The Bachelor alum Lace Morris has given birth to her first child with her now ex-boyfriend Ryan John Nelson.

Lace, 34, recently took to Instagram and unveiled pictures of her baby boy, Liam Lee.


"Meet Liam Lee," Lace captioned the carousel of pictures. "This little champ is already aiming for the stars from day one."

Lace welcomed her son on March 16 at 3:43AM at a hospital in Denver, CO, and Liam weighed seven pounds and seven ounces at the time of his birth.

Lace first shared the news of Liam's birth via Instagram Stories on March 16.

"Holy sh-t, I'm a mom," Lace wrote, according to Us Weekly. "That was one of the most special/craziest experiences ever."

On Sunday, March 24, Lace opened up to her followers about what her life has been like as a single mom in a Q&A session.

Lace confirmed of Ryan, "He's fully present for Liam, just absent from my social media as we are not together."

Lace admitted via Instagram Stories that postpartum is "a lot" for her to handle because of her recovery plus "the pain that comes with breastfeeding" and the "intense" emotions she's been dealing with. Lace also said that adding "a crying newborn" to the mix has made things more difficult.

"There [were] a few days of me just crying [with] him," Lace confessed. "But we are getting in the swing of things & a lot better."

Lace insisted that loving her son is something she has "truly never before." She also joked about how she never realized she's so "controlling."

When a fan asked how she's feeling physically, Lace replied, "I luckily only had a small tear but [am] still in some pain down there. Energy is pretty good too! [Eight] days [postpartum], nursing helps."

Lace shared how she's learned to be very patient because it's hard to tell what's wrong with a newborn sometimes.


Lace noted that has "no doubt" she and Ryan will "figure it out" but she's been experiencing "a lot of emotions" in the meantime. Luckily, Lace has her mother helping her with the baby, and her family and friends have apparently been "top notch" in the last week or so.

Lace first revealed that she was going to become a mother in late August 2023.

"Baby has entered the chat. What a beautiful surprise," Lace captioned an image of her dog, Lola, wearing a bandana that read "baby security," sitting alongside a onesie that read "protected by Lola" and an ultrasound photo.

"Baby Nelson due in March #babyannouncement #babycomingsoon," she added.

Lace did not reveal any additional details about the nature of her relationship with Ryan in her social-media posting.

But Lace shared on social media in February that her romance with Ryan was "messy" and she wasn't ready to talk about it yet.

"I guess technically no we're not [dating]. We're living together, but you gotta understand, we made a baby right as we started dating. You don't really know a person and that changes a lot," Lace said at the time, according to

"We've tried to make it work. We just don't know where it's going to go, but right now, our focus is being here for Liam obviously... You guys know I like to keep it real, but this one is just still kind of messy and we're trying to figure it out. Unfortunately right now, it's not working though."

Lace found fame when she competed for Ben Higgins' heart on The Bachelor's 20th season. She then got engaged to Grant Kemp on Bachelor in Paradise's third season in Summer 2016.

Lace, who was a real estate agent at the time of her first Paradise stint, and Grant "mutually" split in November 2016, only two months after their engagement aired on television.

Shortly after their breakup, Grant was spotted out with another woman and Lace confessed she was "shocked" he had moved on so quickly, adding that there was no chance of a reconciliation.

Several months later, Grant told Us that his relationship with Lace was "very volatile."

Lace admitted during a June 2017 episode of "The Ben & Ashley I: Almost Famous Podcast" that it was "definitely lust" with Grant and not genuine love.

"I think lust is like sexual and you kind of have this fantasy of what you want. You want it to work, you think this guy is attractive, you think you're in love. It's almost forced," Lace said on the podcast.

Lace claimed at the time she had found true love with a man named Russell, but they broke up and then Lace returned to Bachelor in Paradise for the show's eighth season in 2022.

Lace dated Rodney Mathews during her 2022 appearance on Paradise and she seemed happier than ever with the sweet and funny bachelor by her side.

However, the show's "The Split" twist forced Lace and Rodney to different resorts, and then Rodney fell hard and fast for Eliza Isichei.

"Lace is a very, very emotional person," Brandon Jones told the cameras.

"I think as soon as Rodney has this conversation, Lace is going to turn into 'Laceifer.' Just don't give this girl gasoline or a match, please, because she's going to light this boy up."

Rodney ultimately dumped Lace, who was completely crushed and left Bachelor in Paradise bawling her eyes out.

"I trusted your words and now I just feel -- you left me with be secure in what we have and not to worry," Lace cried to Rodney. "It was eating me alive... I'm going home. This all sucks so bad. I'm just exhausted."


The Bachelor alum lamented in her final words, "I should've saw this coming. I should've expected it."

"This is why I hate it," she continued.

"I can't find love and I'm sick of it; it's so hard. I'm so humiliated. I've worked so hard just to put myself out there, only to get hurt again. I don't know what to do at this point. I don't get it."

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