The moms of the three remaining suitors paid a visit, while Sister Patterson tried to pay one of the suitors during last night's penultimate episode of VH1's I Love New York.  When it was over, Tiffany "New York" Pollard revealed the final two men who will compete for her heart.

Ahmad "Real" Givens, a 26-year-old data entry specialist and musician from Anaheim, CA, was eliminated during I Love New York's ninth episode.  However his brother Kamal "Chance" Givens, a 25-year-old music producer from Anaheim, CA, is one of the two remaining suitors, along with Patrick "Tango" Hunter, a 27-year-old record label owner from Tampa, FL.

The episode began with Chance being surprised that his brother had made it this far in the reality competition series, with Real comparing the situation to Cain and Abel.  While Tango was aware New York constantly questions his sincerity, he was out to prove he really loves her, and she seemed to take notice.

"I cannot get my mind off you.  There's something about you that just moves my soul," New York told Tango.  However she did add she was a bit afraid he'd "pull the carpet out from under my feet at the last minute."

New York revealed that as the fight for her heart draws closer to an end, she was going to pull a play from Flava Flav on VH1's Flavor of Love and invite the moms of the three remaining suitors to the house.  Real quickly noticed Tango looked a "little nervous."

"He might have some skeletons in his closet that his mom might reveal, just like his ex," said Real.  Chance and Real found that there mother Claudia would be the first to visit the house, something they were both extremely happy about.  Real was confident his mom would get along with New York's mom, Sister Patterson, and Claudia did play her cards correctly upon arrival.

"[You're] a beautiful lady," she told New York.  "You're absolutely gorgeous... but you have a beautiful mother."

New York, Patterson, Real, Chance and Claudia didn't stay at the house long, as they all drove out to the ranch where Chance and Real grew-up.  As if the thought of facing her old Flavor of Love foe -- horses -- weren't bad enough for New York, she also had her own mother to worry about.  Patterson called Chance "aggressive" to Claudia, who surprisingly agreed her son is a "basket case."  However Claudia did describe Real as "compassionate" and "spiritual," which sat well with Patterson.

"I would truly welcome Real with open arms into my family," said Patterson.  "If Chance became my son-in-law, I'd kill him."

Despite obviously being terrified about the horses, New York said she was going to try to enjoy the day.  While Real promised her it would be okay, New York freaked.  "I can't believe this is actually happening," said New York.  "I've got to get out of here." But before she cold flee, Chance surprisingly stepped in.

"Don't disrespect mother horse... she won't hurt you," said Chance to New York, who in-turn was "impressed" with the way he handled the horses.  Real said he was "a bit irritated" his brother decided to show-off.  "It's like Real was there but he wasn't," said New York.  "Seeing Chance stroke that horse made me want to stroke something else."  Feeling left out, Real called Chance "a 27-year-old child," strange given the fact his brother is only 25.

"You know your brother is not the right man for her," said Patterson to Real, who thought he should have been left at home considering how little attention New York was paying to him.  "I've never had two brothers fight for me before," said New York.  "I find it erotic, sexy and weird."  When New York finally tried to have some private time with Real, Chance showed up, and Patterson referred to him as an "undercover abuser."  Angry about the turn of events, Chance went to cool off.
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"Most animals put me at peace... they calm me down," said Chance as he stroked some of the horses at the ranch.

When Chance told New York he didn't want to "fight for her" with his brother, New York lost it, asking if Real wanted to bow out of the competition.  He decided to remain.  "She may choose my brother," said Real.  "I don't want to get hurt."  With the day drawing to a close, Claudia put it into perspective.

"I would love New York to be my daughter-in-law," said Claudia, describing New York as both beautiful and intelligent before turning to her sons.  "You are brothers... don't go that way towards each other or you'll break my heart."  With Claudia crying at the thought of her sons fighting over the same woman, Chance also started to cry.  "I love my mom so much," explained Chance.  "That's why I'm crying.  I don't like to see my mom cry."  Walking back to the house, Real threw his arm around Chance.

"Can't nobody break us apart," he told his brother.

The next day it was Tango's turn to have his mother, Paula, come down to meet New York and Patterson.  "I'm way more excited then I'm letting on," said Tango.  "I'm trying to keep my composure."  New York revealed they'd all be going for tango lessons, fitting since Paula was a professional tango dancer, which is how Tango received his I Love New York nickname.  While New York noticed Paula was "a little on the plus size," she could also tell that "she loves her son."  Once they arrived at the dance lessons, it quickly became apparent Tango loves his mom too.

"I'm a good son," said Tango.  "I figure the best thing to do right now is to ask my mom to dance."  Wrong answer Tango, as not being paid attention to made New York angry.  She called Tango "a little bitch."  Patterson tried to calm her daughter.  "[Paula] is much, much, much older than I am," she said.  "Give the elderly respect."  But New York felt she couldn't be herself around Paula.

