Former Survivor: Pearl Islands castaway Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton filed a police report Wednesday alleging Breaking Bonaduce star Danny Bonaduce physically assaulted him during Tuesday night's filming of the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards 2007.

"He had one tooth broken, another tooth missing from his gum line and two other teeth that were loose,"  LAPD Officer April Harding told The Associated Press.  "The investigation's in its initial phase.  Currently we don't have any plans to arrest Bonaduce."

During yesterday morning's broadcast of the syndicated The Adam Carolla radio show -- which Bonaduce regularly appears on as a co-host -- the former child actor claimed he was preparing to leave the second-annual awards ceremony after serving as a presenter when Dalton (who bills himself as the "most hated man in reality television") started to question the studio audience as to why he was being booed by them. 

Bonaduce told Dalton they're booing him because "they hate him," at which point he alleged Dalton ran at him, leapt in the air, and wrapped "his legs around my waist and both arms around my neck" and was "fully throttled." 

"I just grabbed the butt of his jeans and push[ed him] straight-up in the air," Bonaduce told Carolla.  "Well, he goes flying over my head and apparently landed behind me on his seat."

However in the police report filed by Dalton, he claims Bonaduce came on stage uninvited and made a "derogatory statement."

"Dalton said he went to hug him and then when he did that, Bonaduce... threw him over his shoulder... and Dalton fell to the ground," Harding told The AP. 

Dalton stuck to that story during a Wednesday interview with

"I ran and jumped and hugged him with my arms and my legs, like I've done pretty much on every show I've ever been on.  It's a nice thing," Dalton told TMZ.  "[Bonaduce's] like 'F**k you!' Threw me over his head as hard as he could.  I didn't have time to put up my hands or anything.  I just went mouth-first into the stage... or onto the stage."

"Jonny was definitely injured," his manager Marc Marcuse -- who rode alongside Fairplay in the ambulance from the ceremony to the hospital -- told E! News. "I was there at the event and there were gasps from the audience and it was very surprising. Nobody thought Danny would do that. It was scary."

Dalton told TMZ that after going to the hospital he was sent to see a dentist, where he was "in surgery for about two-and-a-half hours," suffering from having one tooth "knocked out" and three others "moved."

"There's like floating bones, and one tooth is shattered like eight times, like eight breaks or whatever," he told TMZ.  "They did one root canal [Wednesday night], they're doing two more root canals [Wednesday].  It sucks."

While Bonaduce told TMZ Dalton was "just attacking the wrong guy" and "in the very least it will be self defense," the former Survivor castaway disagrees.
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"I don't think I can attack anyone.  Have you seen me?" Dalton -- who attempted to launch a professional wrestling career after his Survivor appearance -- told TMZ.  "So... He was right about everything else.  He did say he threw me hard, and I was a lot lighter than he thought.  He's a dick.  I've already pressed charges.  They're just waiting for the video from Fox Reality."

Marcuse told E! News that police had to take Dalton's statement and make a report for his client to be admitted to the emergency room.

"At this point it's in the hands of the LAPD," Marcuse told E! News.  "With that being said Johnny certainly wants to see justice done and he will cooperate."

The incident gets even weirder if you believe original America's Next Top Model winner and My Fair Brady co-star Adrianne Curry, who claimed responsibility for the physical altercation between Dalton and Bonaduce in a blog entry posted on her personal website on Wednesday.

"I can't sleep because I made a TERRIBLE thing happen," wrote Curry on her website before revealing she was the one who implored Bonaduce to go after Dalton.

"Danny Bonaduce whispers in my ear 'Do you think I should go up there and tell him what a douche he is?' Naturally I say YES! Then he tells me 'Do you want me to tackle him?' Silly me, I said 'DO IT DANNY!!!' I then proceeded to cheer Danny's name till he got up to walk onstage."

As Curry said she watched Dalton "wrap his arms around Danny's neck" and "his legs around Danny's waist," she construed Dalton's actions as a "hump."

"I started shaking, I HELPED THIS HAPPEN! Danny got PISSED. He grabbed Johnny, lifted him up, and THREW him over his f**king head... that aint all folks... Johnny flew up in the air, and landed on his FACE," she wrote.  "Yep, you heard it here ladies and gentlemen.. .Danny Bonaduce went up onstage because of ME, slammed Johnny Fairplay, and knocked out his front teeth! Blood was on the floor, as well as teeth."

While Curry reiterated she feels "terrible," she added Dalton should also bare some of the blame.

"I know it wasn't my fault that Johnny was STUPID enough to try to piss off Danny, but I know Danny might not have gone up there if I hadn't cheered him on," she wrote.  "Is it bad that secretly, I thought it was a little awesome? I mean, who the F**K would try to embarrass Danny like that? The man has ANGER ISSUES! You don't HUMP a man in front of an audience and expect to NOT get your ass beat, right? It looked like Johnny attacked him."

While the extent of Curry's pre-incident discussions with Bonaduce (who previously stated that "a lady in a headset," not Curry, suggested he go on stage and tell Dalton why he was being booed) remains unclear, video of the on-stage incident -- which appears to support Bonaduce's version of events more than Dalton's -- has since been been released by Fox Reality.  Click below to watch it.

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