Bachelor in Paradise bachelorette Victoria Fuller has clarified the timeline of when she and Greg Grippo began dating, and she's continuing to insist she never cheated on Johnny DePhillipo.

On Bachelor in Paradise's Season 8 reunion on Tuesday night, which aired five months after the finale in Mexico taped in June, Victoria and Johnny revealed they had broken up and called off their engagement -- and Victoria was already in a new relationship with Greg, who competed on Katie Thurston's The Bachelorette season in 2021.


Johnny acknowledged rumors Victoria had cheated on him, but Victoria insisted that wasn't the case and she only began seeing Greg romantically once her engagement ended.

"There was no crossover in timeline. Greg and I have been friends for a year and a half and it didn't become romantic until we were able to explore the relationship, which was only a few weeks ago," Victoria told on November 5, the day after the Bachelor in Paradise reunion filmed.

"It's new, but because we built a relationship on a friendship, it's been really easy to be so comfortable with him. That's why it seems like it's taken off fast. We had a year and a half to get to know each other."

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, Victoria and Johnny split in early September.

Greg revealed on the reunion that when multiple fans had spotted them in Italy together in late October, that was actually their first official date.

Greg said he asked Victoria if she wanted to meet him in Rome two days from that point instead of going out in Nashville or New York, where they currently live, and Victoria agreed to the spontaneous trip.

"After I had completely broken up with Johnny, Greg called me and said he wanted to see where it could go. He called me and asked if I would be willing to go on a date with him in Italy. We didn't want to go on a date in the U.S. because we didn't want anyone to see us," Victoria reiterated.

Victoria told it was "a really easy transition" going from friends to lovers with Greg.

"We were both interested in one another, but we never really knew that. Nothing had ever happened between us before we started dating. We never even kissed. We hadn't been on a date until we went to Italy," Victoria explained.


Victoria said she and Greg never thought they'd be "caught or spotted" in Europe together, which had started a gossip frenzy on social media considering Johnny and Victoria's romance was still playing out on the show.

"Truly think about this for a second: We were in another country among millions of people. Who were we to think that we were going to get spotted? We're not the Kardashians," Victoria said.

"We were in Europe during the off-season... We wouldn't have gone there if we thought we would [get caught]. That was our first time actually going on a date and we were seeing if we were a good match. And we were and we were able to see that we are super compatible and like each other a lot."

Victoria confirmed Greg is "officially" her "boyfriend" now and she is thrilled.

"He asked me out [to be his girlfriend] on Halloween. We are just very happy right now," she noted.

However, given Victoria is in Nashville and Greg is in New York, the couple still has to figure out where they want to live.

"Our relationship is still very new and we're just enjoying each other's company right now," Victoria shared.

Although Greg flirted with Victoria on social media in late October and The Bachelor alum Nick Viall posted a video of the pair kissing during a game night earlier this month, Victoria said, "[November 4] was the first night we were allowed to sit on the same couch where people could see us."

"We are just excited to go on dates in public in America," she added. "We don't know where we're going to land, but we do want to be in the same place soon."

Victoria said she and Greg have "very similar expectations" and know where they "both want to go in life."

"We are both looking for something very serious. As of right now, we are taking each other into consideration. He knows I was looking for a husband and I want to start a family soon, so we are not taking this lightly," Victoria explained.


Although Victoria has clearly moved on from Johnny, she pointed out how "every breakup is hard," especially when a couple dates in the public eye.

"I would like to say to people that this was five months ago that we filmed and I am allowed to live my life. I deserve to be happy, as does Johnny, as does Greg," Victoria said.

Victoria revealed that she ultimately has "no regrets" about how her time on Paradise ended, even though she dealt with a broken engagement after the finale taped in June.

"I always truly felt how I said I felt in the moment, especially with Johnny. I am in a new chapter of my life now and I wish Johnny the best, so I hope he finds love as well. For now, I'm just enjoying where I am at with Greg," Victoria concluded.

On the Bachelor in Paradise reunion, Victoria said her relationship with Johnny fell apart when he allegedly called her "a f-cking c-nt" and criticized her womanhood since she doesn't cook or clean. Victoria said she had to get out of the relationship because she wasn't happy.

Johnny, on the other hand, said he thought they were working their issues out when times were tough. The couple had even attended therapy together.

"I still consider talking to someone else while we're working on our issues cheating or emotional cheating," Johnny declared. "I wish you all the best in life and I think I need to step back down and rebuild myself."

Although Johnny appeared devastated, Victoria and Greg flaunted their connection and giggled about their relationship and the fact they got matching "Ciao" tattoos while in Italy.

"No one has to understand it or get it, and that's okay. But everyone can hate us if they f-cking want," Victoria told fans during the reunion. "I don't give two sh-ts because I've got this m-therf-cker."

Prior to her stint on Paradise, Victoria competed on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor and finished in third place.


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