Survivor featured the merged Nuinui tribe voting out Hunter McKnight with a hidden Immunity Idol in his pocket with a dramatic re-vote at Tribal Council during the Season 46 episode that aired Wednesday night on CBS.

Hunter, a 28-year-old science teacher from French Camp, MS, was voted out of Survivor's 46th season during a 6-1 re-vote at Tribal Council on Night 17 of the game instead of Q Burdette, a 29-year-old real estate agent from Senatobia, MS who currently resides in Memphis, TN.

The first vote had resulted in a tie between Hunter and Q, with one rogue vote going to Ben Katzman, a 31-year-old musician from Miami, FL.

"There it is in all of its splendor. I had convinced myself that I was playing my idol going into this, but I was lulled into my own doom, is what happened, and it's so irritating. I loved the experience, but it's now how I wanted it to end," Hunter said in his final words.


The Survivor broadcast began after Tribal Council on Night 16 at Nuinui.

The tribe was shocked Q had blown up Tribal Council and volunteered for people to vote him out.

Kenzie Petty, a 29-year-old salon owner from Gibraltar, MI who currently resides in Charlotte, NC, said Q had caused chaos for "absolutely no reason," and everyone was feeling confused.

"If you want to leave, there's the door, baby! Walk out! Don't make us do it for you," Kenzie vented in a Survivor confessional. "I'm pissed!"

Q admitted he was trying to switch all the votes at the last minute and so he felt guilty for having screwed up everyone's game. Q said he was ready to take the heat and fall on his own sword but he was clearly "too hard to kill" at the moment.

Tiffany Nicole Ervin, a 33-year-old artist from Franklin Township, NJ who currently resides in Elizabeth, NJ, was also angry at Q for "spilling the beans" about her hidden Immunity Idol. She was upset that everybody knew about it, and she accused Q of being "stupid" and "dumb."

Tiffany confronted Q about his Survivor betrayal, and he explained how she had gone against the six by throwing out Maria's name.

"I'm going to have to work harder than I ever have in this game to get back in charge," Q concluded. "And if I do, it will be a miracle."
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Liz Wilcox, a 35-year-old marketing strategist from Luther, MI who currently resides in Orlando, FL, was also "super pissed" because Q's actions had overshadowed her big move. Liz didn't want to get lost in the game, and she vented about how Q had stolen her thunder at Tribal Council.

"I wanted people to say, 'Liz is a fighter, and she doesn't need to be led,'" Liz cried in a Survivor confessional. "So when I get the chance, I am gunning for Q."

On Day 17, Ben told Charlie Davis, a 26-year-old law student from Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA who currently resides in Boston, MA, that taking Q out now would be an insignificant move because Q had already destroyed his own game.

Ben was annoyed that Q had put himself on a higher moral ground than the other castaways, and he called Q's act at Tribal Council "a poser move."

Venus Vafa, a 24-year-old data analyst from Hill, Ontario who currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, however, believed Tribal Council had worked out perfectly because she got rid of Tevin Davis and Hunter was now "the village idiot" of Survivor since he was on the wrong side of the vote.

Venus boasted about how the big men in her tribe were no longer running things and "karma is a b-tch."

Hunter complained about how he had wrongly trusted Q, Liz and Tevin. He considered them all "done" in his book because he no longer wanted to work with any of them.

Hunter predicted that he was going to have a target on his back given he was a challenge threat, but he had a Survivor idol in his pocket.

Tree Mail then arrived, informing the castaways to divide themselves into three teams of three people for the upcoming challenge.

Maria, Charlie and Hunter teamed up as one group, as did Tiffany, Kenzie and Ben.

Venus, Q and Liz ended up on a Survivor team together as the misfits and the underdogs, essentially.


Q planned to go after Hunter next, and he admitted it was a mistake to nearly quit the game. He also claimed it was his tribe's mistake for not voting him out when they had the chance.

Q started playing the game hard again, and he asked Charlie to throw the challenge so that they could take a shot at Hunter. That request did "not jive" with Charlie, who insisted he'd never throw a challenge on Survivor.

Charlie and Maria also agreed that they weren't opposed to working with Hunter going forward on Survivor. Maria considered Tiffany to be the biggest threat, and she was well aware that Tiffany had thrown her name out in the past.

Later that day, the Nuinui tribe met Survivor host Jeff Probst for the next challenge.

Jeff could tell that everyone was casual about their teams and kind of nonchalant, and Charlie explained how everyone was probably afraid to point out their allies after such a muddy and confusing Tribal Council.

Tiffany, on the other hand, had a different take. Tiffany thought her tribemates just wanted to distance themselves from chaotic energy and play it cool.

Each team was instructed to, one at a time, cross a balance beam and grab a pair of handles, which he or she would use to transport a buoy across a second balance beam. Once everybody was across, they'd work together to dig up three ropes.

The first two groups to finish would move on to the next round of obstacles, while the third-place team would be out.

For the second stage of competition, the ropes would be used to build a rope bridge. Once everybody built the bridge, one player in each group would be responsible for landing one ball on a small ring.

The first group to finish would move on to the final round and ultimately compete against each other. The players must balance with their feet on a narrow perch and their hands behind their head, holding onto a handle. If at any point a person dropped a hand or a foot, he or she would be out.

The person to win immunity would be guaranteed a spot in the Final 8. The next person voted out would become the tenth member voted out and the third member of Survivor's jury.

