The past came back to haunt Cecille -- who cost Nate his share of the $250,000 grand prize -- as Megan and Scooter were crowned the winners of The CW's third season of Beauty and the Geek.

Megan, a 25-year-old model and Playboy cybergirl from Boca Raton, FL who currently resides in Chicago, IL, and Scooter, a 23-year-old from Helena, MT  with a degree in social anthropology from Harvard University, won the finale of the reality competition's third season against Cecille, a 27-year-old bikini model from Santa Cruz, CA who currently resides in Beverly Hills, CA, and Nate, a 21-year-old Harvard University student from Evergreen, CO who currently resides in Cambridge, MA.

From the beginning of Wednesday night's broadcast of Beauty and the Geek 3's finale, things looked ominous for Cecille and Nate.  As they returned from last week's elimination challenge, Nate said he was felling a "sense of sadness" for just having eliminated Jennylee and her partner Neils.  "It was extremely hard saying goodbye even though I knew the experience had to end some time," said Nate.  When Cecille asked if he would be more sad if they would have lost instead of Jennylee and Neils, Nate answered "I don't know."

Scooter decided to approach Cecille about her comments at the the end of last week's elimination round.  Cecille accused Scooter of always having "negative" things to say about her, and added "I have every right to say what I want."  She went on to say that Jennylee was a "distraction" for Nate and she was "glad" to see her partner's romantic interest gone.

After doing some additional studying for what they thought might be a final elimination quiz about their partners, each of the two remaining couples went off on a couple of "dates" intended to help them both enjoy their last day together and continue to get to know each other a little better.  Megan and Scooter played tennis on her half of the date (she actually schooled him), which made Scooter "excited to see an activity Megan enjoyed that wasn't being pretty."  Cecille took Nate hip-hop dancing for her portion of the date, and Nate thought it was a "nice moment" to "spend time with her in her element."

When the guys' turns came, Scooter took Megan hiking and Nate took Cecille to see So Long Princess, his Star Wars-themed rock band.  While Nate belted out the lyrics to a song called "Stormtrooper -- which included the refrain "I'm a Stormtrooper.  I'm not a robot." -- Scooter and Megan enjoyed wine, cheese, crackers and fruit in the quiet countryside. 

"I'm surprised we made it this far," said Megan.  "I'm not here to win this game.  It's for the experience."  As the couples packed their belongings and prepared for what they still believed would be their final elimination quiz, Nate told Cecille "let's not get sentimental" and then preceded to reminisce over a lipstick stain Jennylee left on a jacket of his.  Meanwhile, Scooter admitted that while Nate and Cecille were "gonna be hard to beat," he thought Megan and himself had "a really good shot" at winning.

However after meeting Beauty and the Geek host Mike Richards in the show's elimination room, the teams learned how the winner would actually be determined.  Rather than a quiz, the winners of the competition's $250,000 prize would be based on which couple made the "greatest transformation" -- and the jury that would determine which team accomplished the greatest transformation would be the season's 12 previously eliminated contestants

The announcement left a priceless expression on Cecille's face.  "I was happy to see some of the people on the screen... but for the most part, none of them," she said.  "I still don't understand what's going on.  I'm in complete shock basically."

However given that another part of the season-ending twist was that all 14 third season contestants spent the next day reuniting and living back under the same roof again, it didn't take long for Cecille to begin understanding what it meant.  "Our task is basically to kiss ass to everybody," Cecille vented.  "What do you say... I mean I don't know what to say to them, I have nothing to say to them... I don't want to kiss ass... I didn't come in to make friends."

Meanwhile, Nate and Jennylee were just happy to see each other again.  "It's an emotional rollercoaster, saying goodbye to her and then getting to see her again," said Nate, who found himself explaining he and Jennylee's relationship to some of the contestants that had been voted out of the competition before it blossomed.  "I tried to keep it as innocent as possible," said Nate.

As the previously eliminated contestants began to decide who they would cast their individual votes for, Mario commented how it was "unfortunate" Nate had Cecille for a partner.  Meanwhile, Cecille dissed Andrea and Sheree and continued to make it clear that she not only resented the competition's surprise twist, but also didn't even believe in the idea that any of the show's contestants could have found the experience transformational.
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"Basically they're holding everything in their hands and I have to beg for it," Cecille complained to Megan later that night. "I'm the first to admit it... I don't like any of those people. I don't want to have to explain myself.... I'm not gonna **** kiss ass to anybody **** that.  That's exactly how I feel at this point... it's just absolutely traumatizing."

"This whole 'change' thing -- if people think they can drastically change their whole life -- it's completely completely ridiculous, and anyone who thinks that is completely ridiculous,"  Cecille, who had already spent some of the previous night telling Nate that the rest of the contestants were just jealous of her team's success, further whined to Nate the next day. 

When Nate responded by noting that he had been one of the contestants who had been telling others that he had found his Beauty and the Geek experience to be life-changing, Cecille snickered.  And that's when Nate snapped.

"It really dawned on me that she didn't change," Nate explained.  "Maybe we don't deserve to win.  Maybe the best thing for her is for us not to win today."    With that, Nate began to tell the jury not to vote for he and Cecille because "she needs to be responsible for her actions."

"Life isn't about people telling you how pretty you are... everyone deserves to be humbled a little bit," said Nate. 

However in the end, it probably didn't really matter what Nate said -- Cecille's outrageous and offensive season-long behavior appeared to have long since sealed both hers and Nate's fate.  Jennylee voted for Nate and Cecille for obvious reasons. Matt, citing the fact that Cecille "helped him change the most," also voted for Nate and Cecille.  But Neils, Nadia, Mario, Erin, Drew, Andrea and Sheree all voted for Scooter and Neils, which meant that Tori, Sanjay and Piao's (never shown) votes didn't even end up mattering. 

All of those who voted for Scooter and Megan basically said Cecille helped sway their choice. Neils summed it up best.  "Cecille got her team straight through to the finals, but manipulated and hurt people along the way," he said.  "Megan embraced things in her life she could change."

Nate said he felt like a winner because he thought it was "the absolute right thing" that Cecille wasn't taking home the prize -- while Scooter and Megan were also winners, taking the "experience" of appearing on Beauty and the Geek as well as the $250,000 grand prize.  "We never thought this would happen," said Megan, adding they would be winners without the money.  Even in defeat, Cecille had an answer for that.

"If anybody thinks they learned something from some nerdy guys, these girls are as stupid as they look," she said.

Beauty and the Geek's 16 member cast will meet in a reunion special next Wednesday, February 21 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.