The "gorgeous but academically impaired" women and "brilliant but socially challenged" men featured on the third season of The CW's Beauty and the Geek took part in a special reunion episode on Wednesday night that featured Nate and Jennylee being reunited, Cecille revealing she still hasn't changed and Mario telling viewers... he got married!?!

It had been six months since filming ended on the third season of Beauty and the Geek, which means it had been a long time since Jennylee, a 22-year-old model and Ultimate Fighting Championship ring girl from Sherman Oaks, CA, and Nate, a 21-year-old Harvard University student from Evergreen, CO, had seen each other. 

"My insecurities are still coming through," said Nate when filming for the reality competition series ended.  "I'm afraid [Jennylee] is going to go back to the fast-paced world of modeling where there's all these beautiful people and all of a sudden I won't look so good in comparison anymore."

Nate said when filming ended, he immediately went to another country for a couple of months to do research for school, creating even more distance between he and Jennylee.  "That made any sort of phone calls to her really hard," said Nate during the reunion special.  "It went from talking all the time to not talking at all."

"So we haven't seen each other yet," Jennylee said as she waited for Nate to appear during the reunion special.  "I've been pretty excited.  I don't know how things are going to be now, but I miss him like nuts.  We talk on the phone, especially..."

Jennylee trailed off as Nate entered the room, and the two embraced.  "It's very good to see Jennylee," said Nate.  "It just feels like this nice dream."  Jennylee said she "really gained something by knowing a person like Nate," and added he's "terrific, a good person" and someone she really enjoyed spending time with on the show.  Both Nate and Jennylee admitted they are still single -- presumably meaning they're not dating each other.  However Nate said the "strange circumstances" that brought them together aren't enough to keep them apart.

"I think we're going to be close for a long time.  We shared something really unique and incredible," said Nate.  "We do have a connection.  We may not be in the same area geographically right now or in the immediate future, but we're still going to stay close."  Added Jennylee, "This experience and what I've got out of it is worth so much more than winning any amount of money.  I met some awesome people and made some awesome friends and hopefully I didn't make any enemies."

One contestant that definitely made some enemies was Cecille, a 27-year-old bikini model from Santa Cruz, CA, who was Nate's partner and leader of the "blond gaggle."

"I have zero desire to see anybody," said Cecille during the reunion special.  "I mean there's no reason.  Why?"  Cecille said it was "hard" to watch the way Beauty and the Geek ended "because it was just like, 'Wow.  God.  People were scared of me.'"

"Really I did the best I could," she said.  "It just happened in a house where we were competing for money and [the other contestants] just don't know how to chill out a little bit and have fun with it instead of being like, 'We need to teach a lesson.'  Like, who are we to teach anybody, right?"

While Cecille's Beauty and the Geek experience apparently didn't teach her anything, it did help Mario, a 25-year-old writer from Bridgeport, WV, come to an important decision.

"It was a great thing to be on that show... it makes you think about yourself," he said.  "I may not have won $250,000, but I did win the realization that the girl back home was the one I truly loved and wanted to be with."
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In October, Mario said he "tied the knot" with a "long-standing friend" who he's known for 10 years.  "She's a brunette," assured Mario.  "She's smarter than I am.  She would not fit in with the gaggle."

Erin, a 25-year-old voice teacher and model from Chicago, IL, said she has always believed "you can't judge a person by the way they look" because that's the way she's judges everyday, which she described as "frustrating."  However appearing on Beauty and the Geek helped Niels, a 25-year-old University of California electrical engineering graduate student from Silver Spring, MD, realize there's nothing wrong with improving your exterior to open up your interior.

"My life is pretty different now," said Niels.  "I'm actually kind of interested in fashion.  Since the show, I've been working really hard to try and improve myself as a social person and become a more fun, flirty, attractive person."  Nate also said he learned something about himself through Beauty and the Geek.

"The makeover challenge was hard for me because I put a lot into the way I dress, and then all of a sudden, I was looking like someone I probably would have made fun  of before the show," said Nate.  "No maybe I don't have a big beard, but I'm still the same person and I still value respecting everyone no matter what they look like." 

As for the winners of Beauty and the Geek 3 -- Megan, a 25-year-old model and Playboy cybergirl from Boca Raton, FL, and Scooter, a 23-year-old from Helena, MT  with a degree in social anthropology from Harvard University -- they let viewers know what they're doing with their share of the $250,000 grand prize.  Scooter said that in addition to paying rent and paying off student loans, he's invested in fellow-contestant Drew's investment club -- something you'd expect from a "geek."  Meanwhile Megan is doing something you'd expect from a "beauty."

"I'm not working... and I've got a puppy," she said.