Big sister beat little brother on USA Network's live fifth-season finale of Nashville Star, as Angela Hacker, a 29-year-old mother from Florence, AL, defeated her brother Zac Hacker, a 23-year-old from Florence, AL. 

As the winner of the eight-week country-singing competition, Angela received a record deal with Warner Brothers Music Group, the opportunity to appear at the Grand Ole Opry and a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado.

"Thank you all so much," said Anglea to her fans as she was covered with confetti and balloons.  "I'm coming to your city."  She described it as her "dream" to be comepting in the Nashville Star finale and knew she was lucky enough to be sharing it with those she cares most about.

"I'm living a dream that's not only mine, but my family has had this dream for years, so I share this with them.  I'm living what I love to do... and that's the best thing ever," Angela said before she treated viewers to a "I Can't Make You Love Me" performance that judge Randy Owen called "absolutely wonderful."

"Everytime I hear you sing -- and this is no joke -- it's like I'm watching one of my heroes.  It's like I've gone to a concert of a country superstar somewhere and you're singing one of your greatest hits every time," said fellow judge Blake Shelton.  "I can't say enough about you."  Anastasia Brown, Nashville Star's third judge, thanked Angela for "her music and her gift."

Before the season's winner was revealed, Zac said he trusted America's votes -- which according to Nashville Star co-host Cowboy, arrived in "record numbers" for the finale.   Zac performed "If It Wasn't For the Whiskey," an original song he'd originally performed earlier in the competition, during the finale.

"You'll never know how much respect I have for you... you stood up there -- just you and your guitar -- and you owned the stage.  You've shown more growth than anybody else on the show," Shelton said  before the season's winner was announced.  Brown, who acknowledged she was "hard" on Zac in the early rounds, said now she thinks he "totally deserves" to be in the finals and added she "can't wait to buy his record."

Nashville Star's "Hacker Backers" showdown followed an earlier finale announcement that David St. Romain, the show's third finale finalist, had received the least number of viewer votes following his previous week's performance of "Living Like You Were Dying."

"First off, I don't feel at all empty handed.  I feel honored and blessed to be here and be this far," St. Romain, a 28-year-old from Baton Rouge, LA, told Nashville Star host Jewel upon learning he was elminated.  "You know David I told you after the first show you had your priorities in place... you still do. And your still extremely good, don't lose your heart," Owen encouraged St. Romain.

Before it was revealed who had won Nashville Star's fifth season, Zac and Angela performed "Hard to Handle" together.  "We've been singing together for a while and we always play gigs together back home.  We love playing together and we are going to continue to play together," said Angela.