Donald Trump is known for having high aspirations, and he apparently has his sights set on a now notorious call girl whom he'd like to transform into a proper lady.

The Donald has asked call girl Ashley Alexander Dupre -- the 22-year-old at the center of the Gov. Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal -- to join the cast of his new MTV reality series Lady or a Tramp, People reported Saturday.

"She's the perfect candidate," a Lady or a Tramp insider told People.

The tentatively-titled series -- which is based on the British reality series Ladette to Lady -- will send a group of contemporary women to a boarding school environment where they'll learn about self-improvement and female empowerment techniques.  The women will also participate in a series of challenges, with those who have a hard time following the rules being "expelled," aka eliminated.

Before MTV ordered it last week, the show was originally announced as under development by Fox last summer and Trump stated he personally planned on hitting various nightclubs to find potential participants.

It's not as if he doesn't have experience helping young ladies he thinks are in need of some guidance. 

Last year, The Donald allowed former Miss USA Tara Conner to clean-up her act in substance abuse rehab instead of taking her crown away, and subsequently used her to teach other beauty pageant winners the importance of living a lady-like lifestyle via his Pageant Place reality series on MTV.

Trump could not immediately be reached by People for comment on possibly casting Dupre, who reportedly has yet to respond to the show's offer.