Unlike DeAnna Pappas -- who still hasn't completely come to grips with being booted by The Bachelor star Brad Womack during Monday night's eleventh-season finale broadcast -- it apparently didn't take fellow rejected suitor Jenni Croft too long to find love.

"I'm completely over [Womack].  I left that day thinking I can't keep thinking about him -- I've got to get over it.  I am back with my ex-boyfriend.  It's been amazing," said Croft during a Wednesday interview with Wichita ABC-affiliate KAKE-TV's Good Morning Kansas morning news program.

While several months have passed since the final Rose Ceremony shown in ABC's Monday night broadcast of The Bachelor's season finale took place, Pappas recently told Reality TV World that she's unsure when she'll be ready to date again.  Womack has also expressed similar sentiments in his own post-show interviews, saying that he's instead trying to focus on work and refuting rumors he's back with his ex.

"We haven't been happier," Croft told KAKE about rekindling her relationship with her ex-beau.  "We learned a lot about each other while I was gone."

Because Croft was booted before Womack also ousted Pappas, she didn't know The Bachelor's outcome until she watched it prior to last Friday's taping of The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special.

"When I watched it for the very first time and realized he didn't pick either one of us -- I just felt so disappointed -- like I was missing something," she told KAKE.  "I wanted to see this fairy-tale ending and see them have this happy love story.  Then you watch it, and you're like, 'What!?  He didn't pick either one of us!?'"

Womack has stated he had every intention of proposing to Pappas until the morning of the final Rose Ceremony, when he decided he couldn't see himself falling in love with her.  Croft said the morning of that final Rose Ceremony was also when she started to have doubts she'd be the one receiving a marriage proposal.

"I woke-up in the morning and I didn't feel good," she told KAKE.  "So obviously, you kind of think you've got to take the good and the bad.  You have to think positive sometimes and you have to think negative.  'Am I going to get [the final rose]?  Maybe.  Am I not going to get it?  Maybe.'  So I kind of had both in my mind.  But they had made my limo wait for like 45 minutes at a gas station, so I was like, 'Maybe I am the second car coming?  I don't know!'  I had my hopes up, obviously."

The 27-year-old Phoenix Suns cheerleader said she "absolutely" fell in-love with Womack during filming for The Bachelor.

"You go through this thing for six weeks, and all you think about is this one guy.  You have no contact to the outside world -- you can't call your mom; you can't call your friends... You don't think about work at all," she told KAKE.  "So like you constantly think about this guy, and he's your world for six weeks.  So yes, everything I thought about was about him.  I did fall in love with him."

While Croft added it's "extremely hard to be intimate" because of all the cameras following you around, she described her The Bachelor journey as "amazing."

"It's just something you don't get to experience every day of your life," she told KAKE.