Heidi Montag declined to attend The Hills' second-season finale after party in April because then boyfriend and current fiance Spencer Pratt was not invited, however the couple apparently wasn't even on the guest list for the show's third-season post-premiere party last night.

Montag and Pratt were "banned" from The Hills 3 Los Angeles post-premiere party due to their feud with co-stars Lauren "L.C." Conrad and Audrina Patridge, Us Weekly reported Thursday.  While Montag and Pratt were allowed to walk the event's red carpet, they were reportedly stopped short at the door.

"They were not allowed to be at the party while Lauren was there," a source familiar with The Hills told Us, adding "extra security" was also brought on to police the event.

In addition, Us reported MTV has "suspended" Montag and Pratt from speaking with the media following a Monday interview they gave Philadelphia radio station Q102 FM.

"I think it's really pathetic that [Conrad] is so obsessed with my life and my relationship," said Montag during the interview.  "I really think she needs to concentrate on something else.  It's sad." 

Pratt then referred to Conrad as a "stupid girl" and insulted the quality of her upcoming clothing line before Montag continued the assault.

"I never could be friends with some lowlife like that," she said, referring to her former BFF as "controlling."  Added Pratt, "Just going back to Laguna Beach when [Conrad] used to try to steal boyfriends, she's the douche, the psycho.  Go get your own boyfriend."

After the interview, The Hills' source told Us MTV "nearly canceled" a scheduled appearance Montag and Pratt had the following morning with American Idol host Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show, but eventually decided that would be the last one before the gag order went into place.

"They are on a media blackout," the source told Us.

However Montag and Pratt aren't the only ones barred from speaking, as another MTV insider told Us the gag order extends to the The Hills' entire third-season cast, including Conrad and Patridge.

"Tensions were so high, MTV decided to shut it all down," the insider told Us.  "Spencer crossed the line with several things he said.  And fans of the show take it all so seriously, people were starting to worry about security concerns on all sides."

The Hills' third season is scheduled to premiere Monday, August 13 at 10PM ET/PT on MTV.
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