Patrick "Tango" Hunter proposed to Tiffany Pollard during the season finale of I Love New York -- but after watching the reality dating competition's broadcast run play itself out on VH1 -- he apparently had a change of heart. 

After four months of being unable to see each other, Tango withdrew his wedding proposal to New York during last night's I Love New York reunion special.

"This show was just out of the norm.  The first thing I said on the show was I'm here to meet... I'm here to get to know Tiffany," said Tango. 


He further explained how he "went to war" for New York's affection, and "took a lot of verbal and physical abuse."  While he tried to be a "good dude," he said all that abuse eventually added up. 

"It's bad enough I got to fight off these other dudes on a regular basis, taking whatever I'm taking from them, because I know I've got a goal at hand," he said.  "So somebody tell me why I've got to take it from the person I'm supposedly pursuing and supposedly supposed to be loving?"

Watching I Love New York on VH1, Tango said he realized New York was "dissing me harder than the dudes is."  He said the one diss that really stood-out to him was when his mother Paula met New York and her mom Sister Patterson. 

Both New York and Patterson verbally insulted Paula behind her back, taking shots at her age, weight and personality.

"This is not to say I don't love Tiffany.  I love Tiffany.  I ain't feelin' New York," said Tango.  "I'm done with New York.  I proposed to Tiffany... but I got New York." 

A stunned New York asked Tango what that meant, and he was eager to explain.  "I sat back and watched New York disrespect me.  And I watched New York disrespect my mother... and that ain't gonna fly."

New York shouted, "I should have f**king chose you!" to Kamal "Chance" Givens --  I Love New York's runner-up -- to which he cooly replied, "I would have never done this to you." 

Shouting then ensured between New York and Tango, as he got the final word.  "That's a wrap!  When you see Tiffany, tell her to get at me!" he yelled before exiting the stage where the reunion special was being held.
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"I don't care," said a teary eyed New York.  "I put my heart into this.  This is f**cked up that this had to happen to me!"

Having been spurned by Flava Flav on the first (and only) two season of VH1's Flavor of Love, New York was unlucky in love once again, although this does set-up the possibility for another season of I Love New York

The series' premiere was the most-watched series' premiere ever for VH1, drawing 4.4 million viewers (more than Flavor of Love 2's premiere).  The finale drew 4.8 million total viewers, making it the most watched episode of the series (but well short of the Flavor of Love 2 finale's 7.5 million viewers).

I Love New York's reunion special wasn't all bad blood between New York and Tango, as one of her old Flavor of Love nemesis also made an appearance. 

Pumkin -- who finished third during Flavor of Love's first season and famously spat in New York's face -- revealed during last night's reunion that she's been dating former I Love New York suitor Boston.  She said the two met at VH1's Christmas Party.

"He's really my boyfriend," said Pumkin, causing New York to curse her out.  Pumkin and Boston then kissed.  "Bitch get off my set!" New York yelled at her.

Pumkin is one of 13 former Flavor of Love suitors attempting to make a transformation on Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School starring Mo'Nique, which premiered last night following the reunion special.