It remains to be seen how long Vincent Margera's insane "Don Vito" Viva La Bam alter ego will land him behind bars, but it was definitely on display when his trial recently concluded.

On Wednesday a Jefferson County, CO jury convicted Margera on two counts of sexual assault of a child for groping the breasts of two girls -- a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old -- in August 2006, the Rocky Mountain News reported.  It was an emotional day for Margera, who reportedly threw quite a tantrum when Jefferson County District Judge M.J. Menendez read the jury's first guilty verdict.

"Jesus!  I can't spend the rest of my f**king life in jail!  Just f**king kill me now!" Margera yelled, according to the Rocky Mountain News, which added the 51-year-old West Chester, PA native also knocked down his own defense attorney -- Pamela Mackey -- as he jumped on the floor.

"I can't stand-up! My legs! My legs! I can't move," Margera reportedly continued to yell after four deputies tried to subdue him, only to have him flip-out again when the second guilty verdict was read by Menendez.

"I didn't f**king do nothing.  You can rot in f**king hell," screamed Margera, according to the Rocky Mountain News.

Additional deputies were subsequently called to the courtroom with a wheelchair and defibrillator, the Rocky Mountain News reported, adding Margera was eventually "dragged" out of the courtroom sobbing and in handcuffs.

"I've never seen a defendant plunge to the floor like that," Denver District Attorney Scott Storey told the Rocky Mountain News.  "It's definitely a serious verdict.  Not knowing him, I don't know if that's a typical reaction.  he may have been taken by surprise and thought he would be exonerated.  That's certainly not the case."

Margera's conviction stems from an incident at Colorado Mills skatepark in August 2006, in which three girls between the ages of 12- and 14-years-old accused him of groping their breasts as they were having their photographs taken with him during an autograph session. 

The trial began 10 days ago and the Rocky Mountain News reported the 12-year-old girl accused Margera of touching her breast and commenting "big boob;" while the 14-year-old claimed he put a sticker on her breast and inner thigh.

Somewhat ironically, the Rocky Mountain News added Margera was acquitted on a charge involving another 12-year-old girl whose parents were the ones who initiated the filing of charges by complaining about the Viva La Bam co-star's actions to mall security and police. 

While Margera had been charged with groping her breasts, the girl reportedly testified that he came near her but never touched her except as he put his arm around her for the photo.

Margera maintained throughout the trial that he did nothing wrong, and Mackey argued her client was simply acting the same way as his "Don Vito" character on MTV's Viva La Bam, which fans "loved and expected to see," the Rocky Mountain News reported. 
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In addition, Mackey reportedly claimed any touching during the photo shoots shouldn't be considered criminal conduct because it "wasn't done for sexual arousal, gratification or abuse, as the law requires."

Margera is scheduled to be sentenced on December 20, and he could be facing anywhere from two months to life in prison due to the conviction, according to the Rocky Mountain News. Margera will also be required to register as a sex offender and participate in treatment program while in the pokey.

In addition, Margera faces 12 charges alleging he violated bail conditions, the Rocky Mountain News reported, adding each charge carries a penalty of 12 to 18 months in prison.  A preliminary hearing is set for December 10.