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Jane Katherine
QUIT WEEK 1 - Jane Katherine, 31, joins "Boot Camp" from Woodland Hills, Calif., where she is a single mother of one and works as a leasing agent. Originally from Chicago, she is an avid kick boxer and enjoys aerobics and weight training. Katherine brings discipline, style and comedy to her "Boot Camp" experience.
Jen Whitlow
Jen Whitlow, 25, joins "Boot Camp" from Alpharetta, Ga., where she has been married for two years and works in sales for Campbell's Soup. This North Carolina native has a strong background in marathons and triathlons and is currently training for the IronMan. In her spare time, she enjoys running, swimming, biking, skydiving and traveling.
Jennifer Moretty
Jennifer Moretty, 29, joins "Boot Camp" from San Diego, Calif. where she is married to a Naval Officer and enjoys being a full-time mother of two. Originally from Oregon, Moretty is an active runner and has finished two marathons. Her hero is the late Princess Diana because she endured a lot, but always kept her head up and smiled. Like the princess, Moretty brings the characteristics of perseverance and determination to any challenges that she faces.
Jodi Hutak
Jodi Hutak, 24, joins "Boot Camp" from Santa Clarita, Calif., where she is single and works as a Deputy Sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office. This Newhall native stays in shape by swimming, running, surfing, snowboarding and participating in triathlons. In fact, Hutak ranked sixth in the 1995 United States National Triathlon. Her favorite character from a military movie is Demi Moore as G.I. Jane -- she admires women who hold their own.
Kasi Brown
Kasi Brown, 26, joins "Boot Camp" from Los Angeles where she is single and works as a featured extra on a cable TV show. She has worked as a bouncer at a biker bar. This world traveler grew up in South Dakota, New Zealand, Arizona and Kansas. Brown enjoys painting, writing, swimming, reading and performing her killer Chewbacca imitation. Her hero is Rosa Parks because Parks put her personal safety aside for a cause larger than herself.
Katie Coddington
Katie Coddington, 23, joins "Boot Camp" from Tallahassee, Fla., where she works as a scholarship counselor for a non-profit agency and as a part-time nanny. Coddington has also become recently engaged. Originally from Florida, Coddington enjoys exercising, collecting beanie babies, volunteering with children and spending time with her friends. This certified aerobics instructor chooses Rosie O'Donell as her personal hero because of O'Donnell's desire to seek out the less fortunate and help them.
Rebecca Ann Haar
BOOTED WEEK 2 - Rebecca Ann Haar, 35, joins "Boot Camp" from McDonough, Ga., where she is a married mother of two who works as a pig farmer with numerous pigs, including an 850lb sow named Hot Dog. In addition to pig farming, McDonough is going back to school to obtain her A.S. degree. With her eyes on the prize, this McDonough native says she would even sit in a big, stinking pile of animal manure for half a million dollars. She brings with her camping skills that have taught her how to endure the elements.
Sue Yen Pupo
TAKEN OUT WEEK 2 - Sue Yen Pupo, 28, joins "Boot Camp" from Philladelphia where she is single and works as a public defender. As a Miami native, she speaks fluent Spanish. Pupo handles stress by working out and meditating. In her spare time, she draws, jogs, hikes and practices yoga.
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