George "Tailor Made" Weisgerber has apparently learned that good things come to those who wait.

Tiffany "New York" Pollard has accepted the 32-year-old Queens, NY retail planner's marriage proposal, People reported Wednesday.

Weisgerber was still married to his estranged wife Nancy when he proposed to Pollard during I Love New York's second-season finale broadcast last week on VH1, which was filmed over the summer.  While Pollard didn't accept the proposal, the 25-year-old Utica, NY native and former Flavor of Love fling still presented her final chain to Weisgerber over Ezra "Buddha" Masters.

"Tailor Made, I completely trust you and I know that you're here for me and you'll never run out on me," she explained during the finale.  "But right now, I cannot accept your proposal.  But if you love me -- and you honor my wishes -- in 24 months, I'd love to marry you."

"I respected that," Weisgerber told People of Pollard's decision at the time.  "I cherish her. She's what I need."

Although the move violated the show's rules, Pollard reportedly moved in with Weisgerber and his 12-year-old daughter Asia shortly after the show stopped filming.  Weisgerber then apparently proposed to Pollard again during filming for I Love New York's second-season reunion show, which will air Sunday, January 6 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.

"She says yes," a source told People.  "They are madly in love. They are a great couple."

The fourth time was apparently a charm for Pollard, who was spurned twice by Flava Flav during the first (and only) two season of VH1's Flavor of LoveI Love New York's first-season winner Patrick "Tango" Hunter asked for Pollard's hand in marriage during the finale, but withdrew his proposal to her during I Love New York's reunion special after he watched the season unfold on television and didn't like some of the comments she made about him or his mother.

Weisgerber, whose divorce is currently being finalized, told People he "always had a crush" on Pollard and -- despite still legally being wed at the time -- couldn't pass-up the chance to apply for the show.

"She needs a guy who will treat her right and respects her and values her for who she is," he told People.  "Our personalities complete each other. I cherish her and want to cater to her every need. But I'm not a doormat. We have a good balance."