Bachelor in Paradise's reunion featured two engagements, shocking breakups, Victoria confirming her relationship with Greg Grippo in front of a devastated Johnny DePhillipoEliza Isichei and Jacob Rapini expressing regret, and Michael Allio making a stunning announcement, and Logan Palmer taking a stand during Part 2 of the Season 8 finale Tuesday night on ABC.

Part 2 of Bachelor in Paradise's finale switched back and forth between the reunion, which taped on November 4, and the final days of Bachelor in Paradise that were filmed in Mexico back in June.

Victoria, Johnny, Serene Russell, and Brandon Jones were shown waking up from their Fantasy Suite dates while host Jesse Palmer gathered in studio with Bachelor in Paradise alums.

Jesse introduced the following Season 8 bachelors and bachelorettes onstage: Salley Carson, Hunter Haag, Jessenia Cruz, Kate Gallivan, Ency Abedin, Eliza, Jill Chin, Aaron Clancy, Lace Morris, Justin Glaze, Jacob, Sierra Jackson, Kira Mengistu, Romeo Alexander, Logan, Andrew Spencer, Genevieve Parisi, Shanae Ankney, and Rodney Mathews.


Kira and Romeo confirmed they're still together and dating, and that was only the very beginning!

Below is what happened on Bachelor in Paradise's reunion and where everyone in the cast stands now.


Jill Chin admitted "The Split" broke her because she really wanted to be with Jacob Rapini.

"The one regret I actually have during this whole process is I had such a connection with you, Jill, that honestly," Jacob began, before walking over to Jill and holding her hands.

"As far distanced as we are, I think you and I do have a real connection. I'm open to a relationship with you, if you are."

Jill appeared giddy and was all smiles.

Jill replied, "I am open as well," and then the couple kissed.

Jacob picked Jill up in his arms and then the pair ran offstage together.


Kate Gallivan apologized to Logan Palmer for the remarks she had made about his lifestyle, inexpensive car and inability to afford an Equinox gym membership. Kate explained how she "hated" that Logan had to hear her "concerns," because she was just venting to her girlfriends in private.

Logan quipped how they're always on-camera with microphones on, but Kate said her surface-level insults signified deeper feelings for her.

"You weren't ready for the type of serious partnership that I'm looking for," Kate said.

Logan said he used to be a scuba instructor who walked dogs to get by while he pursued a career as a videographer.

"I ended up building an amazing career using a camera, and I'm so proud of that," Logan said. "It's something that took a long time... and she made fun of me for it. She tried to humiliate me for it in front of her friends, and everyone cackles."

Logan said Kate's remarks "showed a lot" and he wished she had said those things to his face because it would've "cleared a lot of things up" and essentially saved him a lot of time and energy.

"I think it would've showed who you were," Logan snapped.


Rodney Mathews said watching and reliving the season was really difficult because he felt "the spark" with Eliza Isichei that he had been waiting for his whole life. Rodney said he wanted to become a husband and father more than anything.

Eliza shared how the saddest part of the whole thing was "it was supposed to be Rodney" and that's who she initially wanted. Eliza said she had so much hope for their relationship and so she's sad and disappointed in how it ended.

"I wish it had gone so differently," Eliza confessed.


Rodney then shared with viewers how he had told Eliza to go on a date with Justin Glaze only if she wasn't 100 percent sure about him.

Rodney, who had been dating Lace Morris in Paradise beforehand, said he didn't want to be a hypocrite by preventing Eliza from exploring her options in Paradise if she wanted that freedom.

"I didn't want to be toxic or controlling because that's not me, that's not my nature," Rodney explained.

Eliza said she wanted to hear Rodney say, "I don't want you to," in that moment, but Rodney recalled telling Eliza that he didn't want her to go.

"Was that just not enough?" Rodney questioned.

Eliza broke down into tears and then Jesse asked her if she still had feelings for Rodney. Eliza cried and said "of course" she did -- and the feelings never stopped. Eliza apologized to Rodney for not making him feel like he was enough, because he is.

"I think we would be in the best relationship, and I think I made a mistake," Eliza confessed.

