When reality stars attack, it can be dangerous. 

Just ask former Survivor: Pearl Islands castaway Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton, who allegedly had a physical confrontation with Breaking Bonaduce star Danny Bonaduce during last night's filming of the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards 2007, an altercation that ended with Dalton bloody and being taken away in an ambulance.

During this morning's broadcast of the syndicated The Adam Carolla radio show -- which Bonaduce regularly appears on as a co-host -- the former child actor claims he was preparing to leave the second-annual awards ceremony after serving as a presenter.

"Jonny Fairplay is on the stage and I can't tell if he's supposed to be there or not," said Bonaduce, adding Dalton was being booed by the studio audience for lying about his grandmother's death to win a Pearl Islands Reward Challenge during Survivor's Fall 2003 seventh edition.

"He just starts going, 'Why you booing me!?  Why are you booing me?' [to the audience]," Bonaduce told Carolla.  "So as I walk by, I say to [my girlfriend], 'They're booing him because they hate him.'" 

Then, after "a lady in a headset" suggested he do so, Bonaduce said he decided to go on-stage and tell Dalton that to his face.

"I go, 'Okay,'" continued Bonaduce.  "I walk-up on stage and I go... 'Buddy, They're booing because people hate you.'"

Bonaduce then claims he started to leave the stage -- with Dalton "10 feet" away -- when he heard the former Survivor castaway yell, "Hey!."

"I turn around, and just as I turn around he comes running at me, leaps in the air, wraps his legs around my waist and both arms around my neck," Bonaduce told Carolla.  "I'm being fully throttled arms and legs.  He's got me in what I will refer to as the 'death grip'... he's jerking back and forth in what could be construed as mock sex or trying to knock me to the ground. He's shaking me."

Bonaduce said he was unaware Dalton "would be so light," and things apparently got out of control from there.

"I just grabbed the butt of his jeans and push[ed him] straight-up in the air," Bonaduce told Carolla.  "Well, he goes flying over my head and apparently landed behind me on his seat."

Bonaduce added he's "sure" Dalton will try to sue him for the incident, which TMZ.com reported ended with Dalton leaving in an ambulance with a few less teeth as well as a broken toe. 

A "friend" of Dalton told TMZ the former Survivor castaway spent from 2-4:30AM with dentist Dr. Dean Carlston, who worked on his mouth.  Dalton's friend also told TMZ that he "absolutely did not attack" Bonaduce and has since filed a felony battery report with police that names Bonaduce as a suspect.
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"[Dalton] has every intention of seeing this through," the friend told TMZ.

Bonaduce is apparently sticking with his side of the story, telling TMZ on Wednesday morning that Dalton was "just attacking the wrong guy."

"There's all sorts of film on it, you decide if it's [self defense]," Bonaduce told TMZ.  "He just shouldn't of put his arms and legs around me and tried to throttle me."

Bonaduce added he's aware he's a suspect but said no warrant has been issued for his arrest.

"I don't really know the law on this," he told TMZ.  "I'm assuming they'll view the tape, they'll see this guy jump on me, see him go over the top, that will be that.  I'm sure in the very least it will be self defense."
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