Kristine Lefebvre may have been fired by The Donald, but it didn't take The Apprentice: Los Angeles applicant too long to find work elsewhere.

The 37-year-old attorney from Los Angeles, CA who was eliminated from The Apprentice's sixth season when the Top 4 finalists were revealed will appear on the cover of Playboy's June issue, the website reported Thursday.

While the Playboy cover and inside spread might appear to be an attempt at making a quick buck before her 15 minutes of fame fully expire (if they hadn't already), Lefebvre is a cancer survivor and "sources" told that she plans on using her pictoral to send an encouraging message to other survivors and those still battling cancer.

However it also doesn't hurt that she's previously negotiated Playboy spreads for a some of her law clients, according to, allowing her to create "a very savvy and potentially lucrative" deal for herself.

Lefebvre isn't the first contestant from a Mark Burnett-created reality series to grace the cover of PlayboySurvivor: The Amazon $1 million winner Jenna Morasca and fifth place finisher Heidi Strobel -- both of whom removed their clothes during a now infamous episode of the CBS series for chocolate and peanut butter -- appeared in the August 2003 issue of Playboy.