Hell-bent on being released following her latest arrest, Jessica Sierra apparently thought she had a get-out-of-jail-free card no male police officer could resist.  And when her offer wasn't accepted, she allegedly changed tactics and decided to call the arresting officer the N-word several times instead.

The former American Idol fourth-season finalist offered to give a police officer oral sex in return for her release following her early Saturday arrest on charges of disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest without violence and violating probation, The Tampa Tribune reported Monday citing a Tampa police report.

"Jessica's most recent problems show once again the wretched curse of drug and alcohol addiction," Sierra's lawyer John Fitzgibbons told The Tribune.

"It is a horrific disease that has literally destroyed the lives of countless talented and well-known athletes, singers and movie stars as well as countless other people who are not in the public spotlight. There are no easy solutions to addiction, and the prognosis is often poor for someone in Jessica's position. But we will continue to do our best to get her additional help."

According to the report written by officers Christopher Cornelius and John Angelakopoulos that was obtained by The Tribune, the officers were working an off-duty detail outside Ybor City's Full Moon Salon at about 2AM Saturday morning when they noticed a security guard kicking Sierra out of the establishment.

When The 22-year-old Tampa, FL resident tried to reenter through another door, Cornelius wrote Sierra was escorted out again before becoming combative.  Once on the street, Sierra began fighting with a friend trying to calm her down, according to the report.  The scene eventually escalated when Sierra began to scream profanities and also shoved several pedestrians walking on the sidewalk.

"Her violent behavior caused people to stop from walking in that area," Cornelius wrote in the report, adding when he and Angelakopoulos tried to restrain Sierra, she "pushed and pulled" in an attempt to escape.

After being placed in the back of a patrol car -- where she started vomiting and was determined by the officers to be intoxicated -- Sierra once again tried to make her escape when paramedics arrived and opened the door to try and help her, according to the report.  Angelakopoulos wrote Sierra "continued her disorderly tirade, screaming and yelling that her aunt is the mayor and that I would be out of a job."

While Liana Lopez -- spokeswoman for the mayor's officer -- confirmed to The Tribune that the niece of Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio's husband was once married to Sierra's father, she added Iorio has not spoken with Sierra in at least two years.

With all of her attempts at freedom proving to be unsuccessful, Sierra then allegedly propositioned Angelakopoulos.

"As I began my transport to central booking, Ms. Sierra began to beg me not to take her to jail and that this would ruin her life," wrote Angelakopoulous in the report.  "She then told me that she would do anything for me to let her go. She then made the statement, 'Please don't take me to jail, I'll [perform oral sex] if you don't take me to jail."

After her overture proved ineffective, Sierra allegedly changed tactics and called Angelakopoulous the N-word several times. 
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"I continued my transport and she became irate and disorderly again and began to state, 'F**k you n***er' several times to me.  She then told me that by the time she was done with me, everyone is going to think that I an the biggest racist," wrote Angelakopoulous.  "As we pulled into central booking, she [then] started to vomit again the back seat of the car."

Because Sierra continued to be disorderly once she was taken to Orient Road Jail, The Tribune reported she was placed in an isolation cell separate from other inmates.  She was denied bail Sunday and was told she could face up to 11 years in prison if convicted of violating probation, according to The Tribune.

Sierra was on probation stemming from an April arrest when she was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, possession of cocaine and introduction of contraband into a detention facility. Only two weeks ago, Sierra pleaded no contest to felony drug and battery charges and was sentenced to 12-months probation and random drug screening.

In addition,  she was also required to complete her drug-rehab after-care program -- which was filmed by VH1 for Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, a new reality series that will follow Loveline host David Drew "Dr. Drew" Pinsky as he chronicles the detoxification and treatment of several celebrities.

"Obviously the bar scene isn't working out so well for you," Hillsborough County Judge Margaret Courtney told Sierra during her Sunday hearing, The Tribune reported. "I would suggest that you find another form of entertainment. Good luck. Next case."