Instead of possibly seeing a tour of duty in Iraq, U.S. Navy Petty Officer Third Class Phil Stacey will be apparently be venturing on a tour of a different kind -- the former sixth-season finalist has reportedly gotten the go ahead to join the American Idol 2007 summer concert tour.

"It is absolutely true," U.S. Navy spokesman Bob Anderson confirmed to People on Friday about Stacey's involvement with the Idol 2007 tour.  "They're working on the logistics right now; what he'll be paid, wear, stuff like that."

The 29-year-old Jacksonville, FL-native serves the Navy as the member of aband that travels throughout the southeast portion of the country and plays at various events and locations.  However once he made it as a finalist on Idol's sixth season, Stacey was assigned to the Los Angeles recruiting district on a temporary basis.  Upon his elimination from Idol 6, Stacey openly wondered whether he'd be able to participate in the summer concert tour that will feature the other members of the season's Top 10.

"My primary responsibility is to the United States Navy.  The possibility exists that they'll need me for a mission, and if that's the case, I'm committed to following through with my commitment to the Navy," he said during a conference call with reporters the day following his elimination.  "So far, I can say that they've been 100% flexible with me, with American Idol... They've been gems and a huge support base for me. I give the Navy all the props in the world just even for letting me do what I've done to this point."

While Stacey's next assignment with the Navy following his Idol experience was being discussed, it was reported he most likely wouldn't be deployed overseas due to his role as lead singer of Pride, a Navy rock band.  Now it looks as though Stacey will be deployed -- but instead of traveling overseas with the Navy -- he'll join his fellow Idol 6 finalists on a 56-date, 35-state concert tour of America.

"The Navy is proud of him," Anderson told People.  "He's done very well.  We want the best for him."