One of the four remaining suitors on VH1's I Love New York actually dropped the "L" bomb -- while another dropped the "F' bomb -- on Tiffany "New York" Pollard during last night's episode before she revealed the top three men from whom she'll choose her Prince Charming.

Joshua "White Boy" Gallander, a 24-year-old pawn shop owner from Miami, FL, was eliminated during I Love New York's eighth episode.  The three finalists -- whom New York has narrowed down from a field of 16 -- are:  Patrick "Tango" Hunter, a 27-year-old record label owner from Tampa, FL; Ahmad "Real" Givens, a 26-year-old data entry specialist and musician from Anaheim, CA; and his brother Kamal "Chance" Givens, a 25-year-old music producer from Anaheim, CA.

The episode began with New York lamenting that she only has four suitors remaining before informing them that they'd all be going to Palm Springs, CA for a brief vacation, or as she put it "heading to the dessert for a romantic getaway."  Real and Tango were paired together for the first date with New York, while White Boy and Chance would have to "be patient" and wait until it was their turn.

Sensing the competition, Real compared Tango to Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Real also said that when he sees New York he "walks around stiff... and I'm not talking about my back."  Tango said he doesn't feel Real is the right choice for New York, calling him "cheesy" and "immature."  When Charmo, New York's personal assistant, arrived to tell Real and Tango where they'd be going, the pink golf shirt he was wearing made Real a little nervous.

"I ain't too good at golf," said Real.  "I hope we ain't about to play no damn golf."  But play golf they would, as New York told them "most guys love to golf.  I mean, how hard could this be?"  It wasn't the actual golfing part that gave New York problems -- although she wasn't very good at that either -- and instead she recklessly drove the golf cart all over the course, running over the curb and setting off the sprinkler as well as hitting another golf cart.

"I'm pretty sure people are looking at us thinking what the hell are they doing here," said Tango of his threesome. 

Tango and Real both failed to impress on the green, but Real made a bet with Tango that if he could sink a putt he'd get a kiss from New York.  He drained the putt, got the kiss and New York liked that the normally reserved Real was "stepping up to the plate."

"I'm outgoing," assured Real.  "But I'm more observant before I'm outgoing." As the group went for dinner, Tango thought Real was "slobbering and drooling" when he kissed New York, which made him feel "a little sick to my stomach."  New York said she was "really feeling" both Tango and Real as she assured them she's "enough woman to go around the table 85 times."  Real told New York he was looking for someone he "can grow old with" -- which New York said she was also searching for -- someone who's "passionate, honest and ready to love."  Tango said he was looking for "completion," and New York was glad he saw the "heart and patience" inside her.

Real eventually resorted to teasing Tango, a tactic that made him "pretty pissed off."  So Tango decided to whisper something in New York's ear, away from the taunts of Real.

"Tango just whispered that he's in love with me," said New York, confirming a suspicion her mother Sister Patterson has had for a while.  "Oh my God... that's some heavy s**t!"  However she was mad it was only a whisper and thought Tango should have been "proud" of it and shouted his feeling from atop a mountain.  "Do you really love me?" New York questioned Tango.  "You can't even stand by it!"  She decided to take Real on the second part of the date, which included a platter of nuts, whip cream and strawberries in her room.

"Every time you hear me say someone's beautiful, I mean as a whole," Real explained to New York, who commented, "He can see right through me.  He has deep feelings for me.  This is exactly what I want in my life:  someone who'll be there for me."

The next morning, Chance and White Boy had their opportunity to take New York on a date.  They arrived in a field where a hot-air balloon waited to whisk them away.  "Oh hell the f**k no!" said Chance upon seeing the balloon.  "I hope they don't think I'm getting on that damn thing... it sounds like a dragon." 
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New York explained, "Love is in the air, and I'm ready to take it to new heights."  Reluctantly, Chance got in the balloon's basket with White Boy and New York, who had her own problems.  "It makes me nervous.  I wear extensions.  And I pay a lot of money for them.  I don't want them to get singed... Oh hell no!"  With some coaxing from his buddy White Boy, Chance eventually overcame his fear of heights.

"Dang this is kinda cool," said Chance.  "That was the most beautiful thing I ever seen.  I'm glad I did it."  After a rocky landing that Chance described as "crazy as hell," New York took the guys to dinner.  White Boy realized it was his last chance to prove himself to New York before the elimination, and wouldn't let Chance get in his way.

