Donald Trump's attempt to teach women who party hard how to live like ladies has apparently found a new home.

MTV has ordered eight episodes of Lady or a Tramp, a new reality series that will take a group of girls out of their wild and crazy lifestyles and teaches them to become proper women, Daily Variety reported Tuesday.  The series had originally been announced as under development by Fox last summer.

Lady or a Tramp is based on Ladette to Lady, a British reality series in which a group of women are sent to Britain's Eggleston Hall charm school.  Trump's version -- which is being produced by The Donald's Trump Productions and RDF USA -- will reportedly follow the same format.

The tentatively-titled stateside version will send 15 contemporary women to a "boarding school environment" where they'll learn about self-improvement and female empowerment techniques, Variety reported.  The 15 women will also participate in a series of challenges, with those who have a hard time following the rules being "expelled," aka eliminated.

Casting an pre-production has already commenced on the series, according to Variety, which added MTV is also currently developing From Gs to Gents -- a similar project from Jamie Foxx's FoxxKing Entertainment that will challenge a group of young men to become gentlemen. 

In addition, MTV is also developing Exiled, a recently ordered reality series that will send teens previously featured on My Super Sweet 16 to live with the indigenous tribes of far away countries for the opportunity to add some perspective to their world view. 

MTV entertainment president Brian Graden told Variety all three shows are part of the network's shift to focus more on "socially minded" viewers instead of those in recent generations that enjoyed programming like Jackass.

"We began to see in our research about three years ago that this next MTV generation is actually very empowered and highly functioning," Graden told Variety.
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
Christopher Rocchio is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and has covered the reality TV genre for several years.