Kynt Cothron and Vyxsin Fiala were able to overcome the Speed Bump penalty they incurred during the previous leg, however the "Dating Goths" incorrectly utilized a U-Turn when they encountered it, ultimately causing them to become the seventh team eliminated from The Amazing Race's twelfth season during Sunday night's broadcast of the CBS reality series.

"Kynt and I have gotten to enjoy and appreciate what is unique and beautiful about so many different cultures," added Vyxsin.  "Though The Amazing Race is over for us, I know in my heart-of-hearts that as long as Kynt is in my life, the adventure will never end."

The Amazing Race 12's eighth episode began with the five remaining teams leaving Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy, which served as the seventh leg's Pit Stop and required the teams take a mandatory rest period.

"Grandfather/Grandson" team Donald Jerousek and Nicolas Fulks -- the first team to reach the race's seventh Pit Stop -- were the first to depart at 10:12PM.  Nick and Don opened their clue and learned they needed to fly almost 4,000 miles to the city of Mumbai, India. Once they landed, they had to take an auto-rickshaw to a newspaper stand where they had to purchase a copy of the Times of India newspaper and search for an advertisement containing the location of their next clue.

Nick and Don immediately stopped at a local hotel and used the Internet to secure tickets for an Air France flight leaving Florence at 6:50AM, connecting through Paris and touching down in Mumbai at 10:30PM the next night.  They decided to kill the time before their flight by wisely resting in a hotel room.

"Dating Couple" Jennifer Parker and Nathan Hagstrom were the next to depart the Pit Stop, leaving at 11:55PM and heading straight to the airport.  They were followed by "Father/Daughter" team Ronald and Christina Hsu at 1:06AM and "Newly Dating Couple" Rachel Rosales and TK Erwin at 2:11AM.

Kynt and Vyxsin were the last team to reach the seventh leg's Pit Stop, which was the course's first of two non-elimination legs.  Instead of going home or being "marked for elimination" -- a non-elimination leg penalty used during the show's last two seasons -- Kynt and Vyxsin faced a Speed Bump, a task they would face during the upcoming leg that only they would have to complete.

"Vyxsin and I are going to have to face something brand new in the next leg, and that's the Speed Bump," said Kynt, as he and Vyxsin left the Pit Stop at 3:23AM.  "The Speed Bump is basically an extra challenge that no other team has to do."

Via the telephone, Ron and Christina were able to secure reservations on the same Air France flight as Nick and Don while the other teams waited for the airport to open at 4:30AM.  As the teams gathered at the Air France ticket counter, Kynt and Vyxsin did some searching at additional ticket counters and learned of a flight that would land in Mumbai at 1AM, but decided to keep looking. 

When the Air France ticket counter opened, Nathan and Jen were able to book tickets on the same flight as Nick and Don and Ronald Christina.  TK and Rachel were next in line at the Air France counter, and were bummed to learn that the flight was full. 

Kynt and Vyxsin continued to scramble for the best flight since they had to consider their Speed Bump penalty, and eventually were able to book tickets for a flight that would connect through Amsterdam and touch down in Mumbai at 10:50PM.  Kynt and Vyxsin decided against sharing information about the flight they just booked with TK and Rachel.

"At this point in the game, Vyxsin and I are resorting to a lot of performance art," said Kynt.  "I'm trying to look upset."

The ploy worked, as Rachel commented the dating goths looked "frazzled" right before she and TK secured tickets for a flight through Lufthansa that wasn't scheduled to land in Mumbai until 1AM.
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However the first flight carrying Nick and Don, Nathan and Jen and Ron and Christina was delayed in Paris, allowing Kynt and Vyxsin's flight to be the first one to arrive in Mumbai, which was formerly known as Bombay.  The two grabbed a rickshaw just as the flight carrying Nick and Don, Nathan and Jen and Ron and Christina landed in Mumbai at 11:05PM.  TK and Rachel's flight landed at 1:05AM, however none of it mattered since the newspaper stand didn't open until 6AM.

"It looks like it's going to be a long night," said Ron as the teams hunkered down and got some sleep on the street.

