Forget business school, Donald Trump is apparently ready send some ladies to charm school.

The Donald and Fox are developing Lady or a Tramp, a new reality competition series that would take a group of girls out of their wild and crazy lifestyles and send them to charm school where they'll attempt to become proper women, Daily Variety reported Wednesday.

According to the trade paper, The Apprentice star will serve as Lady or a Tramp's executive producer and could "possibly come on air" to check on the progress being made by the girls.

Lady or a Tramp is based on Ladette to Lady, a British reailty series in which a group of women are sent to Britain's Eggleston Hall charm school, according to Variety. Trump's American edition will reportedly follow a similar format and test its contestants on how to live like a debutante through a series of challenges, with one girl being "expelled" from the school at the end of each episode.  The show would also show viewers the validity of its contestants' wild and crazy ways by broadcasting "ample footage" of their partying, according to Variety.

Although the show is still in development, casting for the lucky ladies who get to attend charm school on Trump's dime is reportedly currently underway.  According to Variety, a casting notice described the type of women being sought as "rude and crude party girls... younger women who are 18-30, love to party and full of attitude." 

RDF USA will reportedly produce the show with chief executive Chris Coelen, executive vice president of development Greg Goldman, Bruce Toms, and Trump Productions president Andy Litinsky -- the former The Apprentice 2 contestant that Trump hired to run his own production company last year -- serving as executive producers with The Donald.

"A few months ago, Britney had just shaved her head, and the idea was timely," Coelen told Variety. "Now, with all this craziness with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, it's even more timely."

Although Ladette to Lady premiered in the U.K. in 2005, Trump's new reality project isn't exactly a new concept to American viewers -- VH1 already debuted Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School starring Mo'Nique, a reality competition series that featured 13 of Flava Flav's spurned former Flavor of Love suitors attempting to transform from foul-mouthed floozies into respectable ladies, this spring.

If Lady or a Tramp receives the okay to begin production it could air as early as midseason on Fox, according to Variety.

As for Trump's The Apprentice reality competition series, NBC initially left it off its 2007-2008 primetime programming schedule, causing the real-estate mogul to claim he was "moving on" from the network before he could officially be fired.  Following Trump's statement, NBC reiterated it was undecided on what do with The Apprentice before asking Trump and the show's executive producer Mark Burnett for a one-week extension on the network's option to renew the series for a seventh season, and the two agreed.

Lady or a Tramp also isn't the first non-The Apprentice reality television project that the real-estate mogul has attempted to develop.  Last summer, Variety reported that Trump was starting his own television production company and teaming with reality producer R.J. Cutler to create a reality show based on Hasbro's Monopoly board game, however no further information about the project has since been reported.
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
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