Rodney got emotional and said he didn't know how to feel because Eliza is an amazing person. He said he wants her to be happy but will never be able to forget how he felt when she dumped him, both hurt and humiliated in front of everyone.

Rodney said he was healing and finally getting better, and so he just wished Eliza nothing but the best.


Genevieve Parisi said watching the good times on the show was hard because it reminded her of "what could have been" with Aaron Clancy; however, she felt frustrated by their constant fighting and how their relationship ended.

Aaron confirmed he had strong, positive feelings for Genevieve and he really loved her. Aaron said the fighting was tough to watch and they hadn't spoken since their breakup in Mexico.

Genevieve told Aaron she had made a lot of mistakes, including being emotionally reactive, but she reacted to Aaron's words or actions. Genevieve said she wished she had handled the tough times better.

Aaron called himself prideful, childish and "a straight up d-ck" sometimes. Aaron said he wants to be a kind and generous person and he was a failure during their relationship.

"I could have been better," Aaron said.

"That was more than I needed," Genevieve responded in tears, seemingly happy and pleased.


Tyler Norris walked out on the stage alone and announced that he and Brittany Galvin were no longer together.

Tyler said he thought he had found something that could last forever, but it didn't turn out that way.

Tyler recalled letting his guard down "for the real thing." She apparently flew to New Jersey after filming the show and then he went to Chicago and met her family.

He said everything was perfect but then Brittany traveled to London and Italy alone. While in Italy, Tyler claimed Brittany had FaceTimed him and said that she felt like they're two different people living two different lives and so she just couldn't do it anymore.

"And that was the day I got dumped by [Rachel Recchia] on national television," Tyler lamented, referencing his stint on The Bachelorette's nineteenth season.

Tyler admitted he was questioning whether what he had with Brittany was ever real as a result.

Brittany then walked onstage and gave Tyler a hug. Brittany said she slowly started losing feelings for Tyler after the show and she didn't want to waste his time or energy when she didn't feel 100 percent confident in what they had.

Tyler said Brittany had expressed her love for him every day and he loved her too.

"That's not the way it went down though," Brittany interjected. "I did ask for a break and within two hours, you were Snapchatting me. And then in four hours, you started DMing me. And then in 12 hours, you were asking me, 'Can we talk right now?'"

Brittany said what frustrated her was that Tyler was simply "too much."


Tyler apparently felt led on, but Brittany said there was a complete lack of communication because she had tried to tell him how she felt.

Brittany insisted her feelings for Tyler were real in Paradise and she loved him so much. She said they should've had a conversation before the breakup, rather than Tyler just checking on her by messaging her mother.

Tyler cried, saying when you love someone, you check up on them.


Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby walked onstage together and looked incredibly happy.

Danielle said life with Michael was "pretty freaking wonderful" and Michael said meeting Danielle had changed his life and things continued to get better and better.

Michael then addressed Sierra, saying he never gave her the closure she needed and she deserved a lot more than that. Michael said he couldn't give Sierra the type of love that she had been giving him.

Michael apologized for hurting Sierra, who said she just wanted Michael to be happy and find his perfect person.

Getting back to Danielle and Michael, Danielle revealed they had decided to end their long-distance relationship. Danielle planned to move to Akron, OH, although she and Michael weren't going to live together under the same roof.

Danielle said she loved James, who probably wouldn't appreciate a roommate quite yet.

Michael gushed about how Danielle is "remarkable" with James and when she's around, James sits on her lap and doesn't want her to leave. Michael said "it's no surprise at all" his son loves Danielle.

When asked what their future looks like together, Michael told Danielle that he appreciated how patient and understanding she had been with him.

"I've only said, 'I love you,' to one person in my entire life, but I love you," Michael told Danielle.

Danielle admitted she was "shocked as sh-t" and started to cry, and she gushed, "You've never said that to me!"

The couple kissed and then Michael -- who also had tears in his eyes -- repeated, "I love you so much."

Danielle previously told Michael that she loved him on accident, but she confirmed at the reunion, "I freaking love you too!"


Footage flashed back to Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo's final day in Mexico.

After Victoria and Johnny's Fantasy Suite date, the pair seemed totally in love. Johnny said every relationship he had been in ended horribly, usually with him getting hurt.