The newspaper stand opened on time, and the teams all purchased papers and began searching for the ad.  Kynt and Vyxsin were the first to locate it, followed by Nick and Don, Ron and Christina and TK and Rachel.  The ad instructed them to travel to a local tailor.  Nathan and Jen bickered as they searched for the ad, constantly moving around and never really getting settled and giving the paper a thorough search.

Nick and Don were the first to reach the tailor shop and -- after briefly noticing Kynt and Vyxsin's Speed Bump clue -- they opened their next clue and were met by a Detour, in which they had to choose between "Paste 'Em" or "Thread 'Em."

In "Paste 'Em,"  teams would have to make their way to a marked underpass and use the provided supplies to properly paste a Bollywood movie poster consisting of six panels onto the wall. When the advertisement was complete, they would receive their next clue. The poster panels were large and unwieldy -- and if even one panel was out of alignment -- teams would have to take them all down and start again.

In "Thread 'Em," teams had to make their way to Dardar Flower Market and find a marked flower stall where they had to create a traditional wedding garland by threading 108 flowers in an alternating pattern. Once the judge decreed that the garland had been properly made, the garland needed to be delivered to a nearby bridegroom in exchange for their next clue. Threading flowers was delicate work, but teams with deft hands could find themselves moving ahead.

Nick and Don chose "Paste 'Em," because as Don explained, he used to work in the printing business and was thus "confident."  Because Kynt and Vyxsin's cab driver got them lost, Ron and Christina were the second team to reach the Detour and chose "Paste 'Em."  Since Rachel is a four-year veteran of the flower business, she and TK decided to tackle "Thread 'Em" once they reached the Detour.

Kynt and Vyxsin's cab driver finally found the tailor shop, and the two were met by their Speed Bump.  Kynt and Vyxsin needed to make their way to a Yoga Master and successfully perform a series of complex Yoga poses. When they completed it they could continue on the race in hopes of making up the lost time, which shouldn't have been too difficult considering Nathan and Jen had just finally found the ad in the newspaper.

"Playing catch-up on this crucial of a leg -- when we know it's an elimination -- that really does add a lot of tension and stress," commented Nathan on their way to the Detour, where they chose "Thread 'Em."  "That's the last thing Jen and I really need."

It was Nick and Don's cab driver's turn to get lost, allowing Ron and Christina to be the first to start pasting their poster.  Despite countless claims he's been trying to change, Ron immediately began to criticize his daughter during the challenge.

"Don't be so cheap with the paste!" he commanded.  Ron wasn't blameless, as he started pasting the poster too high and thus needed a crate to stand on.  As he stretched to reach the top, the crate collapsed under his weight and he accused Christina of giving him a headache.

"Stop yelling at me!" yelled Christina at Ron.

Ron and Christina's problems allowed Nick and Don to catch up, and Don's skills as a printer were immediately put to good use as he calmly assembled the poster with Nick.  Likewise, TK and Rachel also seemed to use a mellow approach to stringing the flowers together and were moving quickly.

Nick and Don were the first to finish the Detour and opened their next clue, which instructed them to travel to a traffic island known as Kabutar Khana where the course's second U-turn also awaited, which required the targeted team to backtrack and complete the other Detour task that they did not previously complete.
Just as Nathan and Jen began to string flowers, Kynt and Vyxsin completed their Speed Bump and headed back to the tailor shop, where they eventually chose the "Thread'Em" Detour challenge.

Ron and Christina had a hiccup when they needed to fix their poster panels, but were eventually able to complete the Detour task right behind TK and Rachel, as both teams joined Nick and Don and headed for the traffic island.  A "focused and calm" Kynt and Vyxsin then arrived at the "Thread 'Em" challenge.

"I can't believe they're already done with their Speed Bump," commented Jen as she and Nathan madly strung flowers together.  It didn't help that Nathan and Jen verbally argued while they worked, with Nathan wondering why Jen was struggling since she's a girl.  Jen countered by criticizing Nathan's boat-rowing abilities when they were in Croatia.

TK and Rachel were the first to reach the traffic island, and decided against using the U-Turn, as did Nick and Don and Ron and Christina. 

