ABC has announced that it will premiere Ex-Wives Club, a new reality series that will help recent divorcees rid themselves of everything reminiscent of their former significant other in an effort to move forward with their lives, on Monday, May 28 at 9PM ET/PT.

Each one-hour episode of Ex-Wives Club will feature one man and one woman, with the only commonality being that each recently went through a difficult divorce, although not from one another. 

Different segments in each episode will show the recent divorcee trashing items that remind them of their former partner; indulging in revenge by partaking in an activity that will allow them to let loose some pent up frustration geared towards their exes; as well as undergoing makeovers that will help them move forward with their personal and professional lives, both of which are suffering from the divorce.

The five-episode series is hosted by three women who, according to ABC, "know all about breaking up" --   Angie Everhart, Shar Jackson and Marla Maples. 

Everhart, a model and actress, is no stranger reality TV.  In addition to participating in the second season of TBS' The Real Gilligan's Island reality show, Everhart, the former wife of Ashley Hamilton, also served as the secret saboteur of ABC's Celebrity Mole Yucatan.  Jackson, an actress who is also working on her debut solo album, is the former Mrs. Kevin Federline.  Maples is the former wife of The Apprentice star Donald Trump.

In addition to Everhart, Jackson and Maples, the "Ex-Wives Club team" will also consist of life coach and author Debbie Ford, who will meet with the show's participants to offer guidance.

Ex-Wives Club is from Glassman Media and is executive produced by Andrew Glassman, with Lillian Lim and Grant Julian serving as co-executive producers.