Tiffany Pollard asked Patrick "Tango" Hunter if he had love for New York at the conclusion of last night's I Love New York finale on VH1.  And after he responded to her question, he asked a question of his own.

"I really, really love New York," said Tango, a 27-year-old record label owner from Tampa, FL.  "I want to know Tiffany, will you marry me?"

Seeing Tango go down on bended knee, New York said she felt "incredibly sick" and almost fainted before answering "Yes! Yes! Yes!"  But reality quickly settled in for New York, and once she calmed down she asked Tango to "go over the rules of marriage."

"Be grown-up with out being grown-up," Tango told New York after she said she chose him over Kamal "Chance" Givens, a 25-year-old music producer from Anaheim, CA, because it was "the grown-up decision."  Coming to the realization she was actually engaged, New York said, "[Marriage] is a huge step... one I don't take lightly..."

New York has never been married and is the twice spurned lover of Flava Flav on the two seasons of VH1's Flavor of Love.  Unlucky with Flav, VH1 gave New York her own series where she whittled down 20 suitors to the final two who had the most love for New York: Chance and Tango.  The finale began with the Tango, Chance and New York preparing for a getaway in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, with Tango seeing it as the "perfect opportunity to get rid of Chance."  Meanwhile Chance was "feeling bummed" his brother Real, who was the eighteenth and most recent suitor eliminated from the competition.

"Last night it was so hard seeing Real go," said New York.  "But today we're going to have some fun."  As they arrived in Mexico, Tango and Chance got ready for a dinner they would both enjoy in the company of New York.  "I'm so excited to be around these guys," she said.  "It looks like we're going to have a great night."

Almost immediately after uttering thoughts of a "great night," New York started some drama by asking the fellas why thought the other had made the final two.  While Chance said he didn't know why Tango was there, Tango was more diplomatic and said it was because Chance was "honest."  New York thought that answer was "generic" and thought it contradicted with something Tango had previously said, calling Chance "fake" because he seemed to always be promoting the Stallionaires, his music-production company.  When New York forced Tango to tell Chance he thought he was fake, Chance lost it.

"Keep your mouth shut dog before I put my f***ing fist in it!" said a visibly irate Chance.  New York commented how the producers "had their hands full with Chance," having to physically restrain him from going after Tango.  New York said she loved Chance's "thuggish ways," but when he smashed a glass on the ground and spilled a drink on Tango, the situation escalated.  Tango said Chance "crossed the line" while Chance threatened to "cut" Tango.

"It's not even that serious," said New York as she tried to calm down a situation she started.  "I'm nervous.  If one of these [fellas] hits me, the show is over."  After pointing out the obvious -- "you guys can't even sit at the same dinner table together" -- New York informed them they would each get to spend a full day with her on separate dates, and would even have their own rooms.

"You won't have to lay eyes on each other until the final elimination," explained New York, who had "hoped for a romantic dinner" and was "disappointed." 

Tango learned he and New York would be having a "wet and wild time" on the first date, which would be spent on a yacht.  It was the first time Tango and New York had truly been alone throughout the series, and she commented "it feels damn good."  However a problem quickly arose as the windy weather on the sea began to uproot one of New York's fake eyelashes.

"I pad good money for these eyelashes... these are real fur," she explained before fixing the problem by putting on a pair of shades.  She found the ordeal "embarrassing," but it was forgotten as the two enjoyed lunch on a deserted island, when New York revealed, "I eat like a truck driver."  Apparently those were the magic words Tango was waiting to hear.

"I'm in a beautiful place with a woman I love and care about," said Tango before he and New York started to make-out.  "What's better than this?"  As the two snuggled on the boat ride back to shore, New York said Tango was "looking a lot better" as the date went along.  They then enjoyed dinner, and Tango realized it was his "last chance" to "get to say everything I need to say" and "let her know how I feel about her."
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"I'm not just tossing the word 'love' around... I mean it," Tango told New York, who was "feeling him in so many different ways."  After he reassured New York he's "definitely a man who can handle her," the two went up to her room for a "nightcap." 

"The two of us are going to tango all night long!" said New York.

