Nate and Jennylee's televised fling came to an abrupt end during Wednesday night's episode of Beauty and the Geek, as the final two couples who will compete for the $250,000 grand prize were revealed.

Jennylee, a 22-year-old model and Ultimate Fighting Championship ring girl from Sherman Oaks, CA, and Niels, a 25-year-old University of California electrical engineering graduate student from Silver Spring, MD, were the sixth couple eliminated from Beauty and the Geek's third season.  The pair competed in the elimination round against Cecille, a 27-year-old bikini model from Santa Cruz, CA, and Nate, a 21-year-old Harvard University student from Evergreen, CO -- an interesting match-up since Nate and Jennylee saw their relationship become physical during last week's episode.

After both Cecille and Jennylee answered their questions about "farming, ranching, roping, and riding" correctly, it was down to the guys.  When Niels didn't know the Chisholm Cattle Trail ended in Kansas, Nate and Cecille were the winners, meaning they'll face Megan, a 25-year-old model and Playboy cybergirl from Boca Raton, FL, and Scooter, a 23-year-old receptionist from Helena, Montana, during the Beauty and the Geek 3 finale.

Beauty and the Geek 3's sixth episode began with Niels and Jennylee returning from last week's elimination.  "I kind of almost forgot about the money," said Jennylee when she realized her duo could win the competition.  Jennylee's focus seemed to be on Nate, who was "thrilled" to see Jennylee come back.  Scooter said he didn't think Nate and Jennylee's relationship would take a step "into the physical," but it had, and Nate described it as an "incredible experience."

Meanwhile Niels and Scooter had a heart-to-heart chat with Cecille, questioning her reasoning for wanting to date only rich guys who could "pay her bills."

"She doesn't understand money's not the most important thing in the world," said Niels, who tried to teach Cecille that "quality relationships with quality people" were more important.

Rather than being tested individually during the episode's challenge, the three remaining couples learned they'd be working as a team to complete "actual cowboy chores" at a local ranch, with the two losing teama being sent to the elimination round.  The Amazing Race-like challenge had three parts: transport five bails of hay, milk a cup of milk from a cow and retrieve six tags from around the necks of several rambunctious sheep.  Nate understood from the beginning that "teamwork is crucial" for the challenges, while Niels was worried about Scooter's farming experience since he's originally from Montana.  The girls were just happy to wear cowgirl gear.

"It's very important to be cute at all times," said Cecille, which caused Nate to comment, "She'd rather look cute than wear ranching clothes.  I don't think she realizes the chores that might be ahead." Niels said he would "feel sick" if Cecille won the challenge.  Before it began, Scooter noted that he and Megan had never been to the elimination round.  "We want to bypass that and go straight to the finals," he said.

All three teams had a tough time at the onset of the challenge, as the bails of hay were heavier than expected and also began to fall apart as they were being transported.  Nate and Cecille were the first to complete the hay transfer, but the other teams were right on their tail.  When milking the cow was slow going for Cecille -- who said "holding utters was gross" -- Scooter and Megan passed them and never looked back.  Scooter was especially proud of Megan, who threw herself around the enclosed pen to capture the sheep.

"She wasn't thinking of how she looked or of injuries," said Scooter.  "It was so cool.  She's a totally different person."  Cecille realized she caused her team to lose the challenge, but said it was alright.  "I don't drink milk anyway," said Cecille.  Nate said he realized "right away" that he'd be facing Jennylee in the elimination round, a thought that had him comparing their situation to a Greek tragedy.

Before they left the ranch, the couples were treated to a BBQ ho-down and the mood quickly changed from fun to serious.  As Cecille revealed people don't take her seriously, Niels told her to present herself better to "get more respect."  Nate and Jennylee also shared their feelings with each other, exchanging dialogue that almost seemed scripted.

"You're not a geek," Jennylee told Nate, as he replied, "You are a beauty."
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Back at the house, studying was all the rage, except for Megan and Scooter, who wondered how they never found themselves in the elimination round.  While Jennylee said she was aware it was her and Nate's last day together, she said "no matter who wins, it's a small comfort knowing at least one of us will go on."  The remaining couples were also offered a glimpse back at their Beauty and the Geek journey, watching video footage that included their first interviews and when they initially met their partners.

"It really puts into perspective the amount of change we've gone through, and how important of an experience this was for all of us," said Scooter, causing Cecille to say she feels she hasn't changed.  "I hope Cecille doesn't win," added Scooter.  "It would validate that she doesn't have to change because people like here.  And people don't like her."

But Cecille and Nate did win in the elimination room, setting up a match-up with Scooter and Megan in the finale.  Immediately after their victory, Cecille said, "You can take the blond to the ranch, but you can't take the bikini off the blond and that was our major focus going into here tonight.  We love it, we worked hard, we studied hard." 

Cecille's comments made Jennylee "sick."  "That was inappropriate, I'm sorry," Jennylee said after Cecille interrupted host Mike Richards' elimination announcement to gloat about her victory.  "She's so stupid," a still frustrated Jennylee whispered to Nate as they shared a goodbye hug.  "Don't worry about her," Nate responded.

During their exit interviews, Jennylee said she was "proud" of Niels, while he said he learned the importance of getting to know a person under their exterior.  Just as Jennylee was opining "it's hard to say if I'll ever see Nate again," he appeared, claiming to have jumped out a window and cut his hand on a palm tree while climbing down.  The two embraced and kissed one final time.

"I'm sorry," Nate told Jennylee, apologizing for interrupting her exit interview.  "I just wanted to see you again."

Jennylee and Niels joined Nadia and Mario, Erin and Drew, Matt and Andrea, Sheree and Piao, and Tori and Sanjay as the couples having been eliminated.  Nate and Cecille will face Scooter and Megan during the Beauty and the Geek 3 finale for a grand prize of $250,000.  Beauty and the Geek 3's finale will air Wednesday, February 14 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.  The following week, The CW will air a reunion show.