The Bachelorette alum Greg Grippo has confirmed his split from Victoria Fuller following months of breakup speculation on social media.

Multiple sources told Page Six last week that Victoria and Greg, both 30, had called it quits on their relationship "months ago."


All signs pointed to a breakup because Victoria and Greg recently unfollowed each other on Instagram. They also haven't posted photos of one another on social media since December 2023.

Victoria and Greg have also been ignoring questions from fans in their Instagram comments about the current status of their relationship.

"You and Victoria did follow each other, and now I see that you don't," Jason Tartick told Greg during the Monday, April 22 episode of his "Trading Secrets" podcast. "What's going on? Are these rumors true?"

Greg, who appeared on the podcast alongside his good friend and fellow The Bachelorette 17 alum Andrew Spencer, shared that he and Victoria are no longer together.

"You know, being in a public relationship and if things aren't working out, it sucks even more. It's hard," Greg explained to Jason, who previously competed on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette.

Greg called his situation with Victoria "really sad," adding, "I just want to respect her during this time."

Greg continued, "[I'm] not going to detail anything, but of course, we definitely ended things. I don't have anything bad to say, she's amazing and I know that she's going to continue to do amazing things."

Jason noted how dating in the public can be "really hard."

And there was a lot of noise surrounding Victoria and Greg's romance because Victoria had just filmed Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season and ended her engagement to Johnny DePhillipo in 2022.

"I feel like that made them stronger, in a way," Andrew chimed in.

Jason, whose engagement to Kaitlyn Bristowe ended in August 2023, jokingly asked Greg to show him the playbook.

Greg agreed that when it came to his relationship with Victoria, criticism and scrutiny actually worked in their favor.

"I think that the women in the franchise get attacked, especially, like, a select few of them, no matter what they do," Greg explained.

"Especially [Victoria] anything she does gets scrutinized, I feel like. She has a really good heart, and it sucks. Seeing somebody go through that type of sh-t, especially someone you're with and in a romantic relationship with, it's really tough and it's really hard to watch."


Greg added, "I hated that part of it all, but it definitely grew us really close. We were definitely able to get through a really hard time, really early."

Jason admitted Greg had delivered sad news, but Greg insisted he's looking forward to the future as a newly-single bachelor.

"This stage of my life right now, I'm really happy about and excited for. It just feels really fresh," Greg said.

"For so long, I felt a lot of guilt... After my dad passed, I went to New York and was just thinking about my mom at home... To think about her in an empty house absolutely killed me, so I never actually got to experience New York while I was here. I would drive home five times a week, or once every five days, and stay through the weekend."

Greg now has a part-time place in Chicago until September, and he said he's about to sign a lease in Williamsburg come June. Victoria, meanwhile, still resides in Nashville, TN.

"I'm really excited about it. I'm really happy about it. This is the lightest I've felt in I don't know how long," Greg gushed.

"I can feel it man!" Andrew exclaimed.

Last summer, Victoria and Greg had been house hunting in Nashville together, but Greg apparently never made the move.

Victoria and Greg also dealt with split rumors last summer.

When rumors had swirled that Victoria was single again -- mainly because she and Greg hadn't posted about each other on social media for a month -- she shut them down by sharing some photos of herself cuddling with Greg in her home.

In June 2023, Victoria explained in a Q&A session via Instagram Stories why she and Greg hadn't gotten engaged yet. After all, Greg had said only a few months earlier that he could picture himself marrying Victoria and having kids with her within five years.

"LMFAOOOOOOO. [Questioning about our engagement] is nuts!! You guys, if you don't remember, one year ago I was engaged Johnny. When it happens, it will not be rushed or for anyone but us. But y'all will be the first to know, trust," Victoria said.

Greg and Victoria first met at Governors Ball Music Festival in Summer 2021 and remained friends for nearly a year.

The couple told Nick Viall in December 2022 on "The Viall Files" podcast that they had mutual interest in each other but never acted on those feelings, especially since Victoria wanted to appear on Bachelor in Paradise that year and Greg was in a relationship with a woman overseas at that point.

Victoria therefore looked for love on Paradise, and she fell hard and fast for Johnny, who initially competed for Gabby Windey's heart on The Bachelorette's nineteenth season.


Victoria and Johnny got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season in 2022, but the couple split shortly after filming the finale.

Victoria alleged Johnny had called her terrible names -- including a "f-cking c-nt" and "homewrecker," which Johnny denied and called "low blows" -- and Johnny claimed Victoria was jealous and "heartbroken" over his The Bachelorette stint, which was airing on television while they were secretly engaged.

Johnny also said Victoria demanded a lifestyle he wasn't ready for yet and their differences were glaring.

According to Victoria, she and Johnny ended their engagement three weeks after Johnny's marriage proposal because their dynamic was "toxic."

But Johnny claimed his relationship with Victoria didn't officially end until mid-September 2022 considering they were allegedly still speaking and had been going to therapy before Victoria enjoyed a surprising European getaway with Greg in late October of that year.

Fans first spotted Victoria and Greg, and suspected a romance, when they were spotted in Italy together.

Because of how quickly Victoria moved on from Johnny, the brunette beauty was accused of cheating on her then-fiance with Greg.

Victoria and Greg also flirted on social media as reports swirled about Victoria and Johnny's split.

Victoria said that Greg had officially asked her to be his girlfriend on Halloween in 2022, and then Victoria went public with her new relationship on November 4 of that year, when the Bachelor in Paradise reunion special taped.

Bachelor in Paradise's reunion aired in late November 2022, and fans were shocked to see Victoria and Greg so affectionate and carefree about their relationship. Victoria claimed she didn't care what anyone thought of her because she was so happy with Greg.

"I'm completely in love with her, like, head over heels in love with her," Greg said on Nick's podcast.

Nick therefore playfully asked Greg if he was ready to propose marriage to Victoria.

"Stay tuned!" Victoria teased.

"I mean, we both want that in life," Greg interjected, "she's my person."

Victoria had agreed that Greg was her "person," and then Greg added, "I haven't felt -- I don't want to say 'content,' that's not the right word because it sounds boring. But I think there's a certain beauty with being content with someone."

Greg said he could just sit in a room with Victoria for days on end and they wouldn't get sick of each other.

"We're growing day by day, and I see it going that route," Greg gushed. "I want that and I know that that's important to her, and I want to be able to take that step with her."

Victoria was clearly getting choked up during the interview and she said, "I'm going to cry."

Prior to appearing on Paradise, Victoria competed for Peter Weber on The Bachelor's 24th season and finished in third place after Fantasy Suites.

Greg and Andrew initially competed on Katie Thurston's season of The Bachelorette.


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