While Tango was in "utter bliss" following his date with New York, he "hated" that she was spending the next 24 hours with Chance, who learned he'd be spending the day with New York and "some special friends."

"I want New York to know I'm real and I'm here for her," said Chance.

He and New York went swimming with dolphins -- an activity that seemed to frighten both of them -- especially Chance, who thought it looked like the dolphins were "breeding" with sharks.  As New York met the dolphins she thought they were "cute" and she noticed Chance also began to "loosen up" and "enjoy this date."

"Then that son of a bitch dolphin splashed me in the face with water," said New York.  "I don't trust anything that has a hole on top of its head."

Chance received a Superman-style ride from the dolphins and said they were "like water dogs."  Trying to get New York to be more playful with the dolphins, Chance commented, "She's acting like she's in a pit of fire and something's got a hold of her ass."  She eventually tried the Superman-style ride and seemed to enjoy the experience.

"When I finally did the Superman on the dolphin, the credit really went to Chance," said New York.

The two then enjoyed a "real romantic dinner" and New York felt they were "totally connecting."  Chance thought New York loved him because he "keeps it real," while she said he "excited her" and described him as a "wonderfully warm guy with such a sharp edge."

"He's making me laugh... just like Flav used to," said New York before telling Chance she saw a "lot of similarities" between him and Flav.  But Chance assured her he cared for her, and the two went back to her bedroom for a "spicy night."

"It's looking like [Chance] could really take this home," said New York, who added she was "torn" because she has "deep feelings" for both suitors.  "I feel so bad knowing I'm about to break one of these guy's hearts."

As the guys went and purchased some sharp threads for the final elimination -- and Tango made a quick stop to buy New York an "elegant and sweet gift" that would "blow her mind" and was symbolic of how he "really feels about her" -- New York continued to state she was "overwhelmed."  Tango said he felt "confident, smooth, cool, calm and collected," while Chance simply said he felt "fresh."  New York's mother Sister Patterson made one last attempt to try and persuade her daughter for picking Chance, who she described as a "punk, liar, idiot, loud mouth, childish, immature, untrustworthy" person who you "can't take and present anywhere."

"That doesn't concern me," New York told Patterson before removing her from the final elimination room.  "I just can't hear you tear down a good man."

Time for the final choice, and New York explained she had "developed deep feelings" for both Tango and Chance.  She described Tango as "my rock," and added while they "complete each other," they're "both total opposites."  On the contrary, she called Chance "my fire," and while they're "totally exact," they could "blow s**t up" if they were together.

"I'm torn between what my heart wants and what my heart needs," said New York.  "Tango... New York wants you to be her rock. 

New York tried to offer Chance a goodbye kiss, but he was having none of it.  "You've got lips.  You don't need mine no more," said Chance.  "How you gonna do that to me?" asked a tearful New York.  "You did it to yourself!" yelled Chance as he left the house.  Outside, Patterson taunted Chance for not dropping-out of the competition and taking the $10,000 she offered him to do so.  "I tried to tell you take the money and run," said Patterson, who described her mood as "elated."  "Now you're a big loser."  After making a reference that it was time to go burn one down, Chance put his I Love New York journey into perspective.

"I won't never forget you New York," said Chance as he became all misty-eyed in the limo.  "I'll never, ever forget you."  New York said she liked her choice of Tango.  "It scares me to make a grown-up decision.  But I think I made the right one."

The engagement ring has been offered by Tango, and while initially ecstatic to receive it, New York seemed to rethink the decision a bit once it set in. In a mid-February interview New York reportedly said she wouldn't be married until she was "older and grayer," but still said she was "so in love" with the suitor who won her heart during the competition.

New York will set the record straight during an I Love New York reunion special on Sunday, April 15 at 9PM ET/PT prior to the premiere of another spin-off featuring some of New York's old friends, Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School starring Mo'Nique.  Joining New York, Tango, Chance and Patterson for the reunion special will be: Ace, Jersey, T-Bone, T-Money, Wood, Romance, Token and Trendz, Bonez, Tweed,  Pootie, Heat, Onix, Rico, Boston, 12 Pack, White Boy and Real.
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