Adrian Cohen admitted to committing the crime, but he reportedly won't be serving any time and might even be able to keep his job as medical director for CBS' Survivor reality series.

The Sydney-based doctor who has traveled the world serving as medical director on numerous seasons of  Mark Burnett's Survivor and Eco-Challenge reality series admitted to cocaine-use and inappropriately obtaining prescription drugs to the New South Wales Medical Tribunal, but did not lose his medical license.  Instead, Cohen was fined $15,000, ordered to repay the $28,000 cost of the drugs he stole and must perform his job for at least a year under the watchful eye of another doctor selected by the medical tribunal, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

While he must also enter therapy for abuse and pay legal fees associated with his hearing, The Post reported Burnett "declined to comment" on Cohen's job status with Survivor.

Throughout the hearings, which began in late January, Australian medical authorities claimed Cohen "regularly used cocaine" to "self-medicate" from 1998 to 2003.  Cohen alleged obtained the pharmaceutical grade cocaine powder by using some of his patients' names to write improper prescriptions.  He was also accused of inappropriately obtaining free "Doctor's Bag order" drugs, which are designed to provide doctors with free medication in emergencies, and using them for his commercial business.

Cohen told the tribunal he personally used cocaine recreationally beginning in 1998 and described his use from there as "sporadic and unpredictable" and added it was brought about by the stresses caused by his "unique business."