It looks as though Duane Chapman's image and A&E show aren't the only things that might suffer a hit from his repeated use of the N-word.

Monique Shinnery, the girlfriend of Chapman's son Tucker who was the target of the Dog the Bounty Hunter star's racially-charged rant, said she plans on suing Chapman, The National Enquirer reported Thursday.

"I'm going to sue Dog Chapman.  I want justice," Shinnery told The Enquirer.  "He has slandered me, stated that I have bad character and repeatedly lied about me on national television.  If I'm ever going to hold my head up in public again, I need to stand-up for what is right."

A taped phone conversation that took place in March in which Chapman could be heard repeatedly using the N-word was allegedly sold by his son Tucker to The Enquirer, which subsequently made the tape available to the public.  In the conversation, Chapman and Tucker are discussing the possible fallout of using the N-word around Shinnery, who is black.

"I don't care if she's a Mexican, a whore, whatever," Chapman said in the tape.  "It's not because she's black, it's because we use the word n***er sometimes here.  I'm not going to take a chance ever in life -- losing everything I worked for for 30 years -- because some f**king n***er heard us say n***er and turned us into The Enquirer magazine.  Our career is over.  I'm not taking that chance at all.  Never in life.  Never."

Chapman subsequently issued a written apology, explaining he was "disappointed" in Tucker's friendship with Shinnery "not due to her race, but her character." 

"Dog Chapman is a racist, no matter what he says. It's not about money - it's about defending my good name. He has damaged my character and slandered me, and I have to stand up for myself," the 21-year-old told The Enquirer. "Dog Chapman knows nothing about my character.  He doesn't know me, and he has never met me."

In addition to his formal apology, Chapman also personally asked for forgiveness during a Tuesday night appearance on Fox News' Hannity & Colmes broadcast. 

However during the interview, he also alleged that he caught wind of a plan in which Shinnery and her friends -- who he claimed were wearing tank tops at the time -- were going to attack his wife Beth in the their Honolulu office parking lot as part of a convoluted attempt to coax Chapman into using the N-word on tape, which they then hoped to sell to The Enquirer.

"Dog said on television that I had a plan to jump Beth and hoped to tape her using racial language. He said he saw me and another girl in a car outside his shop, wearing tank tops.  I never wear a tank top, I have never been in that parking lot when they were at their bail bond shop and I certainly wouldn't jump Beth. I weigh 105 pounds! She'd kill me!" Shinnery told The Enquirer.  "It was all lies. He 'apologizes' and then continues to lie about me. I cannot and do not accept his apology, because it was insincere."

Shinnery said the issue is beyond Chapman's use of the N-word and is instead about "him not wanting a black woman to be part of his family or part of his son's life."  She accused Chapman and his family of using the N-word "all the time" and reiterated she saw no sincerity in his apologies.

"What Dog said was disgusting. Dog is not sorry for what he said -- he's never going to be sorry," she told The Enquirer.  "He's just putting on an act, trying desperately to get his show back. He will never accept me."

Due to the comments, A&E has suspended production on Dog the Bounty Hunter's fifth season and pulled reruns of the show's first four seasons off its primetime programming schedule.  Shinnery said the tape being made public has also tarnished her own reputation.
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"I have had threats from his fans. I have been hiding, afraid to go out.  After Dog's slander against me, my boss told me they might require that I take a drug test. I have never done drugs," she told The Enquirer.