Johnny therefore was a little bit afraid of commitment, but he met with jeweler Neil Lane and picked out an engagement ring.

Johnny said he felt like he "had" to propose, but then he corrected himself and claimed he wanted to. Johnny said his Victoria romance hit him like a train and punched him in the mouth.

Victoria then approached Johnny on the beach. She called him "the man of my dreams," saying she felt totally accepted by him. Victoria said she learned that love is not a checklist but rather a feeling.

Victoria told Johnny that he had changed her world and she never wanted to live a day without him.

"I cannot even imagine life without you at this person. You have literally overnight become my best friend," Victoria gushed through tears, adding how she had found a real relationship and was completely head over heels in love with him.


Johnny also started to cry, sharing how he never felt confident, brave or strong until he met Victoria. Johnny said fate had brought them together and he never felt this way about a woman before.

Johnny promised to have Victoria's back forever and never leave her side. He said he wants to be there when she's sick, make her happy, and take care of her.

"I think every king has a powerful queen next to him, and you're my queen," Johnny said.

Johnny then got down on one knee and asked Victoria to make him "the happiest man" by marrying him.

"Oh my gosh, yes! Are you kidding?!" Victoria gushed. "I'm shaking! I love you."


Johnny revealed that he and Victoria were broken up and no longer engaged.

"I want to say I'm good, but it really does break my heart that she's not sitting next to me as my fiancee right now... This is uncomfortable," Johnny shared.

Johnny said within a month after filming ended, he started to feel "not good enough" for Victoria. The couple then began fighting a lot and Johnny said rumors began surfacing.

Johnny said he really wanted to trust her, suggesting he couldn't.

Jesse then invited Victoria to join them onstage, and Johnny seemed distraught when she walked out.

When asked where things went wrong with Johnny, Victoria called it "the million dollar question." Cameras then flashed to Tyler and Logan appearing upset, as if their hearts were going out to Johnny.

Victoria explained there were a lot of concerns once she and Johnny got in the real world together, with many ups and downs.

"I expressed to him that I wasn't happy... From the very beginning I was straightforward with him. Three weeks out, [I said], 'This isn't working for me.' And I knew at that point we were not going to be engaged," Victoria recalled.

Johnny acknowledged how he and Victoria had their "issues" but he didn't think their relationship was over entirely and for good at that point.

He accused Victoria of creating a narrative for what was "out there in the public" because he thought they were going to work on their issues and remain engaged.

Victoria asked Johnny what was "out there," and Johnny said there were rumors that Victoria had cheated on him and started dating Greg Grippo from Katie Thurston's The Bachelorette season.

"This is something you had constantly told me is not true," Johnny noted.

"Right... that I cheated on you. I know you know that to not be true," Victoria said. "I think it's very easy to blame another situation on other people for us not working out, and I totally empathize with you, the fact that maybe it's hard to see me moving on."

But Victoria dropped jaws when she announced, "What is the appropriate time to move on when you called me 'a f-cking c-nt?' We were supposed to be in a very happy, loving relationship."

Victoria then continued, "Not only that, you said, 'You don't cook, you don't clean. What do you provide to a relationship as a woman?"

Tyler attempted to stand up for Johnny, but Victoria immediately shot him down and told him to butt out because it was none of his business.

"We both know that's not something I would say, and it did not go down like that," Johnny claimed.

Victoria argued that's exactly what he said, but Johnny said he was joking around about the cooking and cleaning thing. Johnny said he'd never demean a person or a woman like that.


Johnny said he didn't want to drag each other through the mud, especially because there were things Victoria had said that she wouldn't want to be public.

Victoria said she was trying to explain the turning point in their relationship, which they apparently went to therapy over. Victoria said she cared about Johnny and didn't want to hurt him but she never cheated on him.

"You know damn well that isn't true!" Victoria said.

"You're flying all over the world and posting videos with Greg immediately after our engagement?" Johnny vented.

Victoria asked Johnny what videos he was talking about, and Johnny said she had posted a video of a honeymoon suite in Nashville, which she apparently enjoyed with Greg.

