Deemed to be too much tomboy and not enough queen, Tonawanda, NY mother/daughter duo Pamela and Felicia became the third team eliminated from Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants during last night's broadcast of The CW reality series.

"We've always been the tomboys, so for me, it was hard for me to change into the glamour queen," commented Pamela following the elimination.  "It just wasn't the right thing for me... And I feel bad because I let Felicia down.  She is beautiful.  She can be that queen.  I just couldn't do it for her..."

"It wasn't your fault," answered Felicia.

Crowned's third episode broadcast began with the nine remaining duos meeting with the show's pageant director Linnea Maloney, who informed them to meet her onstage in 15 minutes wearing the evening gowns they brought from home.

"As far as pageant experience, I have absolutely none," commented Pamela. "I've been working for 13 years as a restaurant manager.  I'm starting to feel more comfortable changing my look and ways to present myself with the other women.  I don't feel uncomfortable and out of place as I did in the beginning."

Once outside, the teams were introduced to Nick, a pageant fashion designer, who commented on all the mother/daughter evening gown combinations and pointed out some imperfections with each.

Linnea then explained the rules for Crowned's second reward challenge.  Each team would have 30 minutes to pick-out new evening gowns, with the mothers being in complete control and making all the decisions for their daughters.  Evening gowns and shoes were available on a first come, first serve basis.  Linnea said the winning mother/daughter duo would receive a "very special reward."

The challenge commenced and the mothers ran frantically around as their daughters watched with terror and frustration from the sidelines.  Time expired, and Nick gave positive comments to most of the teams, adding he was "impressed."  While he characterized it as a "tough decision," he awarded Dallas, TX mother/daughter duo Ada and Christian as the challenge's winner because they "exemplified glamour." 

They were presented with a platter of wrapped gift boxes, and Linnea told them to choose wisely since some of the boxes had nothing while others contained "jewels."  Ada and Christian picked a box that contained gift certificates to a spa.

"Winning this evening gown competition for me is a big self-confidence booster," said Ada, who had previously been referred to as "not hot" by her daughter.  "Seeing Christian's smile today, it's not a cocky smile.  It was a really different smile... I think too she's realizing we really can work together as a team and possibly win the whole thing."

That night, cattiness once again erupted in the house as there was lots of spying taking place via the kitchen's intercom system.  Orange Park, FL mom Angela was upset some of the other girls were indirectly talking about her behind her back, and decided to call a house meeting to show how "fake and phony" New York, NY daughter Hollis is.

A verbal argument ensued, and when Hollis started cursing and using profanity at Angela, her daughter Tenia didn't take too kindly to it and called Hollis a "big-eyed girl."  Hollis' mom Gina then got involved, and Tenia decided to get in Gina's face.  The situation eventually calmed down, and Gina commented she was "shocked and appalled" at the way some of the other teams were acting.
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The next morning, Angela immediately tried to start crap with Hollis and Duarte, CA daughter Jenileigh, however the two did their best to ignore her.

The girls then met Linnea and she explained for their next de-sashing challenge, each mother would be given complete creative control of an evening-gown photo shoot.  The mom's would be choosing the outfits being worn as well as the poses for the photo.  The duos would be judged on personal style, pose and picture composition, and the mother's ability to showcase their daughter. 

All of the teams received makeovers from a team of professional stylists before participating in their shoot.  Many of the duos had little to no problems, however some of the teams had difficulty. 

Rachelle was not happy with the way her mom Melinda was having her pose.  Tenia thought Angela was being indecisive.  Gina started crying half-way through her shoot with Hollis and couldn't stop, explaining the water works began because she hates the way Angela and Tenia are treating her daughter.  Pamela micro-managed Felicia and was concerned how the shoot would turn out.

"It's very tough making the choices because being sent home falls on my shoulders," opined Pamela.  "If I make a wrong choice, that means we could be gone tomorrow."

The next day, the nine teams arrived for Crowned's third de-sashing ceremony, where they would be judged by former Miss USA, Dancing with the Stars third-season celebrity participant and Meet the Barkers co-star Shanna Moakler; former Queer Eye fashion expert Carson Kressley; and television personality Cynthia Garrett.

Patty, who is from Orlando, FL, and her daughter Laura, who resides in Nashville, TN, went first, and Carson commented how he loved their photo's composition.  Shanna agreed it was a "beautiful shot."  Angela and Tenia didn't fair as well, with Tenia telling the judges she thought her mom could have done a better job.  Shanna said she felt the photo didn't reflect reality and Carson thought the pose was "random."

"That's the worst picture in the world," Tenia told her mom once they were backstage.

Brenda and her daughter Heather, who are both from Parkersburg, WV, were happy with their photo and Carson thought it highlighted them both as individuals and as a team.  Carson commented how the picture of Jenileigh and her mom Moya contained too much arm and shoulder, and Shanna added she thought it "fell short" of what she expected.  While she knows the two have "inner beauty," she reminded them it as a pageant so outter beauty also counts.

Gina and Hollis received good reviews for their photo, which Carson thought looked like a Hallmark card. Jill, who is from Wilmington, DE, and her daughter Nicole, who resides in Newark, DE, also received positive reviews, with Cynthia commenting that the symmetry of their photo worked well.

Ada and Christian went next, and the judges were glad they finally decided to change their team's nickname from "Hot & Not" to "Blessed Beauties."  Carson thought their photo showed "richness and depth" while Shanna added the duo "hit every mark."

Pamela's nightmare came to fruition when she and Felicia were judged, as Carson thought it was so stiff it looked like they were waiting for their drivers' license photo.  Shanna said Pamela and Felicia always look "uncomfortable and scared" in real life -- and managed to look even more frightened in their photo -- which she didn't think was possible.  Cynthia concluded the smack down by saying the picture's composition was off and the two looked "stumpy and dumpy."

"I did my best.  It upsets me that the judges don't see that," said Pamela through tears once she was backstage.  "I mean we are beautiful... A picture can't tell somebody anything.  A picture doesn't mean anything."

Melinda and Rachelle were the last to step on stage, and they didn't receive the welcome they probably envisioned.

"Oh no!" said Cynthia when Melinda and Rachelle's photo appeared, surprised Melinda chose a full-length photo.  While she thought they looked "fabulous" in person, Cynthia added she didn't think the photo flattered them at all.

"It looks like who are the ugly ducklings!" said Cynthia, which caused Melinda to cry uncontrollably backstage.

The judges then deliberated before revealing Ada and Christian were the highest-scoring duo of the week, and Shanna added she hoped it was a jumping off point for the two.  She then revealed Melinda and Rachelle and Pamela and Felicia were the two lowest scoring teams.

Shanna reminded Melinda that -- while Rachelle may have prior pageant experience -- mom needs to remember that this is a mother/daughter competition so she needs to step up her game.  Carson thought they didn't look like themselves in the photo, and Cynthia added since the two have experience in the pageant world, they should know what they're doing.

"There's no excuse for the fact that you made terrible choices," she said.

Shanna told Pamela and Felicia -- the "Tomboy Queens" -- that while they wore beautiful gowns the pose and background for their photo was off and didn't show interaction between mother and daughter.  Carson thought there was a lack of improvement.

"We're not asking you to be a certain kind of beauty, because beauty comes in all kinds of different packages," said Cynthia.  "But we're asking to see your confidence in your own beauty."

Pamela and Felicia were then eliminated from the competition.

Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants' next episode will air Wednesday, January 2 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.