The five remaining couples on the third season of The CW's Beauty and the Geek enjoyed some sun and fun in San Diego during Wednesday night's episode before another couple was eliminated from the reality competition.

Erin, a 25-year-old voice teacher and model from Chicago, IL, and Drew, a 21-year-old Marquette University student and Trekker from Brookfield, IL were the fourth couple eliminated from Beauty and the Geek's third season.  The pair competed in the elimination round against Jennylee, a 22-year-old model and Ultimate Fighting Championship ring girl from Sherman Oaks, CA, and Niels, a 25-year-old University of California electrical engineering graduate student from Silver Spring, MD. 

Before the elimination, Erin said she felt "overly confident" about beating Jennylee and Niels, a statement that came back to bite her when she answered both of her questions about electronics incorrectly.  Jennylee nailed both of her questions, and when Drew couldn't name the 1977 Arnold Schwarzenegger body-building film (Pumping Iron), he and Erin were sent packing.

Beauty and the Geek 3's fourth episode began with Cecille, a 27-year-old bikini model from Santa Cruz, CA and Nate, a 21-year-old Harvard University student from Evergreen, CO returning from the previous elimination challenge.  Nate said he was "thankful," most likely because now he got to explore his relationship with Jennylee a little more.

"We have a special bond," said Jennylee upon Nate's return.  "I never thought I'd see him again."

Nate and Cecille were put in the elimination round last week by Niels and Jennylee, who knew if they didn't win one of this week's challenges, they might find themselves there -- and they were right.  Niels feared "payback" while Jennylee described Cecille as "resentful and upset."  After playing coy for several seconds, Cecille simply stated, "payback sucks."

After the remaining couples learned they'd be spending some time together in San Diego, they also discovered that the news wasn't entirely good -- they'd still be participating in their elimination challenges while away.  The beauties would have to study radio waves, currents and circuits, while the geeks would have to plan a short fitness routine.  None of the guys or girls were too confident, including Drew, who said the last time he lifted weights "was when Star Trek was popular."

"I'm not necessarily a fit person," said Mario, a 25-year-old writer and comic-book collector from Bridgeport, WV.  "I'm burning very little calories playing video games."

All of the couple seemed to be struggling while studying, including Scooter, a 23-year-old Harvard graduate from Helena, MT and his partner Megan, a 25-year-old model and Playboy cybergirl from Boca Raton, FL, who had never won any of the previous challenges.  Scooter said he and Megan were "flying under the radar," and hoped she'd get serious.  Meanwhile, Cecille was bored and not studying, which made Nate "frustrated" because he didn't want to return to elimination so soon.  Jennylee and Niels described their relationship as "very strained" since arguing during last week's episode about sending Nate and Cecille to the elimination round.

"All the teams that have gone home so far have not been getting along," said Jennylee.  "Now that's what's happening between us."

The group began to relax a bit and have some fun while on their mini-vacation as they cruised around on a boat.  Nate said while he's normally "so intimidated" by girls, he and Jennylee "flirt," and she's the girl he's "had the most talks with."  Jennylee was a little more direct about her feelings when she said if there was "one person in the house she could hang-out with, it would be [Nate]."  Also on the boat ride, Niels said the group began to see "what kind of person Cecille really is."

"Things got a little wild on the boat, but it hit the fan when we got back," said Niels.  Cecille called Niels a brat and continued to verbally trash him, which didn't sit too well with anyone.  Nate -- Cecille's own partner -- also called her behavior "inappropriate" and said she's "unaware of other people's feelings."  Even the "blond gaggle" started turning on Cecille, with Jennylee saying she "doesn't trust" her anymore and Megan calling her "manipulative and hurtful."
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"Physical beauty is vastly overrated," said Niels.  "Really attractive women are probably just as screwed-up as I am, if not more so."

During "Body by Geek" challenge the guys discovered that they had to perform a 10-minute workout routine with the five beauties as their class.  They were judged by two fitness experts on the originality and effectiveness of their routine.  All of the guys did fairly well, even Mario, who went from saying he would feel "more comfortable inside with a computer and air-conditioner" to realizing "you don't have to be super-fit to exercise."  However in the end, Scooter was the winner, meaning he and Megan could pick a pair for the upcoming elimination round.

"I knew it.  He was the best one and I was super excited," said Megan.  Added Scooter, who received help planning his routine from Megan, "It's great to win our first challenge.  We do have a great team.  We work really well together."

Despite the fact that all five of the girls had to participate in all five of the guys' workout routines, their own challenge was a Survivor-like physical competition.  Using a metal detector, they had search the beach to find treasure chests buried in the sand, then dig them out.  However only a few of the chests contained the components needed to assemble a working walkie-talkie -- which the girls needed to use to contact their partners, who were a few hundred yards away on the other side of the beach's cove.  The geek then had to give their beauty a combination lock code that was used to unlock a kayak, which the girls then had to use to paddle across the cove to the finish line.  Erin didn't even know what a kayak was, which sums up how this challenge unfolded.

While Megan was the first to find a walkie-talkie, she couldn't figure out how to use it, allowing Cecille to quickly overtake her for the lead.  As Cecille unlocked her kayak, an exuberant Nate could be heard on the other side of the cove, jumping up and down and screaming, "She's pulling it into the water!"  While Nadia,  a 25-year-old model and bartender from Chicago, IL who is Mario's partner, almost caught-up, Cecille managed to hold on to her early lead and win the challenge.  Jennylee knew Cecille's victory meant her and Niels were "definitely" going to the elimination round.

"Nate and I are definitely the strongest team here," boasted Cecille.  "Who am I going to send?" she mockingly said following her victory.  "Ooh!  I know."

Jennylee woke-up the following morning like it was her "last day on earth," and while Niels was also "worried," Jennylee said she resented him for being so "stubborn and insistent" upon sending Cecille and Nate to the elimination round last week.  Scooter and Megan sent Erin and Drew to the elimination round, and -- surprise, surprise -- Cecille sent Jennylee and Niels, despite Nate saying he felt like he was "betraying" Jennylee.

"Jennylee has been so great to me," said Nate.  "I just wish she could stay here until the end."  Cecille was a little more unforgiving.  "Whoever said picking [a team for the elimination round] is hard was not very smart," she said.  "It's only fair I return the favor.  I like Jennylee, but Niels has got to go."

While the couples in the elimination round packed, Nate told Jennylee "sorry we sent you" before the two shared a long embrace.  But their time apart didn't last very long, as Jennylee answered both of her questions correctly to ensure whatever type of relationship is budding between her and Nate would have at least a few more days to blossom.

With Erin and Drew joining Matt and Andrea, Sheree and Piao, and Tori and Sanjay as the couples having been eliminated, four teams -- Nate and Cecille, Nadia and Mario, Jennylee and Niels, and Megan and Scooter -- remain in the running to win the show's $250,000 grand prize.  Beauty and the Geek 3 will continue on Wednesday, January 31 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.