Round 2 featured Venus, Q and Liz playing against Hunter, Charlie and Maria.

In the final round, Hunter, Charlie and Maria faced off against each other for immunity. Maria dropped out first, and so it was another Survivor showdown between Charlie and Hunter.

Charlie was hoping for a win this time considering Hunter had defeated him in an Immunity Challenge before.

After more than 10 minutes, Hunter was clearly shaking and struggling, but Charlie -- with shaking feet -- just flashed a calm smile at his opponent. Hunter then dropped, and Charlie won Individual Immunity.

Charlie told the Survivor cameras he was "so proud" of himself, and he anticipated everyone was going to play the game hard going forward.

Venus was happy both Q and Hunter were voting options that night, and Tiffany announced how she wanted Q gone.

Q tried to do some damage control in order to get control back, but neither Tiffany or Kenzie wanted to work with him.


Venus pitched the idea of doing a Survivor blindside since everyone was distracted by Q and Hunter. Kenzie also liked the idea of taking a risk and making a big move.

Kenzie spoke to Maria, Charlie and Hunter about possibly blindsiding Tiffany in order to flush her idol. Kenzie and Tiffany had been tight in the game, but Kenzie didn't want to just sit back and eat popcorn while the game unfolded around her.

Hunter loved this Survivor plan because he thought he was going to be "dead in the water." A Tiffany blindside sounded great to him, especially because he didn't want to play his idol that night.

Maria was gunning hard for Tiffany as well, but she wasn't thrilled about the move being Kenzie's idea. Maria was also concerned about Tiffany possibly playing her idol, and so Charlie tried to put her at ease and make her feel safe.

Tiffany told Charlie that she was going to play her idol that night because she didn't want it anymore. Tiffany felt like this idol had made her a new threat, and so she wanted it gone.

"But when an idol is played, it goes back to the beach, baby! And I do not want Hunter or Q to get it," Tiffany told the Survivor cameras.

The game flipped on its head, and Charlie said everyone needed to figure out how to proceed.

Ben spoke to Maria and Charlie about changing the vote onto Hunter.

"You only get the T-Rex on Jurassic Park back into its cage one time, and we've already done that. I'm not trying to have a Jurassic Park sequel right now; I'm trying to get him out. So the playing field is even!" Ben told the Survivor cameras.

Ben got Kenzie onboard with the vote, but Kenzie thought it was going to be a boring night. Kenzie would've liked to get rid of Q, but she said she was fine with the Hunter vote since he had been dominating in challenges.

Hunter then got stressed out. He told Kenzie that he trusted her, but he was spiraling.

"I am 100 percent playing my idol. Tonight is about surviving. The idol has to be used... to gain potential allies," Hunter said in a Survivor confessional.

Hunter then told Q to vote for Ben. He felt like people were lying to him -- including Charlie, Maria and Ben.

Believing that people were going to vote for him, Hunter asked Liz and Venus to vote for Ben. Charlie revealed that he had an idol and was going to play it.

Liz planned to stick with the Q vote, and so did Kenzie, who told Ben to also vote for Q since Hunter had an idol. Tiffany, however, thought Hunter was bluffing.

Kenzie called pre-Tribal discussions "madness," because everyone was turning on each other. There was no clear-cut plan going into Tribal Council that night, and she predicted it was going to be a "wild" night.

At Tribal Council on Night 17, Jeff sat on a cushion and munched on popcorn while he watched conversations unfold.

Tiffany accused Q of trying to sink her game at the last Tribal, and Q flashed a big smile because he said he was "over the situation." Q claimed that Tiffany had sunk her own game by throwing out names in their former alliance.

Tiffany then announced how Q had been pushing Venus' name as well as Hunter's name that very morning. Hunter appeared shocked and looked to Kenzie for answers.

"He's nuts," Liz whispered to Hunter, before Kenzie assured Hunter that she'd be voting for Q that night.


Hunter admitted "the crazy" was happening all over again and he was vulnerable this time.

Venus then whispered to Hunter that she was going to vote for Q as well. Tiffany also told Hunter that Q was going home that night, and then Charlie whispered Q's name to Liz.

"I think it's very apparent that a lot of us are annoyed... and frustrated. I think that's kind of where everyone is at tonight," Kenzie told the Survivor host. "We're about to get breakup bangs right now. That's what's happening."

Hunter admitted to his tribemates he was "terrified," fearing it was all a ruse to flush his idol. People, however, kept confirming that Q was the vote that night.

It then became time to vote, and when Jeff asked if anyone wanted to play an idol or advantage, no one spoke up.

Jeff therefore read the votes in the following order: Q, Hunter, Q, Hunter, Q, Hunter, Q, Hunter, and Ben.

It was a 4-4 tie vote with a rogue vote for Ben, and so Jeff announced how there was going to be a re-vote. The tribe could only vote for Hunter or Q, and both of those men were not allowed to vote.

Both Kenzie and Liz told Hunter in that moment that they had voted for Q.

On the re-vote, Jeff read the votes as follows: Q, Hunter, Hunter, Hunter, and Hunter.

"Good job, guys," Hunter told the group.

The tribe told Hunter that he was the best and they loved him, but he admitted that was "hard to take" after they had all written his name down and betrayed him like that.

The episode's closing credits later showed that Hunter, Liz, Venus and Kenzie had voted for Q.

Tiffany, Maria, Charlie, and Ben had voted for Hunter. Q had cast the rogue vote for Ben.

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