"What are you -- that has nothing to do with what we are talking about," Victoria replied.

Johnny said if he really meant a lot to Victoria, she would have given him a heads-up about Greg and/or apologized for "being in a full-blown relationship with a man" whom Victoria had allegedly said she "was not into."

Victoria said Johnny wasn't taking accountability for what happened in their relationship, but Johnny questioned if Victoria ever really loved him and was genuine.

Victoria repeated how Johnny had allegedly called her terrible names, and she tried to maintain her composure.

Jesse then flat out asked Victoria if she was dating Greg, and she replied, "Yes, Greg and I are together."

Victoria, however, said she and Greg did not start dating until after her engagement to Johnny had ended. She repeated how she never cheated on Johnny with Greg.

"I still consider talking to someone else while we're working on our issues cheating or emotional cheating," Johnny declared. "I wish you all the best in life and I think I need to step back down and rebuild myself."

Tyler then comforted Johnny outside, saying Victoria never loved him. Tyler said Victoria was going to do and say anything to make it look like the breakup was Johnny's fault "because that's who she is."

"We both know the truth. We know it," Tyler said.


Victoria said she had gotten engaged to Johnny five months ago and so she was excited about her new relationship with Greg Grippo.

Greg revealed he and Victoria had met through mutual friends in 2021 and known each other for a while. Greg said they kept in touch and then in the weeks after Paradise ended filming, they ended up "rekindling."

Greg then asked Victoria out and said, "Want to meet me in Rome in two days?"

Victoria said they decided to go to Europe together because they couldn't meet for a drink in New York City or Nashville without being seen. Victoria said she and Greg just wanted to test things out and see if they fit together.

"No one has to understand it or get it, and that's okay. But everyone can hate us if they f-cking want. I don't give two sh-ts because I've got this m-therf-cker," Victoria proudly declared, which shocked the studio audience.

Victoria and Greg then revealed their matching "Ciao" tattoos and giggled about their relationship.



Serene Russell and Brandon Jones were shown waking up in bed next to each other after their Fantasy Suite. Brandon said he was excited to propose to the most "insanely beautiful woman" he had ever met, his soul mate.

Brandon said he had no reservations about popping the question and that he felt like the luckiest man ever.

Serene called her relationship with Brandon a "fairy-tale love" as she approached Brandon on the beach in a white dress. Brandon already had tears in his eyes because he was so happy to see her.

Serene told Brandon that they had a life-changing love, more than she ever could have expected or dreamed about. She said she felt seen and understood more than ever before.

"I found my best friend, my missing puzzle piece and my soul mate," Serene shared. "I love you so much and I'm never going to take that for granted."

In reply, Brandon shared how "The Split" made him realize that he never wanted to spend another day of his life without her. Brandon gushed about how he loved her in every sense of the word and she's an everlasting spark that hit him so hard.

"I will love you until the end of time. I will love you until my last breath, and I want to start forever with you," Brandon said. "And that starts with making you my forever."

Brandon got down on one knee and presented Serene with an engagement ring.

"Would you make me the happiest man on this earth? Will you marry me?" Brandon asked.

"Yes!" Serene replied in tears.

The couple hugged and kissed, and Serene said she had waited her entire life to witness this kind of love.

Jesse then joined Brandon and Serene on the beach. Given Brandon had kept saying he would marry Serene today if he could, Jesse -- who got ordained -- asked the pair if they wanted to get married right then and there in Mexico.

Serene and Brandon giggled, and Brandon asked his fiancee what she was thinking.

Footage then switched to the reunion, and Brandon and Serene were welcomed onstage. They were smiling and glowing, and Serene said Brandon had done a great job picking out her engagement ring.

Brandon confirmed it was love at first sight with Serene and she's the "most perfect" woman for him. Serene said she was so grateful for Brandon, and Brandon announced, "I love the sh-t out of you!"

Brandon confirmed he and Serene didn't get married on the beach that day. While they're dying to get married, they're both family oriented and want their family and friends to be able to attend.

Jesse said Brandon's mother would "kill" him if he married Serene without her there.

Brandon said Jesse could ordain their wedding, however, once it happens.


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