After spending much of The Hills third season hearing reports that the MTV reality show is scripted, Lauren "L.C." Conrad has apparently decided to put her foot down.

"We're not trying to be The Real World.  The whole idea is that they make [The Hills] look like a scripted drama," said Conrad in In Touch Weekly's November 26 issue.  "But there's no script.  Every decision you see us make on the show is our own... I don't act.  If I wanted to be an actress, I'd go on a scripted show and make a lot more money."

The 21-year-old former Laguna Beach star said if The Hills was in fact scripted, events on the show would be a lot different.

"If the producers were writing a script for the show," she told In Touch, "I wouldn't have missed my trip to Paris.  I never would have dated [fellow former Laguna Beach star Jason Wahler], and [former BFF Heidi Montag] and I would have made up by now!"

While Conrad and Montag were most recently at odds over whether or not The Hills is scripted, their feud goes back to the show's second-season finale when Montag decided to move-out of her apartment with Conrad to instead live with now fiance Spencer Pratt

The tiff got even uglier when Conrad suspected Montag and Pratt of spreading rumors that she made a sex tape with Wahler.  Conrad claims no such tape exists and Montag has said she never started such a rumor.

Despite rumors that Conrad and Montag are actually friendly off-camera, Conrad said nothing could be further from the truth.

"We'll never be friends again," she told In Touch.  "For me, there's only a certain level of betrayal that you can have in a friendship for it to be able to be patched up.  I don't think that Heidi will ever really be sorry and that's important to me, too."

During her In Touch interview, Conrad also refuted other recent reports that have alleged that some of The Hills' elements are faked or staged. 

Last month, male model Gavin Beasley claimed The Hills producers "totally set up" a scene for him to meet Conrad at a BBQ hosted by her pal Brody Jenner.  In addition, Beasley also claimed conversation with Conrad was constantly re-shot because she's a "conversation killer."

"Galvin really did ask me out," she told In Touch.  "They filmed a real date.  Nothing was re-shot.  I wasn't asked to say anything."

In addition to Beasley, Conrad assured The Hills fans that all of her romantic rendezvous on the show are not set-up.

"Every relationship I've had is real," she told In Touch.  "I had my first love and heartbreak on camera [with Wahler]."
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As for her position at Teen Vogue, Conrad claims that's real too, or at least as real as a two-day-a-week gig can be.

"Yes, I really do work as an intern for Teen Vogue," she told In Touch.  "You can ask anyone who works there.  I come into the office once or twice a week... I do ask to work off-camera every once in a while just for my own sanity."

Conversations between Conrad and her friends Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port are also real, however Conrad admitted sometimes they do have to bite their tongues before sharing the details of their juicy lives.

"If the cameras haven't arrived yet the morning after a night out, we don't talk," Conrad told In Touch.  "Audrina and I will be having breakfast and I'll say, 'I really want to ask you about last night.'  And she'll be like, 'I really want to tell you, but let's just wait.'"

The only aspect of The Hills that Conrad confirmed isn't actually real is the apartment MTV claims she lives in with Patridge.

"We had to switch for security purposes," she told In Touch.  "We're two very small girls living alone and people were coming up to our door in the middle of the night."
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