The teams were then instructed to travel to Bharatgas Colaba Gas Service, where they encountered a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one team member had to load a bicycle cart with six tanks of propane gas; pedal to the two addresses listed on their order slips; deliver three tanks to each address; and then take a receipt from the homeowner's door as proof of delivery. Once their deliveries were complete, they had to hand the foreman their two order slips and two receipts to receive their next clue.  Nick, Ron and TK did the Roadblock for their respective teams.

Back at the "Thread 'Em," Detour challenge, Nathan and Jen finished just ahead of Kynt and Vyxsin.  Since the clue they received teased the upcoming U-Turn, both teams made a mad dash to get to the traffic island first.  Nathan commented he and Jen had to use the U-Turn on Kynt and Vyxsin if they got their first, however that wasn't the case as Kynt and Vyxsin were the first team to reach the traffic island.

However since Nathan and Jen left the Detour challenge ahead of Kynt and Vyxsin, Kynt thought they were behind Nathan and Jen, which was incorrect and caused Kynt and Vyxsin to use the U-Turn on Nick and Don.

"We're going to exercise the U-Turn," said Kynt.

"Maybe Nate and Jen are behind us?" Vyxsin wondered aloud.

"But we could U-Turn someone and make sure we sink them... Someone we know is behind us like gramps and Nick," said Kynt, unreasonably sure that Nick and Don were behind them.  They then U-Turned Nick and Don before embarking to the gas station.

"I did not U-Turn Nate and Jen," explained Kynt.  "There's a better chance that Nick and Don are behind us.  They tend to be on the slower end of things.  If we can pull one team down, we've got to take that opportunity, and I think we just did."

Nathan and Jen then arrived at the traffic island and were understandably stunned to see Kynt and Vyxsin used the U-Turn on Nick and Don, with Jen also wondering how Kynt and Vyxsin beat them to the traffic island.

"It doesn't matter," said Nathan.  "Someone got U-Turned and it wasn't us."

Kynt decided to undertake the Roadblock challenge, and as he loaded the canisters onto his cart, Nathan and Jen arrived.

"We should have U-Turned Nate and Jen," opined Vyxsin.  "We U-Turned a team that is probably ahead of us."

After completing all of his deliveries, TK was the first to finish the Roadblock.  He and Rachel opened their next clue and learned they needed to take a taxi 14 miles to the eighth Pit Stop at Bandra Fort, a 16th Century fortress.  TK and Rachel were the first to reach the Pit Stop, followed by Nick and Don, who were briefly delayed when their cab had to stop so Nick could throw-up due to dehydration and exhaustion from the physical Roadblock.  Ron and Christina were the third team to reach the Pit Stop.

Jen did the Roadblock for her team and quickly caught-up to Kynt, who had a hard time controlling his cart because he didn't know how to work the brakes.  Jen made her first delivery ahead of Kynt, but forgot to take the receipt as proof.  When both Jen and Kynt arrived at the next address simultaneously -- Kynt's first delivery and Jen's second -- Kynt wouldn't let Jen use the elevator until he was done.

Jen made her second delivery and was reminded by its recipient that she needed to take the receipt, reminding her that she had forgotten to retrieve the first receipt.  She had to go back to the first delivery location but was still able to complete the Roadblock ahead of Kynt, who also made a mistake by taking the new receipt and leaving his original one there.

Nathan's excitement over Jen finishing the Roadblock first soon turned to frustration, as the two seemed to receive some bad advice that they could make it to the Pit Stop on foot.  As they frantically ran around Kynt returned to the gas station with the correct receipts and immediately grabbed a taxi with Vyxsin.  Nathan and Jen also grabbed a taxi, and Jen's incessant worrying was getting to Nathan.

"Jen, you're making it so much worse," he told her.  "Stop it!"

Nathan and Jen were the fourth team to reach the Pit Stop, eliminating Kynt and Vyxsin.  However they apparently took some solace in the fact that host Phil Keoghan called them "the most fashionable couple ever on The Amazing Race."

"We won something here!" answered Kynt.  "As exotic as we may look on the surface, we're still just a couple of goth kids from Louisville, KY."

The Amazing Race 12's next episode will air Sunday, January 6 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.
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