Tiffany "New York" Pollard met the 20 bachelors trying to win her heart as I Love New York second-season suitors during last night's premiere broadcast of the VH1 reality competition series, which also saw the 25-year-old Utica, NY native send her first group of five guys packing.

Doc, a cable guy and bartender from Philadelphia, PA; Sweetie Pie, an Atlanta, GA-native; Champion, a former professional football player from Paducah, KY; Oakland, CA-native Millione; and Ears, a computer programmer from Fountain Valley, CA, were all ousted by New York at the onset of the competition.

"I'm a real dude, and all the cats in their are fake," said Doc after he was sent packing.  "She's going to find out in the long run the hard way." 

I Love New York 2's premiere broadcast began with a brief recap of New York's reality dating series relationship history, with first-season winner Patrick "Tango" Hunter asking for her hand in marriage during the finale, but withdrawing his proposal to her during the show's reunion special.  Unable to find love in the first season of her own series and having the dubious honor of being spurned by Flava Flav on the first (and only) two season of VH1's Flavor of Love, Pollard was willing to give love another try in-front of the cameras.

"New York is once again back in the mother f**king house!" she exclaimed.  "And this time, I'm going to find a man, even if it kills my ass!"

New York then met 10 of her suitors at the mansion that they called home during the duration of filming.  She surprised the guys by explaining that five of the bachelors who will compete for her heart were chosen by fans via a website designed solely for that purpose, and they had already moved into the mansion. When the five fan favorites were introduced, they received boos from the other guys.

New York then had another surprise, as her mother Sister Patterson also had a hand in selecting five of the contestants who will attempt to woo her daughter.  Despite being upset that her mom has the "audacity" to bring her "Mama's Boys" into the competition, New York said Patterson "knows what she's doing."

The guys then chose their rooms and some immediately started partying, which included downing shots and sipping champagne.  Meanwhile New York met with her mom and expressed her dismay at Patterson's reaction to Midget Mac, a four-foot tall single father of two from Florida.  New York thought her mom had an "over the top" reaction to meeting Midget Mac, and explained the fact that he's a little person won't hurt his chances.

"I can't get rid of him until he messes up," said New York, while Patterson threatened to "kill" her daughter if she ends up with Midget Mac.

The 20 bachelors then had their individual introductions with New York and Patterson, and they also received their nicknames.  Once the introductions were over, a mixer was held in the mansion's backyard to allow both New York and Patterson get to know the guys a little better.  Texas native Wolf thought he knew the fastest way to New York's heart, informing her he has a "big d**k" and is the "full package."

"I know his d**k is big!  I know it!  I know it's big!" gushed New York when Wolf gave her the news.  "I mean oh God my heart hurts."

"He's going to tell her that he's got a big d**k?!" said East Hazel Crest, IL-native Man Man, who was there to hear Wolf's comment.  "She should have put him in his place for saying something like that!"
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Not all of the guys were able to make as good of an impression as Wolf.  New York commented it was "so boring" to be engaged in conversation with Ears,  who finished second in the fan voting competition.  She was happy when Midget Mac took her for some one-on-one time, and explained she's "definitely not afraid" of his small stature.

"I'm not looking for legs, I'm looking for love," she explained, adding she was a "little nervous" because she never dated a small person before.

Patterson held her own interviews, and gushed over Champion, who is one of "Mama's Boys."  She wasn't too impressed by The Entertainer, a dock loader from Congers, NY who finished No. 1 in the fan competition with 38,990 votes in one week during the last round.  Patterson called The Entertainer a "freak" to his face and accused him of liking to "get dirty" sexually.  He didn't deny it and was surprised she called him on it.

"It was a disappointment," explained The Entertainer.  "I have to earn Sister Patterson's respect.  If you want to be with somebody's daughter, you have to have that mother like you, or else it will never work."

New York engaged in conversation with Buddha, a model and personal trainer from Miami, FL, and he explained how he was a "man" among a "lot of boys."  As if on cue, Long Island City, NY-native It horned in on the conversation.  He started kissing New York's neck while she talked to Buddha, who took offense and described It as a "weird dude" and "retard."

Man Man also saw his conversation with Patterson interrupted by Millione.  The two had a heated verbal argument and Patterson couldn't believe it happened right in front of her, calling the majority of suitors "a bunch of freaks and idiots."

New York calmed down her mom and was anxious to get back outside and continue with the mixer to learn what the guys' intentions were.  She was stunned to learn the intentions of Champion, who told her he was "feeling" Patterson.

"Guys who think the way to my heart is through my mom, that's not doing anything for me," said New York.  "You need to work on me because these are my decisions."

Tailor Made, a fashion planner from Queens, NY, tried to impress New York by paying some of the other guys to leave them alone.  New York didn't look to happy, especially when Tailor Made commented on how her breasts weren't real.  She told him he won't be able to "buy" her heart; said she's not a "gold digger;" and added he's trying "way too hard." 

"After a little time alone with New York, she was actually repulsed by my ostentatious display of wealth," said Tailor Made, who was told to "step off" by Pretty, a law school student from Pearl, MS.  "I realized I'm going to have to tone it down a bit and really work to win this woman's heart."

Midget Mac then confronted Patterson, who continued to laugh at the thought of her daughter dating a small person.  While she commented she didn't want to "offend" Midget Mac, it was clear by the look on his face that's what she was doing.  She apologized, but it seemed empty.

"There's no way in hell I'm going to let my daughter end up with his guy," she commented.

"You don't talk to Mac like that, I don't know who the f**k you think you is," said Midget Mac. 

With the mixer complete, it was time for New York and the 20 suitors to participate in I Love New York 2's first elimination ceremony.  She required some help from her mom since she didn't have the chance to meet everyone as well as she would have liked.

"Get rid of that midget, please Tiffany," pleaded Patterson before the ceremony.

New York then revealed The Entertainer; Pretty; Buddha; Mr. Wise, a club promoter from Camden, NJ who finished fifth in the fan voting competition; Man Man; Wolf; Yours, an artist from Jacksonville, FL; 20 Pack, a hair stylist from Florida; Punk, a lawyer from Elgin, IL; Cheezy, a wax museum employee from Cherry Hill, NJ; Tailor Made; Knock Out, a cable television technician from Detroit, MI; Unsure, a bartender and model from New Jersey; It; and Midget Mac were all still in the running for her heart.

"It made me really mad when someone like It is going to get picked over me," commented Millione.

The ceremony didn't lack dramatics, as Wolf told Patterson and the rest of the guys what he had told New York about his package.  Patterson called him on it and asked him to show it, but he was apparently too much of a gentleman for that and declined.  Champion also left with his arm around Patterson.

"I think I'm leaving with the winner," she said of Champion.

I Love New York 2's next episode will air Monday, October 15 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.