Former Breaking Bonaduce star Danny Bonaduce will not be charged with battery for his Tuesday night Fox Reality Channel Really Awards altercation with former Survivor: Pearl Islands castaway Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton.

"It did not appear that the suspect intentionally tried to cause injuries, but simply reacted to the victim's actions," the Los Angeles Country District Attorney's office wrote in a charge evaluation worksheet that was filed Thursday and obtained by

During Wednesday morning's broadcast of the syndicated The Adam Carolla Show radio program -- which Bonaduce regularly appears on as a co-host -- the former child actor claimed he was preparing to leave the second-annual awards ceremony after serving as a presenter when Dalton started to question the studio audience as to why he was being booed by them. 

Bonaduce told Dalton they're booing him because "they hate him," at which point he alleged Dalton ran at him, leapt in the air, and wrapped "his legs around my waist and both arms around my neck" and was "fully throttled." 

"I just grabbed the butt of his jeans and push[ed him] straight-up in the air," Bonaduce told Carolla.  "Well, he goes flying over my head and apparently landed behind me on his seat."

However in the police report filed by Dalton on Wednesday, he claimed Bonaduce came on stage uninvited and made a "derogatory statement."

"I ran and jumped and hugged him with my arms and my legs, like I've done pretty much on every show I've ever been on.  It's a nice thing," Dalton told TMZ.  "[Bonaduce's] like 'F**k you!' Threw me over his head as hard as he could.  I didn't have time to put up my hands or anything.  I just went mouth-first into the stage... or onto the stage."

Dalton suffered a broken tooth, had another tooth missing from his gum line and two other teeth loosened due to being dumped to the ground by Bonaduce.  But Dalton was reportedly consuming alcohol prior to the incident, which may explain why the occasional professional wrestler was unable to shield his mouth before he hit the ground.

"Jonny was drinking heavily backstage," HBO's Cathouse: The Series star and Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel member Brooke Taylor told the New York Daily News in a report published Friday. 

Bonaduce claimed self-defense for his actions -- a stance the district attorney's office feels is reasonable.

"[The] suspect's actions fall within the realm of self-defense," the filing states.  "[There is] insufficient evidence to prove beyond a doubt since [the] victim initiated contact and acted offensively." 

In addition to finding out the district attorney's office doesn't plan to prosecute Bonaduce, Dalton -- who recently announced he is expecting a child with girlfriend and former America's Next Top Model fourth-season finalist Michelle Deighton -- may also have some new explaining to do.

"He was trying to make out with me and [fellow Ranch-hand] Bunny Love," Taylor told the Daily News of Dalton's actions backstage at the awards show.  "He tried to put his hand up my dress. He even tried to lick my toe. All the while, he was talking to me about his pregnant girlfriend. Classy."
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
Christopher Rocchio is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and has covered the reality TV genre for several years.