Clay Aiken apparently learned this weekend that while the skies might be friendly, the same can't be said for everyone flying them.

The American Idol second-season runner-up was on a Saturday morning Continental Airlines flight to Tulsa International Airport when he was allegedly shoved by a female passenger who was not happy that Aiken had decided to rest his foot on her armrest, the Tulsa World reported Saturday evening.

"This was a very minor incident.  And it was well-handled by the flight crew," Special Agent Gary Johnson, spokesman for the FBI in Oklahoma City, told People on Sunday.

While Johnson described the alleged shove as "minor" and added the flight was not disturbed by it,  the World reported, both Aiken and the unidentified female were held until FBI agents arrived to question them.

"No one was charged or taken into custody nor is that anticipated," Johnson told People.

Aiken was traveling to Tulsa to perform on Saturday evening at the Brady Theater.