Days after fellow former fifth season American Idol finalist Katharine McPhee went on television to pronounce that her breasts are real, Kellie Pickler apparently isn't planning on making any similar attempts to address speculation about her own seemingly more buxom bosom.

On last Thursday night's live Idol results show, Pickler, wearing a very low-cut dress, performed "I Wonder," a single from her debut album "Small Town Girl."  However before she even opened her mouth to sing, Idol host Ryan Seacrest seemed aghast at the size of Pickler's chest.

"Have you spent your money on anything since you left us?" asked Seacrest.  "Shoes... imagine that," Pickler -- seemingly oblivious to what Seacrest was asking -- answered.  But Seacrest was persistent, taking a quick glimpse at Pickler's bosom.  "Just shoes?" he inquired once again.

"What... what did you think I meant," Seacrest later joked with Extra correspondent Terri Seymour about his thinly-veiled play on words. 

"I thought [Simon and Randy's eyes] were literally going to pop out of their heads," Seymour joked back. "[You mean] because of the size of her shoes?," Seacrest responded back to Seymour, continuing the innuendo.

Given Pickler was sporting both what appeared to be a significantly larger bust and shorter blond locks than Idol fans were previously used to seeing on Pickler's head, Idol judge Randy Jackson later made the obvious comparison to the 20-year-old North Carolina native's personal idol

"A little Dolly [Parton], maybe?" Jackson told Access Hollywood later on Thursday night.  "A little Dolly-ish... yeah." 

Fellow Idol judges Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell also noted on how Seacrest handled the situation in-front of millions of live viewers.

"I think Ryan was really clever yet subtle yet..." Abdul told Access Hollywood before Cowell could finish her sentence with "un-perverted."

According to Access Hollywood -- which dubbed it's Friday segment "Pickler's New Pair?" -- Pickler had "no comment" about whether she has recently undergone breast enhancement surgery.
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
Christopher Rocchio is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and has covered the reality TV genre for several years.