Seven weeks after The Bachelor: Rome's finale, not only is the bloom apparently already long gone from Prince Lorenzo Borghese and Jennifer Wilson's relationship, but Lorenzo is now reportedly seeing Sadie Murray, the 23-year-old publicist he rejected in ABC's late November broadcast of the show's previously filmed finale.

"Prince Lorenzo Borghese has given his lady love the proverbial royal flush," Us magazine reported on its website on Wednesday afternoon. "Lorenzo and Jennifer are now on the rocks, and he's gone back to Sadie. They're spending time together," a source close to the 33-year-old New York City cosmetics entrepreneur and The Bachelor: Rome star reportedly told Us. "Sadie is moving to New York City, where Lorenzo lives, to pursue her career." ABC and Warner Horizon Television told Us that they had no comment on the report.

In early December -- only one week after the show's finale broadcast -- the National Enquirer reported that despite The Bachelor couple's post-finale press interview comments that they were still together and planning to move forward with their relationship, Wilson had already been "secretly dating" Dan Herrero, another teacher at the Pembroke Pines, FL school where the 24-year-old eighth grade reading teacher works. While Wilson didn't respond to the tabloid's requests for comment and Herrero insisted they were only "good friends," the Enquirer's photographers later captured the pair "frolicking on a beach together."

Later that month, Murray was spotted visiting Borghese in New York -- a visit that Skip Borghese, Lorenzo's brother, confirmed in a posting on, the website of Home Shopping Network, the cable channel where Skip Borghese and Princess Amanda Borghese, the brothers' mother, hawk the family's Italian Bath & Body cosmetics products.

Earlier this month, Murray told her hometown San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper that she had remained friendly with both Wilson and Borghese and was hoping to relocate to New York, where she was currently interviewing for a position with a publicity firm.

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"I remain friends with Jen; she's a doll and we get along well. We have a bond unlike any two other friends on this earth," Murray told the paper. "We ran into each other at a club and exchanged numbers," Murray told the Union-Tribune about a Los Angeles run-in with Borghese. "I think we'll remain friends."

Last week, an Italian Bath & Body representative (the posting was not signed) used the company's account to post a short "Lorenzo is not with Jen" response to a customer's inquiry about the status of Borghese and Wilson's relationship.

Two days later, Skip Borghese used the account to post a follow-up message stating that his brother had requested that he temporarily stop commenting on his love life. "My brother has asked me not to say anything for a while, he needs a bit of time and privacy, I am sure everyone can understand this," Skip Borghese wrote in a January 9 posting. "[As] soon as it's ok, I will be back... maybe tomorrow, maybe a month."

If Borghese has in fact begun seeing Murray, it would come as little surprise -- according to the bachelor himself, his televised decision to present Wilson with his "final rose" was pretty much a last minute decision.

"I decided about two hours before the final Rose Ceremony and it was obviously a very difficult decision because I had strong feelings for both Jen and Sadie," Borghese told reporters during a November 28 conference call that took place the day after the show's finale aired. "I felt a little stronger with Jen just because I thought we had more chemistry. I was trying to find faults with both of them and it was almost impossible but I knew I had to make a decision and it was just that I felt a little closer to Jen and that's why I went with what I was feeling at the time."
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