"He's absolutely a mama's boy," she said of Tango.  "He has to see that now, I'm his mama."  Visibly upset, New York used some profanity during lunch, and Patterson made her apologize to Paula.  While Patterson thought her daughter's inappropriate behavior was "sporadic and erratic," she took the opportunity to tag team New York with Tango about the potential pitfalls of keeping Chance in the game any further.  After trying to convince Tango to "handle it" when he got back to the house (presumably meaning physically), Patterson decided it was time to reach into her "black bag of tricks."  But first, Paula put her day into perspective.

"If he's prepared to deal with [New York], fine," said Paula of her son.  "If he's not, I want him to run as fast as he can for the border."

Back at the house, Patterson told Chance she wanted to talk to him "individually," so they went outside.  Chance said he was "shocked" Patterson was being "so sweet" to him, but he soon found out why.  She told Chance he is "a little bit too immature and rambunctious" for her daughter, and slowly reached into her bag.  Chance was afraid she'd pull out a "9mm," but instead it was $5,000 cash.  "You're crazy," said Chance to Patterson. 

"I am crazy," she replied.  "If [New York] gives you a chain tonight, and if you accept my offer, you give her back the chain.  And I don't care what excuse you give her."

Patterson went onto say "my word is my bond" and ensured Chance nobody would know about the deal except the two of them.  "I don't know what to think," said Chance.  Seeing her opportunity slipping away, Patterson upped the stakes.  "You don't know?  There could be $5,000 more on top," she said.  As she left Chance to ponder the offer, Patterson gave him a kiss on the lips.

"Crazy ass devil woman!" said Chance once alone.  "This lady's a freakin' witch B!"

Chance decided to tell Tango and Real about Patterson's offer.  "I knew she was manipulative, but I didn't think it would get to this point," said Real.  Tango had a different take.  "Take the money.  Bounce.  Do us all a favor," he said.  At elimination, New York was "feeling bad" about having to send one of the suitors packing.

"I was blessed with the opportunity to meet your moms," said New York.  "It helped me see why you guys are my final three."  She decided to give the first chain to "a man who fits me like a glove," Chance.  Commented Tango, "It's been a common thing since the beginning of time.  For whatever reason, females like the biggest assholes."  While New York explained to Chance she sees them "doing great things together," she added they've already been through a lot of ups and downs with each other.  "Do you got love for New York?" she asked him.

"I got love for New York... but uh, I got to tell you something.  I can't do this," said Chance as he removed his chain.  New York freaked and Patterson claimed to be "ecstatic."  As Chance stood before Patterson, he kept asking her, "You got what you said you had for me?"  Patterson replied, "Do you trust me?"

"I don't know what the f**k is going on," said New York.  "But I don't like what I see."  As New York ran from the house, Chance followed and spilled the beans about the offer from Patterson.  He explained he never had any intention of leaving and just wanted to call Patterson out.  "You're taking off your chain... I don't know what to think," said New York to Chance once she calmed down.  "I want to stay here," pleaded Chance.  "I was never gonna leave New York!"  Patterson called Chance a "liar" before he kissed her daughter.

"I had a funny feeling you weren't gonna leave New York," said New York to Chance, who commented to Patterson, "Your daughter still wants me here, so I'm here."  Seemingly fed up, Patterson threatened to leave, but New York asked her to stay.  "Don't leave me.  I've got to get through this," said New York.  Patterson stayed and New York revealed Real was going home because Tango is "everything I'm looking for at this point."

"It's breaking my heart, but one of the brothers had to leave," said New York.  "I'm not trying to cause any trouble in their family circle.  [Real is] too sensitive for a woman like myself."  Patterson thought New York eliminated the wrong brother, and said she "almost cried" at the thought of Real leaving and Chance staying.  Before departing, Real embraced Chance.

"It's your time to shine... be a superstar," Real told Chance.  "If she wants to have fun, have fun.  You guys, live it up.  Be good to each other."  New York referred to Real as a "great man" and added, "I'll miss him being around me.  Because I know he's here for me... he showed me real love."  While sad, Real understood the decision.

"Deep down, I'll always feel in my heart that my brother was more of the man for [New York]," said Real.

With elimination over, New York revealed their final date would be a vacation in Playa Car, Mexico.  "I think we need a damn vacation," said New York.

I Love New York's season finale will air on Monday, March 26 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.  In the first episode, Ace, Jersey, T-Bone, T-Money and Wood left; Romance, Token and Trendz were eliminated in the second episode; Bonez, Tweed and Pootie went home in the third episode; Heat and Onix were sent packing in the fourth; Rico was shipped out in the fifth; Boston got the boot in the sixth; 12 Pack was ousted in the seventh; and White Boy was kicked to the curb in the eighth.