Jamal Trulove was identified as an alleged murderer due to his brief stint on VH1's I Love New York reality series in 2007.

The 29-yea-old from Oakland, CA -- who vied for Tiffany "New York" Pollard's affection under the name "Milliown" on the reality dating series' second season -- is currently on trial for the July 2007 murder of Seu Kuka, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Thursday.

Trulove is accused of shooting Kuka at the Sunnydale public housing project in Visitacion Valley as the victim was chasing Trulove's brother during a fight, according to the Chronicle, which added the incident occurred shortly after Trulove had returned from taping I Love New York's second season in Los Angeles.

While authorities had been searching for Trulove for three months, he was subsequently identified by an eyewitness to Kuka's murder who recognized him when he appeared on I Love New York's second-season premiere in October 2007, according to the Chronicle.

Trulove was one of five suitors selected to appear on I Love New York's second season via online voting at VH1's website, and his brief appearance was memorable since he got into a heated verbal argument with another one of Pollard's suitors.

"Milliown, he's got to go - I can't believe he started a fight in front of me," Pollard said on the show before eliminating him during the episode.

While the eyewitness contacted authorities after seeing the episode, Trulove was "not around" by that time, homicide Inspector Michael Johnson told the Chronicle.

A year later, a San Francisco Police Department gang task force investigator was vacationing in Monterey and spotted Trulove -- leading to his October 2008 arrest, Johnson told the Chronicle.

Trulove lawyer Christopher Shea declined to comment about the case, however District Attorney spokesman Brian Buckelew said Trulove's confrontation on I Love New York "dwarfed" the "senseless" violence he is accused of displaying a few weeks later.

"His criminal and reality show career should end now," Buckelew told the Chronicle.

The eyewitness will be called to testify in Trulove's trial after lawyers deliver their opening statements, which the Chronicle reported was expected to occur next Tuesday. 

Jury selection was held earlier this week and none of the prospective members said they heard about I Love New York, according to the Chronicle.