American Idol seventh-season auditions recently wrapped, and despite a new crop of contestants, sharp-tongued British judge Simon Cowell is apparently up to his old tricks.

"He [now] calls [fellow judge Randy Jackson] and I 'Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,'" judge Paula Abdul told People over the weekend at the Lili Claire Foundation's 10th Annual benefit Dinner and Auction.  "I'm Dee, Randy's the Dum!"

Not surprisingly, Abdul added the monikers given by Cowell came as the three judges haggled over talent at the recently held auditions.

"What's happening is Randy and I have been agreeing on the talent as [Cowell] disagrees," Abdul told People.  "He thinks we don't know what we're talking about, and the truth is Randy and I do know what we're talking about.  It's Randy and Paula against Simon.  I'm on the winning side!"

While Jackson told People Cowell's just being "cranky," Abdul said most recently they've gotten along.

"In the past couple of cities we've had no arguments," she told People.  "He's still pestering me like hell, but we get along pretty well."

As for the talent -- or lack thereof -- that the judges have seen at auditions, Jackson said it's basically business as usual.

"[The audition process has been] really, really good, I must say," Jackson told People.  "You still get the crazy buffoonery going on, but for the most it's been pretty good.  I would say someone with skin and teeth is definitely going to win!"

Abdul agreed with Jackson and added she's excited to see the transformation of some of the contestants, similar to what they witnessed in the spring with sixth-season Idol champion Jordin Sparks.

"Last season, I'm going to be real honest, I wasn't as excited, I wasn't sure, I wasn't certain," Abdul told People.  "As the season progressed it was fun to see how Jordin really came through, and she's such an amazing kid. This season the auditions [have] some very, very exciting talent. All different - good-looking kids, crazy kids, great back stories, interesting backgrounds, and kids that really went out there, went out on a unique limb to be different and to capture our attention."

However she was quick to add that fans won't be disappointed during the seventh-season audition episode broadcasts.

"Oh God, there's going to be one person who's probably going to have a bigger career than William Hung, let me tell you!" Abdul told People.
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
Christopher Rocchio is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and has covered the reality TV genre for several years.