Dave Navarro began hosting CBS' Rock Star reality competition series in May 2005 -- a new television gig that apparently brought an end to the for the guitarist's former Jane's Addiction band.

"My band broke up basically over reality TV, and I just couldn't believe it," former Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell recently told Launch Radio Networks, according to blabbermouth.net.

Navarro hosted Rock Star's first edition, which crowned J.D. Fortune as the new frontman for INXS, and returned for the show's Summer 2006 edition that tabbed Lukas Rossi to front the second season's newly formed Rock Star Supernova band.  However those aren't the only reality television credits on his belt, as Navarro (with now ex-wife Carmen Electra) also starred in MTV's 'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave reality series, appeared in an episode of MTV's Punk'd, and also competed on several episodes of Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown

With Farrell apparently disgusted at not only Navarro but as well as the state of how musical acts are being formed through reality television, he reportedly began an organization called "the Solutionists," the goal of which is to "use music to change the world for the better."

"So I thought, like, rock and roll has never been about kissing ass and a contest. You know, rock and roll is self-expression. It's defiance. It's freedom," Farrell explained to Launch, according to blabbermouth.net.  "So I started to write about a group of people, they call themselves the Solutionists, that take matters into their own hands in this do-it-yourself world where basically the media has given up on the future."

Farrell's new project Satellite Party released its debut album "Ultra Payload" on May 29, and he told Launch it's a "loose concept record" about "the Solutionists," according to blabbermouth.net.  Needless to say, Navarro is not one of the featured artists on the album.