Carrie Underwood is being sued for copyright infringement over her "Sunday Night Football" theme song titled "Game On."

Singer-songwriter Heidi Merrill filed the complaint against the former "American Idol" winner in Manhattan federal court on Wednesday, stating that her song also titled "Game On" is strikingly similar to Underwood's NFL track.

Merrill said that she came up with "Game On" in 2016 before uploading it to YouTube in March 2017.

She says she met with Underwood's producer Mark Bright at an event in Nashville and presented the song to him to see if Underwood would like to use it before it was ultimately passed on.

Merrill and her co-writers, who named nine defendants in total in the lawsuit -- including Underwood, Bright, EMI Entertainment, the NFL and NBC -- is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.

"This type of exploitation is precisely what our copyright laws are designed to protect against," Merrill's attorney Timothy Foster said in a statement to Billboard.

"And we will aggressively seek to vindicate our clients' rights in the original song they created."