Sara Evans' divorce saga has come to an end.

A Tennessee judge finalized the Dancing with the Stars third-season celebrity participant's divorce from estranged husband Craig Schelske on Friday, E! News reported.  As part of the divorce settlement, E! News reported Evans will pay Schelske $600,000 in alimony -- with the option of annually paying $60,000 over 10 years -- as well as allow him to keep their two Oregon homes while she'll get to retain possession of their Nashville residence. 

Evans and professional partner Tony Dovolani competed in the Fall 2006 edition of ABC's Dancing with the Stars before she unexpectedly decided to quit the competition only hours after she filed for divorce from Schelske, her husband of thirteen years.  She alleged he was having an affair with their nanny and using pornography. 

However the day prior to her divorce filing, police were called to a Los Angeles eatery following an argument between Evans and Schelske, and in previous court filings he claimed the tiff stemmed from his learning of her "intimate relationship" with Dovolani.

Their divorce was expected to be finalized in February, but Evans eventually filed a motion accusing him of stalling the proceedings unless she fired her attorney and issued a televised statement denying her original allegations about his alleged adultery and pornography use.  In April, he filed a $20 million slander suit against one of Evans' divorce lawyers, claiming the attorney slandered him by telling "untruths" in the media.

Earlier this month, Schelske filed a 118-page court document requesting Evans admit to alleged affairs with nearly a dozen people, including Dovolani.  But E! News reported that part of the divorce settlement included an agreement that the couple drop the pending allegations against one another.

"The parties have agreed that it is in their best interests and those of their children to amicably resolve all issues in their pending divorce. Each wishes the other well in all future endeavors," reads the Williamson County Chancery Court settlement documents, according to E! News. "Both parties are fully committed to raising their children in a cooperative and positive way. Both parties are loving and caring parents."

Evans divorce from Schelske was granted to due to irreconcilable differences, according to E! News, adding attorneys for both said the ordeal has come to a close.

"[Our clients have] no further comment regarding any allegations of fault or misconduct alleged by either party in these divorce proceedings," reads the court filing, E! News reported.

In addition, Evans and Schelske -- who have three young children together -- met with a custody mediator on Friday, but according to E! News the result of those proceedings remained confidential.  Evans had previously been awarded primary custody with Schelske receiving visitation rights.