailand' Episode 1 picks - Reported by: Admin on 09-08-2002 has updated its 'SurvivorBlows Spoiler Island' online fantasy game for the fifth installement of the 'Survivor' series -- 'Survivor: Thailand'

Surf on over to and sign up now! ...better hurry, the new Survivor season starts in just ELEVEN DAYS!

"Celebrity Boot Camp" special airs September 30 - Reported by: AyaK on 08-27-2002

Variety reports that a 2-hour special "Celebrity Boot Camp" will air on Fox at 8 PM on Sept. 30, 2002. This is the latest in a current wave of "celebrity" reality shows, including the current "Survivor UK 3" and the upcoming "Mole 3: Celebrity Mole," which will air on ABC in either January or March of 2003.

"Celebs" will including such names from the past as singers Coolio, Tiffany, Vitamin C and Fabrice Morvan (one-half of Milli Vanilli); perennial no-talent Kato Kaelin; actors David Faustino, Traci Bingham, Lorenzo Lamas and Barry Williams; and "Price Is Right" spokesmodel Nikki Schieler Ziering.

The show was taped at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base's Camp DeLuz with two former Marine Corps drill instructors. In this version, there will be no voting for elimination except by the DIs, who will rank the strongest players and drop the weakest through different competitions. Elimination continues until just two celebs are standing. As in the original "Boot Camp," the final vote will consist of a mix of victories in the "Gauntlet" and votes from the other contestants.

No word on whether Balloon Boy or Recruit Lemon will make cameo appearances. launches website - Reported by: Admin on 06-10-2002

After two years of having the unique distinction of being the only show that had it's own dedicated forum (and not one but two!) but no formal website, has announced that CBS' 'Big Brother' reality television program now has its own website -- 'Big Brother 3' starts July 10th.


Boot Camp 2: The Celebrity Edition? - Reported by: Admin on 03-25-2002

FOX is looking into another edition of its reality series "Boot Camp" for the 2002-03 season -- this time with famous people as the grunts.

The network explained the concept to advertisers last week at a sales presentation, the New York Post reports. FOX officials have declined comment. It's unknown whether any celebrities have been approached about appearing on the show.

Should the show make it onto FOX's schedule, it's likely the format will be somewhat different than its predecessor. CBS sued FOX last year, saying "Boot Camp" lifted elements from its flagship reality series, "Survivor." The suit was settled out of court.


2002 Blowie Award Winners Announced! - Reported by: Admin on 03-17-2002's parent site,, has announced the winners of it's 2002 Blowie Awards. Find out how your favorite show or contestant fared by clicking here.

'Survivor' files lawsuit versus 'Boot Camp', claims copyright law violations - Reported by: Admin on 04-11-2001

CBS and Mark Burnett (the producer of Survivor) have filed a lawsuit claiming that Fox's Boot Camp reality series is a rip-off of the their smash hit reality series.

The lawsuit contends that Boot Camp has violated federal copyright law and California state law by mimicking significant elements of Survivor. The suit, filed Monday in federal court in Los Angeles, seeks unspecified monetary damages and changes in Boot Camp, which was 24th in last week's Nielsen ratings. Fox and Boot Camp producer LMNO Productions Inc. are among those named as defendants.

"All in all, aside from its military setting, the premise and format of Boot Camp are virtually identical to Survivor," alleges the suit filed on behalf of CBS and Survivor creator Mark Burnett. "There is absolutely no basis for the claims made by CBS and Mark Burnett," Fox said in a statement Tuesday. "The shows are very different and we believe this is a frivolous lawsuit."

The lawsuit alleges LMNO Productions initially pitched the show to CBS Television President Leslie Moonves in June 2000 as a way to capitalize on the success of Survivor. In Boot Camp, contestants vying for a cash prize were to be voted off by drill instructors, the suit claims. When CBS rejected the show, LMNO tailored 'Boot Camp' more closely to Survivor, including giving voting rights to contestants, the suit says. (this would seem to explain the conflicting media reports that persisted until the show's premiere over how contestants were booted.)

LMNO also hired Scott Messick, a producer of the first Survivor, as director and executive producer of Boot Camp, according to the suit.

REMINDER: Boot Camp To Air On Tuesday The Week Of Episode 3 - Reported by: Admin on 04-09-2001

Just a reminder that for Episode 3, 'Boot Camp' will be broadcast on Tuesday, April 10th at 9pm/8C on FOX and will then return to its Wednesday night time period on Wednesday, April 18th at 9pm/8C

Boot Camp Premiere Beats West Wing Repeat, wins Timeslot - Reported by: Admin on 03-30-2001

"Fox reality series Boot Camp notched an impressive first place 10.8/16 in the 9 p.m. hour - 11 percent above a repeat of NBC's The West Wing (9.7/14) and 89 percent above lead-in Grounded for Life (5.9/ 9). Of positive note was growth of 4 percent in the second half-hour (10.6/16 to 11.0/16)."

"Compared to the debut of Temptation Island in this time period (12.0/17 on Jan. 10, 2001), Boot Camp was off by just 10 percent. On the flip side, versus episode one of ill-fated drama The $treet (4.7/ 6) in this hour on Nov. 1, 2000, Boot Camp was up by a whopping 130 percent. Like My Wife and Kids, Boot Camp is off...and potentially running. After watching episode one of this very LOUD reality series, all I can say is Gomer Pyle was never like this!" it will fair versus new West Wing episodes will be interesting.


Boot Camp To Premiere March 28 At 9:00PM EST on FOX - Reported by: Admin on 03-18-2001

FOX's newest reality TV series -- 'Boot Camp' will premiere Wednesday, March 28, 2001 at 9PM EST.

Though this is the former timeslot of FOX's 'Temptation Island', due to it's lack of swinsuit singles, expectations don't seem to be as high for the series.

'BOOT CAMP' invites 16 contestants to surrender every aspect of their civilian lives in order to participate in a game of elimination set against the backdrop of a military-style training program. Real Drill Instructors set the pace 24 hours a day, putting the recruits through the ringer of obstacle courses and other specialized training activities meant to build confidence and force them to face their fears.

During each of the 8 episodes, the contestants will take part in a mission that tests their training and ultimately reveals the weak links in the Squad. As each episode closes, the contestants face an important evaluation by their peers. The results of this evaluation determine who goes, and who stays until the final episode, where the two remaining contestants compete for a $500,000 cash prize!


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