Clay Aiken apparently has more control over his Claymates than one would think.

"The show Jericho... I loved it. I started blogging about it on my fan site. It got canceled, and I blogged about how upset I was. I said, 'The Claymates can do anything. How do we get this show back on the air?'" Aiken told The Houston Chronicle on Tuesday.

Jericho -- a CBS drama centered on a post-nuclear town in middle America --  was canceled by the broadcast network when it announced its 2007-2008 primetime programming line-up in mid-May.  However CBS was bombarded with emails and nuts -- a reference to a catchphrase in the show -- and on June 6 the network announced it had purchased seven new episodes of Jericho for broadcast as a mid-season replacement.  So where did the grassroots campaign start?

"Honestly, within a week [the Claymates] had organized a campaign amongst Jericho fans to send nuts to CBS," Aiken told The Chronicle.  "It kind of started in that place. And it's back on the air! It just blows my mind."

An unabashed fan of television, Aiken told The Chronicle he feels he'd be "great" on the tube and added he has "probably 15, 17 different shows" to pitch.

"One of the basic ones would just be going around and letting America tell their story. Everybody has a story, if you let them tell it," Aiken told The Chronicle.

However Aiken apparently hasn't forgotten his roots if he were to land a recurring role on television.

"I'd love to have a variety show," he told The Chronicle.  "Like Andy Williams or Carol Burnett or Donny and Marie [Osmond]. I remember my mom watched the Mandrell sisters' show like it was some sort of religion."

And Aiken would probably have a good support base if he ever wanted to start his own religion.  Apparently he could just call on the Claymates.