Lauren "L.C." Conrad said her ongoing tiff with The Hills' co-star Heidi Montag is a personal one.

"I think the feud is beyond Spencer," said Conrad in the August 13 issue of Us Weekly, explaining that her discontent with her former BFF is no longer about Montag's romantic relationship with Spencer Pratt, which is where it originated.  "At this point, Heidi has just done too much to me that I don't need a friend like that."

The Hills' third season is scheduled to premiere Monday, August 13 at 10PM ET/PT on MTV, however Montag and Conrad haven't directly spoken to each other since the show's second-season finale when Montag moved out of the apartment she shared with Conrad to instead live with Pratt.

"I made a decision to speak my piece to Heidi about him," Conrad told Us.  "I had endured a really bad relationship the year before [with often troubled former Laguna Beach star Jason Wahler] and I didn't want to see her go through what I did.  But I knew once I said that stuff about her boyfriend, it was going to change everything."

While the two remain on the outs, both will be featured as The Hills 3 cast members -- which should provide some interesting on-air fireworks -- especially since Conrad believes Montag and Pratt were responsible for telling the media about a sex tape featuring she and Wahler.  Conrad claims no such tape exist.

"I don't care about revenge," Conrad told Us.  "I don't worry about people who hurt me.  I care more about myself.  The best way to deal with someone who's treating you that way is not to pay attention."

Despite much of The Hills' third-season drama being focused on Montag and Conrad, the show's other two cast members will also return.  Audrina Patridge is filling Montag's role as Conrad's new girlfriend, while Whitney Port just graduated from college and will serve as Conrad's new boss at Teen Vogue

"For me, it's just dead.  I don't care," Patridge told Us about Montag and Conrad's feud.  "If Heidi and Spencer are happy, good for them.  I'm focusing on my own life. We actually never talk about them."

While they might not do much discussing about Montag and Pratt, the media has certainly taken an interest in the couple.  The two reportedly became engaged in May although neither has confirmed it and Pratt instead continues to play coy, telling Us "wait and see what happens" during The Hills 3.

"I didn't have a reaction to the engagement," Conrad told Us.  "I wasn't too concerned with it."

Montag also underwent breast augmentation surgery in April, a move that made some of her former friends a little suspicious, especially since it led to an offer to pose for Playboy.

"Spencer is always into these Playboy models, so I think that put a lot of pressure on Heidi.  I think she felt pressure to look good and look like the ones he was lusting over," Patridge told Us, and Conrad agreed.
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"Heidi never talked about wanting surgery before," she told Us.  "I feel like if there's something about your body that you don't like or you're uncomfortable about it, you should accept it, work on it or change.  Apparently, this is something she wanted changed.  I prefer a more natural look.  But that's just me."

Patridge said she's unsure how The Hills 3 will end because filming will take place until December -- however similar to a promise Montag made prior to the show's second season -- Patridge guaranteed "lots of skin" and "more drama."

"Even with everything that went on during the second season, I had so much fun doing it," Conrad told Us.  "I was actually looking forward to doing the third."