Elisabeth Hasselbeck gave birth to her second child over the weekend before making a special ratings sweeps period delivery to The View.

"The baby was born on Friday in the morning, at 7:52AM.  His name is Taylor Thomas Hasselbeck," the former Survivor: The Australian Outback castaway and current The View co-host said via a telephone interview during Monday morning's broadcast of the ABC talk show.

Hasselbeck announced she and her husband Tim -- a former Boston College quarterback and current back-up quarterback for the NFL's Arizona Cardinals -- were expecting their second child together during an April The View broadcast. 

The 30-year-old began a two-and-a-half-month maternity leave from The View on October 23, and gave birth to the 7-pound, 15-ounce boy at an Arizona hospital on Friday.

"I think I pushed for about 35 minutes, which is better than the first time around," said Hasselbeck, referring to her daughter Grace's April 2005 birth.  "But I think I was in labor [with Taylor] probably about four or five thousand hours... I think I'm immune to the epidermal.  It doesn't work for me."

Hasselbeck said so far, Grace has been a good big sister to her new baby brother.

"She loves him.  She had him on her lap this morning saying, 'Oh my little baby.'  She is in love with him," said Hasselbeck.  "[Taylor's] excited.  He knows her voice -- she has no volume control, she's really loud anyway -- but he definitely heard her the whole time [he was] in my belly and knows who she is now."

Hasselbeck said she plans on returning to The View in the second week of January following the show's holiday hiatus.

"I will be there, boobs in tow," she said.