"[Chance] is my boy.  But I'm not here for friendship... I'm here for New York," said White Boy.  Commented Chance, "I hope this don't hurt our friendship."  Both the guys were trying to impress New York to stay in the game.  "Real and Tango, they're not going anywhere," said New York.  "And I think Chance and White Boy are a little bothered by it.  But they've got to step their game up, which is what I want them to do."

While White Boy danced with New York and she reveled in the "excitement of the unknown" before Chance cut in.  "Chance, he ain't stopping until he gets what he wants," said White Boy.  "And that's going to be a problem tonight."  After a brief tugging match over the two-time Flavor of Love runner-up, New York realized the severity of the situation.  "I really didn't expect to see Chance and White Boy go at it over me," she explained.  "They're really good friends."

The fireworks really started to fly when a slightly inebriated Chance threatened to punch White Boy after they exchanged some verbal jabs.  "You can't never touch me like that," answered White Boy, but Chance quickly fired back with, "We can take that s**t back to the room."  Seemingly upset, New York said, "Chance... shut the f**k up."  Of course Chance retorted with, "You shut the f**k up!" before demanding a cigarette from New York.

"Chance, I don't know who he thinks he is," said New York.  "I used to get impressed and turned on by [his ghetto attitude], but I don't like what he said.  I don't understand... I wear the pants in my relationships."  New York decided to continue the date with White Boy to see if she could "take advantage of his openness."  While he licked a combination of champagne and vodka off her leg, New York said she was getting "horny" but still wanted to solve the "big mystery" that is White Boy.

But he didn't say what she wanted to hear when he told her he had ended his most recent relationship at the "end of July, beginning of August," not good news considering that was only a few weeks before filming for I Love New York began.  New York called that a "fresh" relationship, and while White Boy said he might "still got love" for his ex but is no longer "in love" with her, he knew that probably wasn't enough.

"Damn," opined White Boy.  "My night is going down the drain."  Back at the house, Tango said he didn't care whether White Boy or Chance was eliminated, calling both "idiots."  New York said she was "happy" but also "upset" because she has "such a huge decision to make."  She called in the help of her mom before quickly telling her what happened with Chance during the previous night.  Patterson than approached Chance, asking "What did you do to Tiffany last night?  Tell the truth!"  Chance said he "don't remember no negativity" before Patterson called him "abusive."

"I'm going to make sure Chance gets eliminated tonight," said Patterson.  "He makes me sick... he gets on my nerves."  New York told Patterson she'd take her mother's advice "into consideration."

At the elimination, Tango wasn't "completely confident" and White Boy was "extremely concerned," while Chance hoped Patterson didn't "influence" New York and Real simply predicted Tango was going home.  However they were all in-store for a surprise, as New York "flipped" the elimination process.

"You're a great man.  I have so much love for you," began New York with all of the guys' heads still on the chopping block.  "You opened up to me.  But right now I just feel like you can't give me that love that I'm looking for.  I believe you know who you are.  And if so, I'd appreciate it if you could just step down."

After Real and Tango tried to verbally convince each other New York was talking about one of them, nobody moved.  "I'm thinking to myself, 'What the f**k?'" said White Boy.  Chance was also thinking the same as he eventually stepped down.  "I'm not talking to you Chance," said New York.  Chance's confidence then reappeared.  "I told you I'm not going home!" he said.  New York finally revealed she was talking about White Boy, who thought "if it's my time to go, it's my time to go."

"I love you, but right now, you can't give me the love that I need because your mind is somewhere else," explained New York.  "I don't want to be a rebound girl.  I have so much love and respect for you."

"I'm gonna miss New York a lot.  Obviously this is my girl," said White Boy.  "I got love for New York.  I got love for her mother.  And I have a spot in my heart for both of those women."

I Love New York will continue on Monday, March 19 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.  In the first episode, Ace, Jersey, T-Bone, T-Money and Wood left; Romance, Token and Trendz were eliminated in the second episode; Bonez, Tweed and Pootie went home in the third episode; Heat and Onix were sent packing in the fourth; Rico was shipped out in the fifth; Boston got the boot in the sixth; and 12 Pack was ousted in the seventh.